August 15, 2014

My Williams tribute and new games on the horizon: While We’re Waiting…

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On Tuesday, Andrew shared his thoughts on the passing of Robin Williams. Ordinarily I would shy away from the topic since it was brought up in recently in While We’re Waiting, but not today.

As a boy I remember being fascinated with Robin Williams’ comedy. I was too young and naive to really understand a lot of his subject matter, and I certainly didn’t understand the impact that drugs were having on his performances. All I knew was that he was a ball of energy and you never knew what he was going to do next. His quick wit and improvisation made a big impression on me.

If a life can have a soundtrack to mark time, I believe that movies can do something similar. I was seven years old when I saw Robin Williams in Popeye. At the time, a cartoon that became a live action movie was kind of impossible, but they pulled it off. Williams’ performance of Popeye was so different from anything he’d done to that point, and foreshadowed his ability to dive in and become other characters.

The next Williams movie that made an impact was The Best of Times. I was fully involved in organized football at the time and loved the idea of a team having a reunion game years after the fact to settle an old score. If you haven’t ever seen this movie, give it a shot. It isn’t one of his better known films and the WFNY audience would like it. I’m certain.

The summer before high school came Good Morning Vietnam. This film blended Williams’ true gifts. He was (and my heart sank just now typing was instead of is) a good dramatic actor, and obviously a brilliant comic. The combination made this movie what it is. So many great lines in this movie. Along with movies like Platoon, Good Morning Vietnam helped open the lines of communication between generations about Vietnam. It was a subject never mentioned in my house before.

Dead Poets Society was released while I was in high school, but I didn’t see it until after I had graduated. In fact, I was visiting a good friend from high school at the University of Illinois when we caught a showing at the campus theater. With all due respect to Good Will Hunting, Dead Poets is my favorite Williams role. Anyone who has ever taught has that desire to see a real connection with their students, to know that they truly understand what you are giving them. Williams became the Captain in this film. the circumstances around his death now make this film even more eerie and heartbreaking.

Awakenings was fantastic. Robert DiNero and Williams were tremendous together. If you’ve never seen it, do yourself a favor and watch it. Inspiring.

A flurry of movies seemed to follow, including Hook, The Fisher King, Mrs. Doubtfire and Toys. The Fisher King was the best of this group in my opinion, as a little darker of a movie for Williams. Mrs. Doubtfire was certainly a memorable performance and gave Williams a perfect vehicle for comedy. Toys really missed the mark, and was the first time I remember being disappointed with a Williams movie.

There was a time that I kind of stepped away from Williams’ movies. I’m sure it had more to do with me than Williams. The Birdcage didn’t interest me, and Jumanji-Jack-Flubber all seemed geared towards kids. It wasn’t until Good Will Hunting did Robin’s work grab me again.

I can’t think of anyone anywhere near my age that didn’t like that movie. Certainly that is a testament to Matt Damon and Ben Affleck’s amazing story and performances as well, but they couldn’t have made a better choice than Williams for his part.

What Dreams May Come, Patch Adams and Bicentennial Man were all movies I saw and enjoyed, but were a little turned off by the reincarnation overtones. Not my belief system, but I certainly would not say you shouldn’t see the movies because of that. Loved Philip Seymour Hoffman in Patch Adams. There’s another sad story from Hollywood.

Night at the Museum, Robots and Happy Feet resonated with me for a completely different reason. I was now a father—Williams was now helping to bring happiness to my daughter’s life as well as mine.

And there will be more. I saw a report that at least three movies with Williams have been filmed and are in post-production, including a Christmas movie.

I’m sure that there will be a moment of grief watching these movies, knowing that Williams is gone. I’m also sure that the grief will go away as Williams applies his craft and brings home laughs once again. Thank you Robin for all the years of entertainment.


For those interested in some of the board games I talk about in this space, you will want to check this out once it opens.


The headline here is awesome, as is the video that follows:

“Pennsylvania Sports Anchor Punches Man Who Interrupts Live Shot”


I like Pat McManamon, but the ‘chances Johnny Manziel starts’ daily chart is ridiculous.


