Game Illustrated: Anderson Varejao

Anderson Varejao Cleveland Cavaliers

This may be a biased account of Anderson Varejao’s game, for it is difficult to be unbiased when exploring the ways of the Wild Thing. He is, or at least was, among the most reviled players in the league. Google “Varejao hate” and you’ll find plenty of results. Magazines, Celtics message boards, Yahoo! Answers, and


In the Navy: Cleveland Cavaliers continue shift to reincorporate blue

Cleveland Cavaliers

Last week, Dan Gilbert tweeted it. And later that same week, the Cleveland Cavaliers officially announced that they have added a second alternate jersey to their arsenal for the upcoming season. Yes, the wine and gold will have a navy alternate as well their gold to pair with the primary white home and wine road. It would seem


Peak Cavs

Cleveland Cavaliers Big Three

The Cavs are going to be good. Like really good. Stupid good. Video game good. Offensively, they could be down right transcendent. Our local basketball team is based around LeBron James and two dudes who won the three-point contest. That’s down right insane. And not the LeBron who left. Oh no. We’re getting the fully