Why being a Cleveland sports fan is a lot like dating in your 30s

Cleveland Sports Wine Justin Zeeber

Single and in your 30s? Just like being a Cleveland fan.

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Cleveland’s October Sports Calendar


All of the Browns, Cavs, Indians, and Buckeyes games in one place, along with some MACtion and Monsters hockey.

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WFNY on WWE: Sorting out the scene after Night of Champions


On new champions, old feuds, and the return of Demon Kane.

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Introducing…WFNY on WWE: Previewing Night of Champions


We know it’s fake. The fun is real.

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10 Rookies You Stupidly Got Excited About: 1990-2015

Eric Zeier rookie 1995

WFNY looks at the undrafted free agents, obscure minor leaguers, and waiver wire claims who’ve briefly found the Cleveland sports spotlight. Eric Zeier! Ben Gay! Kaz Tadano!

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Vanquish the Warriors: Ohio State-Hawai’i Preview


Ohio State returns to Columbus for their first home game as reigning champs. An in-depth look at what the Hawaii-Ohio State may hold.

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The League, Friendship Preservation, and Fantasy Football

The League

Fantasy football is a game within a game, and it’s an industry, and it’s a TV show, but more than that, it’s a means of keeping friendships alive.

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Rejoice: September’s Sports Schedule is Peak Cleveland

Cleveland Indians Michael Brantley Milwaukee Brewers

Tribe and Browns and college football, oh my.

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NEO High School Football Week 1: Wildcats, Bengals, Titans impress

John Kuntz/Northeast Ohio Media Group

The 2015 Ohio high school football season is underway! Teams kicked off their season this past weekend, beginning another exciting football season in Northeast Ohio. The weekend saw a lot of good matchups with some dominating and interesting results. Here are some of the notable scores, performances, surprises and my new top ten teams in

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The Songs of the Summer of 2015: WFNY Makes Lists

WFNY Songs of the summer 2015 take 2

I hate to say it, but as the Facebook school bus photo flood is already mostly over, it’s time to admit that the summer of 2015 is in the rearview. One of the greatest parts of summer is trying to figure out what the coolest songs were. Believe it or not, I had the tape

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Photo: Ohio State football adding a black alternate jersey?

Ohio State Alternate Jerseys

The alternate jersey seems to be a hot commodity in the college football world, and the Ohio State Buckeyes have had their fair share. On Sunday, Tidewater News reporter (and former Ohio State student) Andrew Lind tweeted a picture of what could possibly be a new alternate jersey for the Buckeyes this season. The glaring

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First look at Trainwreck: LeBron James and Amy Schumer shine

Universal Pictures

When I got the opportunity to catch a preview screening of Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck, I jumped at the chance. But I’ll admit that, going in, I didn’t know a ton about it. Obviously, I knew the big names attached to it, and I knew enough about the plot to assume it was a rom-com that would

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WFNYS: The best Cleveland Sports Items on eBay


Welcome to this 2015 Midsummer Cleveland Sports eBay Items Edition of the WFNYS! This awards presentation was loosely inspired by an array of things: 1. The ESPYS, ESPN’s version of the Oscars for sports that’s largely redundant because, you know, sports are largely a months-long ceremony to give an award to the best team, air

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Prize Fight: On FIFA, Money, Equality, and the Future of Women’s Soccer

Rob Kinnan/USA TODAY Sports

[Ed’s Note: This piece comes to WFNY from guest contributor Steve Keeney] On July 5, a record number of Americans tuned in to watch the United States Women’s National Team (USWNT) beat Japan 5-2, earning the United States its record third FIFA Women’s World Cup title. For taking home the trophy, the USWNT earned $2 million

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A look at the young position-playing stars of MLB


There has been increased attention paid upon the youthful stars dominating the current MLB season, and such dominance could be seen in the 2015 MLB All Star starting rosters. A mere five of the 17 selected starters for the 2015 game were above the age of 29. And, one of those selections was the AL

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Anthems and Echoes


Find the flag, hats off, no pushing. That is the refrain that countless little league coaches utter as their team stands along the first and third base lines1 just before a YouTube version of the national anthem blares over out-dated and blown-out speakers. Most players, parents, siblings, and coaches might have their minds focused elsewhere

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Fatherhood, lost tickets, and happy birthdays

Tom Pidgeon/Getty Images

He isn’t perfect, but no one is. He once forgot the tickets to a Browns game. He was taking my buddy Matt and me. We had parked and were nearly in the shadow of the stadium when I half-jokingly asked, “You’ve got the tickets, right Dad?” Somebody, be it myself or my brother or a

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Site News: Will Gibson named Associate Editor of WFNY


Since inception, WFNY has been a binary masthead—there’s been the owners, and there’s been everyone else, with very little in between when it comes to titles and formal designations. Behind the scenes, we have long discussed the embracing such an environment where persistent hard work—energy, passion, prioritization and execution—not only gets rewarded, but one that

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A brief Akron history lesson before the NBA Finals

Will Gibson/WFNY

The NBA Finals begin on Thursday. Finally, we’ll be able to discuss real basketball, and not the other pomp and circumstances we’ve been debating for a week. But while I have your attention, I’d like to talk about the city of Akron just a little while longer. All week, there have been conflicting reports about

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Survey Time: Help improve WFNY!

Cleveland Indians Sports Illustrated

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