I get the hatred for OSU in Michigan, but what in the world???


Toronto Argos uniforms. Love these.


I will be attending GenCon this week, so I should have a number of new game reviews for this space in the coming weeks. Have a great weekend!

Photo: the Browns’ QB competition just jumped up a notch

This is brilliant.

I mean, we’ve kind of been down this road before trying to turn a pitcher into a quarterback and the results were a little bit Weeden-ish. Then again, when you’ve got the focus and unemotional demeanor of Ivan Drago and a cannon to boot, it might just work. But, you know, he’s a little old at 28 years old. I guess we’ll just keep him with the Indians.


Cavaliers sign center Alex Kirk

Alex Kirk

The Cavaliers have been making a splash with free agent signings and visits this summer. This isn’t one of those.

The Cavaliers announced on Monday that they have signed center Alex Kirk to an undisclosed contract. Kirk was with the Cavaliers’ summer league team in Las Vegas averaging 5.2 points on .524 shooting and 3.4 rebounds in 15.4 minutes per game.

Kirk went undrafted this year out of New Mexico.

An early entry candidate, the 7-0, 245-pound center went undrafted in the 2014 NBA Draft after appearing in 101 games (86 starts) over three seasons at the University of New Mexico. He averaged 10.0 points on .488 shooting, 6.8 rebounds and 1.7 blocks in 25.3 minutes per game over his collegiate career, where he was also a two-time All-MWC Defensive Team selection. Last season, he averaged 13.3 points on .490 shooting from the field, 8.7 rebounds and 2.7 blocks in 32.0 minutes per game, while receiving his second All-MWC Defensive Team honor.

The Cavaliers list him as 7-0, 245 pounds. If that is the case, he grew over an inch and lost a little weight since the NBA combine. listed Kenny Frease as his NBA comparison. Here’s what they had to say about Kirk-

Strengths: A versatile offensive threat, Kirk averaged a solid 16.6 points per 40 minutes this past season at New Mexico … Can score both inside and out; has a soft right-handed hook shot and a very smooth jumper, with range that extends to the NBA three-point line … Most effective inside 18 feet – according to Hoop–, Kirk made an impressive 70% of his shots at the rim and a respectable 38% of his 2-point jumpers … Not afraid to put a ball on the floor and drive past slower defenders … Can shoot off the dribble … Sets solid screens and effective on the pick and pop … Good size and length – had the 2nd longest standing reach at the NBA combine at 9 feet and 1.5 inches… Solid rebounder and shot blocker – averaged 10.9 and 3.4 per 40 minutes in those respective categories this past season at New Mexico… A coach’s son, Kirk plays within himself, hustles, is alert, and communicates well on the floor… Good stamina for a true center, averaging 32 min. per game this season for the Lobos.

Weaknesses: Not overly physical on either end of the floor, and as a result, struggles to carve out space underneath the basket … Not much lift – relies on his height and length when rebounding and blocking shots… Does not get many rebounds outside his area … Lack of speed greatly hinders his on-the-ball and help defense … He would fit into the NBA 40 years ago, much better than today’s game, as the game has gone to speed over size for bigmen … When defending the pick and roll, he often does not show strong and gets caught in no man’s land… Not shy about shooting, even when well beyond the college 3-point line. This past season, he made just slightly more than 21% of his threes, a number that would likely be significantly higher if he had better shot selection… Prefers to play in space – not afraid of contact, but sometimes struggles in a crowd… Has difficulty with double teams, frequently forcing up wild shots or committing turnovers … Struggled to stay out of foul trouble against athletic big men, including Joel Embiid (KU) and Khem Birch (UNLV) … Though an underclassmen early entrant, he’ll turn 23 at the end of this year, limiting his potential.

So that gives the Cavaliers Andy Varejao, Brendan Haywood and Kirk listed as centers.

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Kruger Questions Our Dedication: Training Camp Notes: 08.11.14

Gilbert Skrine

The Browns were back on the practice field Monday morning after an off day Sunday. The offense wore the orange winner’s jerseys for just the second time in camp, presumably for a competition won during Friday’s practice and not the preseason loss to the Lions.

