C-Cap Recap: That’s Called a Winning Streak

Cleveland Indians Mike Aviles

Had this game been played in Cleveland, one could only assume they would have dropped confetti from the upper deck. The Indians have won three in a row! It’s their first such string of the entire season, but more importantly, the low-stress 5-2 win over the White Sox Thursday night gave the Tribe an honest-to-gosh

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Ball Played: Shaun Marcum rules the night for Indians

Shawn Marcum Cleveland Indians

Shaun Marcum is the type of pitcher who is easy to root for. He was not a blue chip prospect, and he actually transferred from the University of Missouri to Missouri State University to get noticed by MLB scouts as he excelled on their 2003 College World Series team. Despite that achievement, however, he was still

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Ball Played: Bauer defeats Indians’ man of constant sorrow

Cleveland Indians v Chicago White Sox May 19, 2015

On May 7, 2015 Jose Quintana made his MLB debut for the Chicago White Sox against the Cleveland Indians. At the time, he was seemingly a random left-handed pitcher from Columbia whom the White Sox needed in long relief after starter Phil Humber had surrendered eight runs in less than three innings of work. In

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Ball Played: Kluber versus Sale

Cleveland Indians v Chicago White Sox May 19 2015

It is really difficult for a team to be doing as poorly as the Cleveland Indians are in the standings considering some of the individual performances they have had. For instance, the top four starters are so strong that they have masked the complete destruction that comes when Zach Chenhouse1 starts. The starting rotation ranks second in

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Next Up: Indians vs. White Sox

Cleveland Indians

Fresh off their first series win since awaaaaay back on April 9, the Cleveland Indians head to Chicago to play the White Sox in a four-game, Monday-through-Thursday series. They’ll be playing at U.S. Cellular Field on the south side of Chicago and all games have an 8:10 p.m. start time (for you eastern time zone

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For Adriana

Mike Aviles Cleveland Indians

Last week, the Cleveland Indians announced that utility player extraordinaire Mike Aviles was taking an extended leave of absence from the team, as he learned that his four-year-old daughter, Adriana, had been diagnosed with leukemia. It might be presumptuous for me to express my thoughts, as I do not know Mike Aviles or his family. I

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C-Cap Recap: Hip to Be Kip(nis)

Cleveland Indians Jason Kipnis

The Indians took two out of three from the Texas Rangers in Arlington over the weekend; their first outright series win since the opening week of the season. That’s objectively good news. So is the resurgence of Jason Kipnis, whose offensive performance over the past week has earned him a legitimate place in the all-time

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Next Up: Indians vs. Rangers in Arlington

Richard W. Rodriguez/Fort Worth Star-Telegram

After losing two out of three to both the Twins and Cardinals in the just-ended six-game homestand, the Cleveland Indians head to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex in Texas to face the Rangers in a Friday-Saturday-Sunday series. The Texas series is the first leg of a two-city, seven-game road trip that will conclude with four games

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On the Tribe’s Wayne Garland, and efforts that backfire

Wayne Garland Cleveland Indians

Come with me, to the land of unintended consequences. We’re going to begin with some yard work. You got a long sleeve shirt? Good. Here’s a cigar and some gloves. No, I am not going to put on my aerator spike shoes. At this point, I am wondering when I am going to live that

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Dear Mrs. Hamilton

Plain Dealer

Tom Hamilton’s mother passed away recently. The radio voice of the Cleveland Indians has taken some time off to be with his family, and is slated to return to the broadcast booth Friday. We wish him and his family all the best. While I never knew Mrs. Theresa Hamilton, I felt compelled to write her a letter,

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C-Cap Recap: Just Out of Reach

Michael Bourn Cleveland Indians St. Louis Cardinals

While we all may have wanted Corey Kluber’s incredible 18-strikeout performance to become the indelible image of the 2015 Indians season—the 180-degree course correction that launched the team into contention—Thursday afternoon’s encore match-up with St. Louis provided a far more realistic encapsulation of where this club is at. The lasting image, in this case, was

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Ball Played: Kluber’s 18K gem gives Indians new life

Corey Kluber Cleveland Indians St. Louis Cardinals

Sometimes, it is only from the depths of frustration that one can create an assemblage of beauty. Sometimes, it takes the threat of having everything taken away to create the proper focus required. Seven starts into the 2015 Cleveland Indians season, Corey Kluber was still searching for his first win, as well as the first win for

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Ball Played: Surprise! Defense and ex-Tribe bats haunt Indians

Associated Press

The St. Louis Cardinals are the epitome of a well-run franchise1 . It might be impossible to know if it is more imperative to draft the correct player or develop the player correctly, but the Cardinals have the best assembly line coming out of their farm system in MLB. Yadier Molina, Matt Adams, Kolten Wong,

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Next Up: Indians vs. Cardinals

St Louis Cardinals 2006 World Series Ring

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week will see Cleveland matched up against St. Louis, the Tribe’s first National League opponent of the season. The St. Louis Cardinals. Now, there’s a Major League Baseball franchise! One of the all-time winning-est teams and also one of the best in recent years; winners of eleven World Series championships1

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Bode Plots: Analyzing Indians starters

Trevor Bauer Cleveland Indians

The 2015 Cleveland Indians season has been frustrating to follow thus far. The season began with lofty expectations propped up by the team becoming the national darlings of the now analytic-friendly media. The Indians even managed to win their opening series against the Houston Astros who have unexpectedly been one of the best teams in

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The Cleveland Indians / Mad Men Timeline: 1960-70


In his famous pitch to Kodak back in Mad Men’s first season, the stoically charismatic Don Draper describes nostalgia as “a twinge in the heart, far more powerful than memory alone.” Not unlike a carousel projector, sports can help crystallize those otherwise distant recollections of the past as well—giving us context and a “feel” for

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C-Cap Recap: Swish, Salazar and a Salvaged Weekend

Nick Swisher doodle 1

While you were distracted by various thrilling, high-stakes buzzer beaters this weekend, your Cleveland Indians quietly lost two out of three to an inexplicably red hot Minnesota Twins club, salvaging some pride with a dominant Danny Salazar effort in an 8-2 win on Sunday. Overall, the Tribe has now gone 32 days without winning a

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Next up: Indians vs Twins

Cleveland Indians Minnesota Twins

As we all know, the Cleveland Indians are having a rough time of it in this 2015 campaign. Nothing, but nothing, is working as planned. Reigning AL Cy Young award-winner, Corey Kluber, is still winless and the rest of the starters have had their share of downs to go with their ups. The bullpen, including

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On Tribe Talk, Dennis Eckersley, and Mother’s Day

Ron Kuntz Collection/Diamond Images

A local FM rock radio station once featured a call-in segment on Friday afternoons. One by one, callers would share the punchlines of jokes. It didn’t matter how raunchy the jokes were if the punchlines were clean. And they weren’t all dirty — some were silly, while others were just fun cultural references, like gags from

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C-Cap Recap: A Malfunctioning Klubot

Corey Kluber Cleveland Indians sketch

Having just watched the Cleveland Indians’ 7-4 loss to the Kansas City Royals and Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron in back-to-back sittings, I am forced to see some uncomfortable parallels. Yes, both can leave a person feeling hollow and disappointed, like you’re wasting valuable hours of your adulthood. But even beyond that, Ultron is essentially

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