Ball Played: Indians “walk” away like they “stole” something in win

Jason Kipnis #22 of the Cleveland Indians

Walks, steals, and home runs: What wins are made of.

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Ball Played: Anything Brew can do Tribe can do better

Cleveland Indians Michael Brantley Milwaukee Brewers

Michael Brantley went NOVA against his former team once again.

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Bode Plots: What is wrong with Carlos Santana?

Dan Mendlik

Carlos Santana has been having an interesting season at the plate. In his most recent stretch of games, he only has three hits in the last 26 plate appearances (3-for-21 with four walks), but he has made each of those hits count. Santana had two home runs over the weekend against the New York Yankees,

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C-Cap Recap: The Wrigley Walkoff Blues

Wrigley Field, Cubs vs Cleveland Indians, August 24, 2015

At a running time of two hours and 38 minutes, Monday afternoon’s pitcher’s duel between the Cleveland Indians’ Corey Kluber and the Chicago Cubs’ Jon Lester was pleasantly quick for a baseball game, average for a Christopher Nolan Batman movie (The Dark Knight was 152 minutes), and roughly 10 minutes too long for my friend’s three year-old

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Next Up: One at Wrigley then home vs. the Brewers … and how will you be watching?

Luis Tiant at Fenway Park
in the 1970s, courtesy of

After a three-city, ten-game road trip, a fourth city and eleventh game might start to feel burdensome to a last place team. But the Cleveland Indians can’t come home, not until they make up that game against the Cubs that was postponed on June 15 due to a deluge in Chicago. The game may not

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Weekend Recap: Indians win “epic” series against Yankees

AP Photo/Kathy Willens

It was a period of civil war. Tribe analytic versus traditional fans fighting over the reasons for a disappointing season and were about to face the evil Yankee Empire. During the initial battle, a rebel by the moniker of Little Cowboy managed to fluster the empire to earn the first win and inspire ballads that

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C-Cap Recap: Ballad of The Little Cowboy


Josh Tomlin earned his first victory since last August as the Cleveland Indians kicked off a four-game weekend series in the Bronx with a 3-2 win over those delightful underdog scamps, the New York Yankees. The Indians (56-64) nearly took a page out of the Cleveland Browns playbook by blowing a lead hilariously in the

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Ball Played: Indians lose series as Red Sox show off power

AP Photo/Charles Krupa

The Cleveland Indians could not have asked for a better setup to win on Wednesday unless John Danks himself was the opposing starting pitcher. Still, right-handed starter Joe Kelly was a close replica as he entered the game with a 5.69 ERA for the Boston Red Sox, and he had failed to finish even a

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Musings on Innovations: The ‘50s Tribe Staff, and the Pocket Fisherman

Cleveland Indians 1950s Al Lopez

My phone suddenly found itself blanketed under a flurry of texts. Me: “Roger, do you still have your Pocket Fisherman?” Roger: “Yes, I do.” Roger: “If you ask me to find it, though, it may take a few days.” Roger: “I never got it to work quite right.” Roger: “Being so young, I hooked my

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Ball Played: Bauer lasts less than an hour before hitting the shower

AP Photo/Michael Dwyer

Sigh. The day after the Cleveland Indians exploded for a strong offensive showing to complement a strong pitching performance, they fell back to scuffling on offense, while Trevor Bauer did not even last two innings. Such is the life in a season of a last place team whose pendulum comes down to match every upward swing. On Tuesday,

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Bode Plots: The Salazar Paradox

Danny Salazar Cleveland Indians

We tend to view fortune in sports in binary terms. This player has been lucky. That player has been unlucky. However, is it possible for a player to both be fortunate and unfortunate at the same time? Such has seemingly been the case with Danny Salazar’s post All-Star break starts, as his sterling 1.76 ERA,

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Ball Played: Sorry, but I still love these guys

Cody Allen Lonnie Chisenhall Cleveland Indians

Terry Francona spent Tuesday with his good friend John Farrell1. The two began a friendship in 1988 as members of the Cleveland Indians, one which has continued over the years. So, when John Farrell, now the manager of the Boston Red Sox, was diagnosed with Stage 1 lymphoma and his first chemotherapy session happened to coincide with

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Next Up: The AL East … to Boston and New York


The Indians are working on an 11-game road trip. For the Tribe, enemy territory has been friendlier than home cooking. Their record at home is 54-62, while on the road it’s 30-28. In an Indians season full of bewildering contradictions, this away-field advantage just might beat them all. (Or is it a home field disadvantage?)

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C-Cap Weekend Recap: One-Hitsville, USA

Corey Kluber one-hitter Cleveland Indians

One week after drubbing the Twins to the tune of 34 runs in a three game series in Cleveland, the increasingly confident Indians traveled to Minneapolis for an encore performance and wound up with more of a disappointing, Caddyshack II style sequel. With Jason Kipnis and Michael Brantley out of the lineup — à la

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Next Up: Indians fly from CLE to MSP

Indians Express Major League

Since CLE is no longer a hub airport, getting from Point A to Point B on family trips often involves an intervening stop in Minneapolis. It couldn’t be simply a coincidence of my flight paths that I have noticed a surprisingly large number of baseball diamonds on the approaches to, and departures from, MSP. They

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C-Cap Recap: The Two Trevors


Despite another noble effort with the sticks, the Cleveland Indians couldn’t overcome a rough outing from Trevor Bauer on Thursday night, dropping the finale of a three-game set with the New York Yankees, 8-6. The loss ended the Tribe’s four-game winning streak and pulled the Bombers out of their own five-game slide. It also means

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Ball played: Indians win Game 2 in only nine innings

Cleveland Indians Cody Allen Roberto Perez

Not only did the Cleveland Indians defeat the New York Yankees, 2-1, in Game 2 of their three-game series Wednesday night, and not only did they manage to get the job done in nine innings and in a shade under three hours, they also knocked the Yankees out of first place in the AL East. The

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Handicapping the Indians outfield battle: 9 Players, 3 Spots

Lonnie Chisenhall Michael Brantley

Now that the 2015 season has turned itself over to evaluating players for 2016 rather than making a playoff push1 , it is important to recognize where the battles are being forged. Barring a franchise-altering trade Jason Kipnis (2B), Michael Brantley (LF), Francisco Lindor (SS), Carlos Santana (1B/DH), and Yan Gomes / Roberto Perez (C)

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Ball Played: Broken Bats, Bloopers, Bunts, and Brantley; Indians outlast Yanks in 16

Cleveland Indians Michael Brantley Walk-off

The Cleveland Indians nearly had another familiar ending to a game in the 2015 season. The Indians hit 4-for-15 with RISP leaving 15 men on base throughout the night. Carlos Carrasco was spectacular as the starting pitcher and went deep into the game, but he left with a no decision. When the New York Yankees

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Next Up: Indians vs. Yankees and opportunities a-plenty

Cleveland Indians Roger Maris New York Yankess

Well, whaddya know? The Cleveland Indians, in winning two of three games against the Minnesota Twins over the weekend, scored 34 runs. Perhaps the Twins are succumbing to the test by fire that is the long major league season. An in-house theory is the Change of Scenery thesis put forth by A. Clayman of WFNY.

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