The practice started and stayed outdoors, despite the rain that was heavy at certain points during practice. A security guard quipped that the previous two coaching staffs wouldn’t have even started outside. As Mike Pettine would say after practice, “sometimes it rains”. The staff wanted to see the team handle the less than ideal conditions.

As the team went through warm-ups and position drills at the beginning of practice the skies opened up. The majority of the media (myself included) were under the tents by the entrance to the facility waiting the period out before having to venture into the elements when the team gathered for 11-on-11 work. Veteran Paul Kruger ran back to the locker room for something and joked to the media huddled under the tents that if we were really dedicated, we’d be out in the rain looking for the best vantage point to watch. Fair enough Paul.

The rain slowed and eventually seemed to disappear, though the sun never made an appearance. [Read more...]

Gilbert, Desir and veteran additions give Browns depth in secondary


Pierre Desir has an incredible backstory. Born in Haiti, Desir found himself a standout athlete with a pregnant girlfriend at age 15. He didn’t back away from his responsibilities, and went to small Lindenwood University while he took care of his wife and family, including working part time jobs that included removing human feces.

Despite being handed life lesson after life lesson, the tall, lanky cornerback has had much to learn coming to the NFL after being selected by the Clevland Browns in the fourth round of the 2014 NFL Draft.

[Read more...]

Manziel Runs with the Ones: Training Camp Notes 08.06.14

johnny manziel podium

Johnny Manziel took all the first team reps on Wednesday, even though after practice Mike Pettine announced that Brian Hoyer would start the first preseason game on Saturday against the Lions. During Manziel’s first 11-on-11 session, the team mostly worked the running game, but he did make a few throws including a big gainer to Andrew Hawkins. Manziel also led his unit to a score in 9-on-9 format, connecting again with Hawkins for a big gain on the drive.

Brian Hoyer didn’t exactly shine with the second unit on Wednesday as he threw an interception to end his 9-on-9 series when a low pass bounced off the receiver and landed in K’Waun Williams’ hands. Both quarterbacks were given two series at the end of practice to work an 11-on-11 red zone offense session. The only touchdown of the four series came on Manziel’s first series when he found tight end Jim Dray in the end zone. Hoyer had five completions and only one miss, but his throws were underneath and both drives stalled short of the end zone.

[Read more...]

Craig Ehlo has a powerful story of recovery …While We’re Waiting

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Trent Richardson ladies and gentlemen-

“It doesn’t get to me. A year ago, they were ready to love me. And this year, they are going to love me — I guarantee it,” Richardson said. “From where I was even a few months ago to now, there’s no turning back.”

Hey, I wish no ill on Richardson. I hope he finally is healthy. Call me skeptical about his ability to stay healthy. [Yahoo! Sports]


Craig Ehlo was addicted to painkillers. He went to jail. Now he is on the road to recovery. Listen to his story here.


Agree with Dustin Fox, this was the tweet of the day.


I’m excited to talk about a few new games this week. The first is called Sushi Go. It is a card game in a tin from Gamewright.

It is a drafting game, in which players pick a card from their dealt hand and then pass that hand to the next person. You score points for the different kinds of cards that you play. The cards have a sushi theme obviously, and have a cartoon artwork look to them. It is a fantastic family game for 3-5 players. The box will tell you it is for 2-5 players. It lies. This is not a fun 2 player game.

It is played in three rounds and doesn’t take more than 20 minutes for a game. I highly recommend this one for a quick game or filler. We haven’t played just once since we got it. Usually we play three games when we crack the box lid. If you are an Amazon Prime member and get free shipping, get it through Amazon.


The second game I played is the Dungeons and Dragons board game Wrath of Ashardalon. To be fair, I am writing this ‘review’ after just one play. I played it over the weekend at a friend’s house.

I was not a big fan of this one. I am not really a fan of D&D to begin with, so perhaps the game had a strike against it from the start. I tried to keep an open mind.

