WFNY Roundtable: Weak and weary, hoping Browns vs. Ravens is not dreary

John Kuntz, The Plain Dealer

Spoiler alert: It ain’t pretty.

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The (AFC) North Remembers: Browns-Ravens Preview

browns barnidge

Can the Browns hand Joe Flacco his second career loss against Cleveland?

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Browns Film Room: Where art thou defense?

John Kuntz, Northeast Ohio Media Group

What went wrong in the final two minutes?

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North Coast to West Coast


Bump! What? I’m awake. Is this the earthquake I’ve long been told is coming? Is my apartment being excavated for natural resources? Is this a Transformer attack? Bu-bump! Quick patdown. No signs of physical injury or leaking organs. I hear Christine McVie and Stevie Nicks bleating beautifully and what I think is an electric clavichord

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A week in the life of a Cleveland Browns fan

Cleveland Browns Fans

Browns fans are predictable creatures of habit. And the Browns are kind of like a bad habit.

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Browns still searching for anchors

AP Photo/Denis Poroy

The Browns have plenty to pull them down. The search continues for something or someone that can hold them steady.

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ABC: Assessing the Browns’ Course of Action, Week 4

Will Jimmy Haslam ride out the storm or pull the plug yet again?

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Texts from Ray: Week 4


The final week of Ray Farmer’s four-week texting spree concludes with a stop at the San Diego Zoo.

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Cleveland Browns Week 4 Winners and Losers

Cleveland Browns San Diego Chargers

Yes, there were actually a few winners…

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What heartbreak? Browns lose on Browns-ish penalty to San Diego, 30-27

Browns Lose to Chargers

You can’t be heartbroken if you never expect the Browns to pull it out in the end.

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Justin Gilbert could return kicks for Browns against Chargers

Justin Gilbert Cleveland Browns

Justin Gilbert might play a role in the Browns game against the Chargers on Sunday.

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WFNY Roundtable: Rough Rivers, Charge on San Diego Hill

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Should Josh McCown be starting? Will the Browns finally run the ball (or stop the run)? Can they pressure Philip Rivers? Are the special teams a concern? The gang takes to the roundtable.

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West Coast Living: Browns – Chargers Preview


Will the Browns return from sunny San Diego with a .500 record?

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ABC: About Browns Controversies: Week 3

Three games in and the Browns are embroiled in controversy. But how much of it is legitimate, and how much is due to the way we consume and discuss the NFL?

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Browns Film Room: What is wrong with the Browns running game?

Cleveland Browns running back Isaiah Crowell

Missed blocks + missed holes ≠ touchdowns

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The Browns have been bad. Have the fans been worse?


The Browns have been bad. But don’t they deserve half a chance to prove themselves?

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Texts from Ray: Week 3


Week 3 finds our hero making new friends in the Muni Lot, tangling with terrifying Raiders fans, and dealing with more ribbing from Kyle Shanahan.

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It Is What It Is: A Steelers fan at a bus stop unwittingly sums up everything

Aaron Josefczyk/AP Photo

It’s the most worthless, obvious sentence that there is. But after Sunday’s loss to the Raiders, a Steelers fan at a bus stop unwittingly summed up the whole AFC North.

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Here’s Every Last-Minute Browns Loss Since 1999

Dwayne Rudd last minute losses

You know about Rudd’s helmet toss and Bottlegate, but there’s so, so much more

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The Browns have TMZ problems beyond Johnny Manziel and Josh McCown

Johnny Manziel, Cleveland Browns, Josh McCown

The Browns are talking on back channels to TMZ. Uh oh.

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