Browns Running Game Update: Positives and Negatives

Terrance West Cleveland Browns LeBron James

In the three games prior the Cleveland Browns’ 24-3 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals, the running game, averaging 1.9 yards per carry, looked to be in shambles. The injury center Alex Mack left journeymen Paul McQuistan and, most recently, Nick McDonald to replace an All-Pro. On Thursday, before the Bengals game, I wrote about the issues


Four months after “The Letter”, LeBron’s return becomes reality

Not a bad place to escape LeBron James rumors

It’s around 9 a.m. on July 11, 2014 and I’m in Seattle, WA. I’m passed out, face down, drool hardening on my chin as I lay on a couch that belongs to the cousin of my college roommate, Jack. My eyes peel open as Jack’s phone buzzes across the room on the floor next to the air mattress on


The Definitive List of the Best Simpsons Episodes Ever

The Simpsons

Last week, cable network FXX finally launched its highly ambitious Simpsons World, which, with an ever-expanding list of other features, allows cable subscribers to stream every episode of The Simpsons, Fox’s cartoon sitcom about a family from the town of Springfield. The unveiling of Simpsons World, which came about eight weeks after FXX’s unprecedented twelve-day


WFNY On Location: Nike Hyperschool

Nike Hyperschool

SCIENCE, WITH A TWIST Just north of New York City’s West Village, near the mouth of the Holland Tunnel that is ready and willing to digest countless New Jersey-bound commuters, exists a 20,000-square foot warehouse fit for a shit’s-about-to-go-down scene in a mob-crime flick. With 40-foot cement ceilings, cement floors, fluorescent light fixtures, and giant reverberating


Cleveland Browns vs. Pittsburgh Steelers: Behind the Box Score

Cleveland Browns Jordan Cameron

Fifteen years of pent-up frustration was released in the form of the Browns’ 31-10 thumping of Pittsburgh on Sunday. It was a day that will hold a special place in the memories of the long suffering Browns’ faithful. The day when the big bad wolf huffed, puffed, and was hit over the top for a 51-yard


Our teams don’t suck! While We’re Waiting…


Happy Tuesday, WFNY! A 3-2 Tuesday feels pretty good, wouldn’t you say? I’ve been to a lot of Browns games over the years. A…LOT. More than I can count off the top of my head. And for all those games attended, I had only seen the Browns win in the new stadium twice. One was


Cleveland Browns vs. Tennesssee Titans: Behind the Box Score

Mike Steward/AP Photo

The Browns are back to 2-2 in the standings thanks to two Brian Hoyer touchdown passes in the 4th quarter to Travis Benjamin, capping off a furious 25 point comeback to knock off Tennessee. Let’s take a look behind the box score of Sunday’s historic win. 25 – The largest deficit overcame by a road team in


Moving On Up: The Wine & Gold Scrimmage

Wine and Gold Scrimmage

When I walked into Quicken Loans Arena Wednesday night for the 2014 Wine and Gold Scrimmage, a remix of Curtis Mayfield’s “Move On Up” was playing in the concourse. Coincidence perhaps, but that song managed to capture everything those in attendance (and attempting to watch on felt about this glimpse of the new Cavs:


Secondary Woes and Cincy

Luke Fickell Ohio State Buckyes

Stats aside, the Ohio State Buckeyes secondary has been average at best and could get exposed this Saturday against the Cincinnati Bearcats.


Tricky Dicks

Roger Goodell

Why Roger Goodell’s NFL is so reminiscent of the Richard Nixon administration, and how Cleveland fans can escape the vortex of cynicism.


It’s time to kill these lazy comedic sports references

we're not funny nfl

Sports and comedy don’t always have a comfortable marriage. As a rule, sports guys think they’re funnier than they really are and there’s one particular tool in the Sports Guy arsenal that I think needs to be melted down and buried. I could be talking about the incessant forced laughing that sports guys do to


Tribe “Deep Tracks” Trivia Vol. 2: Reliving Yesteryear


As a born and bred Clevelander, I am all about the Rock ‘n Roll. Specifically, Album Oriented Rock (AOR), the 70s radio format featuring longer, more obscure, and less-repeated songs than the ‘ Top-40.’ (In its heyday, AOR stations were even known to play bootleg recordings of local concerts. Complete with muffled coughs and hushed


Cavaliers 3-team trade officially announced

new Cavaliers Primary Logo

The reported deal between the Cleveland Cavaliers, Brooklyn Nets, and Boston Celtics was official announced.  The biggest part of the trade for the Cavs was for cap space.  They cleared enough room to give LeBron James a max contract of about $20 million a year.  Their cap space is estimated to be around $22 million after this


WFNY on the World Cup: Germany/Portugal and what it means for the USMNT

WFNY FC Banner

WFNY’s World Cup Diary: The Arrival WFNY on the World Cup: Group G Breakdown WFNY World Cup Diary: The Departure WFNY in Spain, champs thumped by Netherlands WFNY on the World Cup: Group F Breakdown USMNT win leaves questions looming WFNY Podcast: Breaking down the roster Klinsmann opts for potential on final roster Landon Donovan left


Dissecting Dan Gilbert, While We’re Waiting

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Happy Tuesday everyone! I know everyone hates hearing about other people’s fantasy teams, and I’m not going to try to bore you with too many details. But three weeks ago my team was in 11th place (out of 12). I had high hopes for my team this year, but it just absolutely sputtered out of


WFNY on the World Cup: Group E Breakdown


(This breakdown is brought to you by Stepien Rules blogger Alex Raffalli, who is also a native of France.) Group E might be the least competitive group of this World Cup. France, who came into the World Cup draw with absolutely no reason to be hopeful given their recent past, ended up the favorite of


FitzGerald’s proposed “Win Tax” can’t create real accountability


Ed FitzGerald got in front of the media today and suggested a “Win Tax” for distributing a portion of Sin Tax money. What is a “Win Tax?” FitzGerald described a way to allow our three major sports franchises to “compete” for Sin Tax money based on winning and economic contributions among other less specific ideas.


WFNY’s State of the Browns: RBs and FBs

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans

The next positions that will be examined in our series, State of the Browns, are the running backs and fullbacks. The Cleveland Browns were sorely lacking in these positions last year causing a poor run game throughout the 2013 season. So, the Browns were in need of huge overhaul and influx of talent at the


Phoenix Rising


The barriers to entry are very real, but in a business dominated by one, giant manufacturer, Phoenix Bats—a small baseball lumber company located in mid-Ohio—looks to turn the tide.