The game board itself is made up of tiles that you add to the board as you explore. I like this mechanic in a game, but with this one all the tiles were just hallways that a monster was going to occupy and you were going to have to kill. You didn’t have to build characters, as the game comes with several and you choose which to play. It is a cooperative game in that you are working together to accomplish the mission and stay alive. There may be an overall winner for the person who kills the most monsters, but we really didn’t concern ourselves with that.

The whole game was really just rolling a 20-sided die to see if you hit the monster or it hit you. There wasn’t even that much variety in the types of monsters that you encountered. At least in the game I played. Not really a fan, but if you like Dungeons and Dragons and don’t have the time to invest in developing characters or making up adventures, this one may be for you.

Bring out the Boxing Gloves: Training Camp Notes 08.05.14

Is that really your question?

Is that really your question?

The Browns’ offense might have had their best day of practice on Tuesday since training camp began. And overall, I’d still say the defense was better.

The team split reps with the quarterbacks again, and Johnny Manziel made a few nice plays. He threw the best ball of camp so far when he found Travis Benjamin streaking down the middle of the field for a 50- or 60-yard bomb. Benjamin had clear separation from rookie Pierre Desir, but dropped the perfect pass from Manziel.

Manziel had an 11-on-11 series with the second team in which he hit on every pass, including a sidearm throw while on the run and an impromptu pass to Gordon stepping up in the pocket.

It wasn’t Hoyer’s best day, but he was still pretty accurate, aside from an overthrow on an out-route that was picked off by Joe Haden. He also executed a heck of a play-fake and found Gordon over the middle.

The story of the day was defensive backs, but not because of interceptions; they were given kick-boxing gloves to wear. The idea behind the gloves is limiting how much movement the players have with their fingers, which keeps them from holding on to receivers. [Read more...]

Second-year guard Garrett Gilkey is preparing to be a starter

Garrett Gilkey

The logo on his shirt is that of a Cleveland Browns dog with a barbell in it’s bared teeth trying to chew through it. Underneath are the words Cleveland Browns Strength.

This image stands in sharp contrast to the smiling man wearing it. Garrett Gilkey is upbeat, polite and doesn’t seem to have a mean bone in his body. He is in a fight, however. A fight for a starting spot on the Browns offensive line.

[Read more...]

Sizing up Santana and Uniform Notes …While We’re Waiting

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I found this piece by Ben Lindberg to be interesting. Carlos Santana may be the subject that started the thought process, but I thought the concept was fun. We really can explain away anything that we couldn’t predict. Here’s the money paragraph-

“Maybe early-season Santana’s swing was off. Maybe his position switch really was messing with his mind. (He hasn’t played third since May 22, although that has more to do with defense and Lonnie Chisenhall’s bat than with Santana’s psyche.) Or maybe all he had to do was wait for better bounces. If you can tell which explanation best suits Santana, and if you can consistently do the same with other slumping or streaking players, you might have a front-office future.”


I participated in a roundtable of sorts over at Red Right 88. Several good contributors. And me. [Red Right 88]


I have no words really.


Did anyone else notice that the Browns still have Ford as a sponsor for training camp, but no longer have the Ford logo on the practice jerseys?

Here are some more uniform tidbits for the week–

Wow. Thatsa big logo.

Last year, the NCAA made a rule change that numerals on a jersey must contrast the base color of the jersey. But there were no penalties for breaking the rule. There are now.


From Pat McManamon’s camp notes-

“It took four days, but Tuesday marked the first time that Pettine was not asked about one of the quarterbacks in his post practice media gaggle. It’s amazing how despite the hype and hoopla over a player, eventually a training camp settles into a predictable pattern that has nothing to do with the hyped player.”

Come on Pat. You should know better. The reason nobody asked about the QB competition was because Mary Kay didn’t show up until after Pettine’s Q&A was over.

Things get heated… Training Camp Notes 07.29.14

Browns training camp

Apparently I wasn’t the only one who thought Monday’s practice lacked the competitive fire that we’ve been hearing about.

The dial on the intensity knob got turned up on Tuesday. There were bodies flying around. There were footballs thrown at heads. There was pushing and shoving. There was a skirmish that included at least 15-20 players.

The tone for the day was set by coach Pettine, who told the players that he didn’t want a flat practice with the off day coming on Wednesday. He wanted some enthusiasm. He wanted some fire. He got it.

The team was in full pads again on Tuesday, and worked heavy on the run game just like Monday. This time the ball was moving toward the sidelines more, and the defense was making sure that the ball carriers were stopped and were constantly swatting at the ball trying to force fumbles.

The offense took exception to the intensity with which they were punching at the ball.

Running back Ben Tate found himself wrapped in the arms of several defenders on one particular running play, and ended up firing the ball at Ahtyba Rubin’s head. Now Rubin doesn’t quite have the temper of Phil Taylor, but he certainly isn’t going to stand by and let a running back fire a ball at him. A scrum ensued. I think some of the players that were involved were kind of caught up because of their proximity. [Read more...]

Josh Gordon has hired Richard Sherman’s lawyer for appeal

Gordon Lomo 140726

Josh Gordon’s appeal date with the NFL is set for Friday, August 1. The Pro Bowl receiver is facing a year-long suspension for violating the terms of the league’s drug policy again.

When he has his chance to defend himself in front of the NFL, he is taking the most ammunition he can find.

According to Adam Schefter, Josh Gordon has hired attorney Maurice Suh, who successfully argued on Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman’s behalf back in December of 2012. Sherman was facing a four-game suspension that would have kept him out of the playoffs. Suh’s defense centered around the collection process.

“The decision really relied most heavily on the collection problem, and it comes down to that the arbitrator believed Richard Sherman over the collector’s recounting of the facts,” said Suh after the Sherman case. “This is a case in which there were two different versions – the collector tried to refute what Richard had said about what had happened, and frankly, we didn’t feel the collector was believable and we tried to bring that up in cross examination.”

Gordon is appealing in order to get his suspension reduced in hopes of playing this year.

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(Photo: Scott Sargent/WFNY)

Balancing competition and aggression… Training Camp Notes 07.28.14



We’ve heard for months that the coaching staff and front office want to see competition for every position. Whether it is a high profile battle between Hoyer and Manziel, or a more subtle one between Kirksey and Robertson, this was going to be a camp marked by competition.

And it is. Sort of.

Last year, the tone set by coach Rob Chudzinski was a competitive one, but in a much different way. There were competitions between the offense and the defense. There were peanut butter sandwiches for dinner on the line. There was hooting and hollering. There were defensive backs jawing at receivers. It was louder. It was obvious.

This year the competition is more business-like. More internal. For the first day in pads, the team was pretty subdued. There weren’t many big pops or crashes. And that was by design. Coach Pettine stressed the importance of “being a good teammate” before practice. They don’t want to see anyone get hurt.

There is a difference between competition and aggression according to Pettine. While he wants the team to be characterized as tough, that doesn’t mean they beat up on each other. Other coaches have said they wanted a tough team. Will Pettine succeed where Shurmur and Chudzinski failed? [Read more...]

Josh Gordon may have checked himself into rehab


Mike Garafolo reported Thursday night on FOX Sports One’s evening show America’s Pregame that Josh Gordon checked himself into rehab after his July 4th arrest in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Patient confidentiality being what it is, it may be difficult to confirm if Gordon did in fact complete the program unless it comes from Gordon himself.

Would a completed rehab program have any weight at all in the eyes of the NFL as far as reducing his impending suspension? Could the rehab program itself be the reason Gordon’s hearing hasn’t already happened?

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Justin Gilbert update: Browns rookie signs his deal

justin gilbert

How’s that for timing?

An hour after we headlined Gilbert was still unsigned as camp opened for rookies, Chris Mortensen reports that the Browns and Gilbert have come to terms on his deal-

The contract is a four year deal with a decent signing bonus, according to Sportrac-

Gilbert’s signing means that all the Browns rookies are signed, and should be in camp today. The exception could be Joel Bitonio, who was hurt in OTAs, but the extent of the injury isn’t known.

The Browns did claim OL Nick McDonald off waivers from the Chargers yesterday, but McDonald does have a broken wrist.

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Browns rookies report to camp today, Justin Gilbert still unsigned

Justin Gilbert

Rookies, quarterbacks and injured veterans report to training camp today, but first round pick Justin Gilbert remains unsigned.

Gilbert is one of only two players from the 2014 NFL draft that remains unsigned. The other is first round pick Taylor Lewan, an offensive tackle taken 11th by the Tennessee Titans.

Since the league adopted the new collective bargaining agreement four years ago, rookie holdouts have largely become a thing of the past. The only reason that players hold out nowadays is over the infamous ‘offset language’ that teams want included in these rookie deals. The language allows teams to reduce the players guaranteed pay if released by the club that drafted the player.

In other words, the part of the contract that the players fight over is if they don’t cut it with the team that drafted them and try to sign elsewhere. Typically, players have accepted the language and gone to work when push comes to shove. In Gilbert’s case, the player selected in front of him, Tampa Bay receiver Mike Evans seemingly got around the language. Gilbert is likely trying to do the same.

Nobody usually makes a big deal about these negotiations until the player starts missing camp practices, as the details can be resolved quickly and at the last minute.

Gilbert is now missing camp practices.

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The mind of LeBron and lovable Lindor: While We’re Waiting…

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Some maneuvering took place on Tuesday night. The Cavaliers traded Carrick Felix (who wasn’t in the plans for the future if we are honest), a second round pick and cash to Utah for three non-guaranteed contracts. I am not a cap specialist. I don’t know how far off the Cavaliers are from having the right pieces to get this Love deal done. One thing I read that I was encouraged about was this from Adrian Wojnarowski:

“The Cavaliers have been offering future first-round picks for an experienced center, league sources said.”

Thank goodness. Look: I’m in the Kevin Love camp, but this team DESPERATELY needs to upgrade at the center spot. Free agency just isn’t going to produce it either.


If you haven’t read the piece from Brian Windhorst on the mind of LeBron, you have to read it. Read the whole thing, but you may want to save it for when you have time. It’s a little long. Here’s a pretty interesting section, the first thing about that infamous Boston series that I’ve ever seen LeBron comment on.

“James — with two titles and counting, and four straight trips to the Finals — can admit today what he’s thinking in 2011: He’s thinking of everything. Everything good, and everything bad. In 2011, he isn’t just playing against the Mavs; he’s also battling the demons of a year earlier, when he failed in a series against the Boston Celtics as the pressure of the moment beat him down. It’s Game 5 of the 2010 Eastern Conference semifinals, and it is, to this point, perhaps the most incomprehensible game of James’ career. His performance is so lockjawed, so devoid of rhythm, the world crafts its own narrative, buying into unfounded and ridiculous rumors because they seem more plausible than his performance.

James, though, never fully deals with any of that. Instead, he changes teams. Changes cities. Changes coaches. Changes owners. Changes teammates. Changes uniforms. Changes climate. Wipe the slate clean, and maybe, for once, he can leave the past behind.

Instead, when it all happens again a year later, James’ recall turns against him, yet again, like an awful sequel to an awful original movie — everything happening out of James’ control, the awful computer in his head winning the inner monologue.

“There are a lot of things that go through my mind during a game,” James says. “Sometimes I cloud my mind too much. I get to thinking about the game too much instead of just playing.”

Again, if you haven’t read the whole piece, you need it to understand the context of this snippet.


I don’t know how you could not like this Lindor kid.

“Every player thinks about how the big leagues will be,” Lindor said. “How will it be when you play in the big leagues? How cool will it be? How blessed will you be? All those things. I try to leave that for the offseason. Right now, I gotta focus on winning the game today and tomorrow I gotta focus on winning the game tomorrow and getting better and keep improving so that when I do get that call—God willing one day—the Indians feel I’m ready and I feel I’m ready for the next level.”


Tweet of the night comes from the normally stone-faced Corey Kluber:

The guys were all making fun of Atchison hard on twitter last night.


I’ll close this week with a couple board game bits.

-I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that the largest board game convention in the US is called Gen Con, and it is in Indianapolis August 14-17. I will be making my first trip this year, even if just for a day.

-I finally got to play the cooperative game Pandemic recently. It was good, but I think that it had been hyped to the point where it couldn’t have stood up to the expectations. I will have to give it a few more plays. It was very, very similar to Forbidden Island, another cooperative game that we own and have gotten a lot of use out of. If you have never played a cooperative before, give either a try.

-One of the podcasts I listen to is the Dice Tower gaming podcast. They give out yearly awards for the games released that year. The 2013 awards were just announced. I haven’t played many on the list, but have my eye on Bang the dice game, The Duke, Caverna and Relic Runners.


File this under ‘if you give a crap’. If you happen to live in Northwestern Ohio, I’m on 93.1 FM ESPN Lima every Tuesday at 5:25 with host Vince Koza. If you happen to live in Houston, Texas you can hear me today on NPR (!) talking Cleveland sports at 12:oo CT. If you don’t live in Houston, feel free to stream the show on line.

Cavaliers trade Carrick Felix, other assets to Utah for non-guaranteed contracts

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers-Press ConfereceYahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting Monday night that the Cavaliers have agreed to trade Carrick Felix, plus other assets to the Utah Jazz for three players with non-guaranteed contracts.

This trade would seem to indicate that a move for Kevin Love would be closer to completion. Stay tuned folks.

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Dion Waiters added to US Men’s Select Team

waiters sullinger

Cavaliers guard Dion Waiters is one of 13 NBA players named to USA Basketball’s Men’s Select Team. The Select Team is essentially a practice squad for the Men’s National Team. Kyrie Irving was on the Men’s Select Team prior to the last Olympics.

“USA Basketball’s Select Teams are critical for getting some of the game’s brightest and most promising young players experience at the USA National Team level, and getting them into our pipeline,” said Jerry Colangelo, USA Basketball National Team managing director.

Both the National team and the Select Team will train in Las Vegas July 28-31, in preparation for the 2014 FIBA World Cup.

In addition to Waiters, the Men’s Select Team is comprised of Harrison Barnes (Golden State Warriors), Trey Burke (Utah Jazz), Jimmy Butler (Chicago Bulls), Draymond Green (Golden State Warriors), Tim Hardaway Jr. (New York Knicks), Tobias Harris (Orlando Magic), Doug McDermott (Chicago Bulls), Victor Oladipo (Orlando Magic), Mason Plumlee (Brooklyn Nets), Miles Plumlee (Phoenix Suns), Marcus Smart (Boston Celtics) and Cody Zeller (Charlotte Hornets)

Kyrie Irving is the lone Cavalier on the Men’s National Team this year. LeBron James will not be participating in the FIBA tournament.

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Mike Krzyzewski would trade Wiggins for Love “without hesitancy”

kevin love cavs

Coach K was on CBS Sports Radio and talked about the Cavaliers and trading for Kevin Love.

“I think there’s absolutely not one second of hesitancy,” Krzyzewski said on The John Feinstein Show. “I’d trade for Kevin Love. That’s not saying anything about any of the other (players involved in the deal). Love’s an All-Star.”

Krzyzewski mentioned the window of opportunity that the Cavaliers are looking at with the addition of LeBron James, which is something I alluded to last week when writing about the potential trade.

“You look at LeBron and you have the best player in the world,” Krzyzewski said. “He’s 29. I’m not saying he’s at the end of his career, but he’s in the second half of his career, let’s put it that way. And in the first half of his career, he was becoming a great player. He was a great talent becoming a great player. That takes time – just like if Wiggins or Bennett are going to be great, it’s not going to happen right now. They’re great talents. LeBron is a great player right now. You do not want to waste any year of a great player’s career.”

Coach K also talked a little about LeBron’s decision, plus coaching the US National Team.

In addition he mentioned how quickly he believes Kyrie Irving would develop surrounded by LeBron James and Kevin Love.

(H/T For the Win)

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