Photo: Ohio State football adding a black alternate jersey?

Ohio State Alternate Jerseys

The alternate jersey seems to be a hot commodity in the college football world, and the Ohio State Buckeyes have had their fair share. On Sunday, Tidewater News reporter (and former Ohio State student) Andrew Lind tweeted a picture of what could possibly be a new alternate jersey for the Buckeyes this season. The glaring

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First look at Trainwreck: LeBron James and Amy Schumer shine

Universal Pictures

When I got the opportunity to catch a preview screening of Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck, I jumped at the chance. But I’ll admit that, going in, I didn’t know a ton about it. Obviously, I knew the big names attached to it, and I knew enough about the plot to assume it was a rom-com that would

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WFNYS: The best Cleveland Sports Items on eBay

Welcome to this 2015 Midsummer Cleveland Sports eBay Items Edition of the WFNYS! This awards presentation was loosely inspired by an array of things: 1. The ESPYS, ESPN’s version of the Oscars for sports that’s largely redundant because, you know, sports are largely a months-long ceremony to give an award to the best team, air

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Prize Fight: On FIFA, Money, Equality, and the Future of Women’s Soccer

Rob Kinnan/USA TODAY Sports

[Ed’s Note: This piece comes to WFNY from guest contributor Steve Keeney] On July 5, a record number of Americans tuned in to watch the United States Women’s National Team (USWNT) beat Japan 5-2, earning the United States its record third FIFA Women’s World Cup title. For taking home the trophy, the USWNT earned $2 million

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A look at the young position-playing stars of MLB


There has been increased attention paid upon the youthful stars dominating the current MLB season, and such dominance could be seen in the 2015 MLB All Star starting rosters. A mere five of the 17 selected starters for the 2015 game were above the age of 29. And, one of those selections was the AL

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Anthems and Echoes


Find the flag, hats off, no pushing. That is the refrain that countless little league coaches utter as their team stands along the first and third base lines1 just before a YouTube version of the national anthem blares over out-dated and blown-out speakers. Most players, parents, siblings, and coaches might have their minds focused elsewhere

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Fatherhood, lost tickets, and happy birthdays

Tom Pidgeon/Getty Images

He isn’t perfect, but no one is. He once forgot the tickets to a Browns game. He was taking my buddy Matt and me. We had parked and were nearly in the shadow of the stadium when I half-jokingly asked, “You’ve got the tickets, right Dad?” Somebody, be it myself or my brother or a

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Site News: Will Gibson named Associate Editor of WFNY


Since inception, WFNY has been a binary masthead—there’s been the owners, and there’s been everyone else, with very little in between when it comes to titles and formal designations. Behind the scenes, we have long discussed the embracing such an environment where persistent hard work—energy, passion, prioritization and execution—not only gets rewarded, but one that

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A brief Akron history lesson before the NBA Finals

Will Gibson/WFNY

The NBA Finals begin on Thursday. Finally, we’ll be able to discuss real basketball, and not the other pomp and circumstances we’ve been debating for a week. But while I have your attention, I’d like to talk about the city of Akron just a little while longer. All week, there have been conflicting reports about

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Survey Time: Help improve WFNY!

Cleveland Indians Sports Illustrated

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‘Mad Men’ Finale Predictions: WFNY Roundtable

Mad Men Betty Draper

AMC’s Mad Men has been on the air since 2007, intriguing viewers with the enigmatic Don Draper and tales of his personal and professional exploits. It recreated a compelling and volatile time in American history, and populated that facsimile with engrossing characters whom viewers wanted to follow on their personal journeys throughout the decade. It’s

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What Purpose Do Mock Drafts Serve?

AP Photo/Gail Burton

As each year passes, the idea that there is no offseason in the NFL becomes more true. With the massive media attention devoted to the NFL Draft and free agency, escaping football for even a couple weeks in the year has become difficult, especially in Cleveland, where the product on the field leaves much to

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Hair & Metal: A Farewell to Troy Polamalu

AP Photo/David Zalubowski

That hair. That horrible hair. I swear I would see it in my nightmares. In that last moment right before I woke up in a panic, just before feeling like I was freefalling before realizing I was on Posturepedic terra firma, I would see that long, dark hair flowing out the back of that vile one-decaled

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Baseball is better than football


I did not always feel this way. Football can be addictive. The strategies in having eleven men work together seamlessly in hopes of obtaining a goal can be beautiful to watch, and breaking down the individual components that make plays happen is satisfying to an analytical mind. However, as I have grown older, moved away

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Pete Rose, and HOF eligibility: A Tribe Fan’s Perspective

Pete Rose

Oh, no doubt. It was entirely predictable. It was just a matter of time until momentum began to build, in earnest. Public sentiment for Major League Baseball to restore Hall of Fame eligibility to Pete Rose was bound to reach the tipping point at which we find ourselves today. After all, we are a forgiving

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Cleveland Sports Championship Watch: March 13th

Cleveland Sports

Two weeks ago, WFNY introduced the Championship Watch, a recurring post to update the Northeast Ohioan masses of when their long and agonizing wait for a title will come to an end. WFNY will track the Title Ticker throughout the year, gleaning every insight and nugget of valuable information that can be gleaned from such

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MAC Tournament Tips Off in Cleveland With NCAA Bid on the Line

Mac Tournament Tickets

The 2015 Mid-American Conference Tournament tipped off this week with a slate of first-round games as the quest to earn the league’s automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament and a conference title begins. Quicken Loans Arena, home of the Cleveland Cavaliers, will hosts this years tournament. Central Michigan, which finished the 2013-14 campaign with a 3-15

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So about that open WFNY Indians writer position…


I swear I meant to get to this sooner than the gosh-darn beginning of Spring Training, but life kept getting in the way.  Which, come to think of it, is kind of the point… When I joined WFNY five years ago (FIVE YEARS AGO), I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. I mean that

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Happy Valentine’s Day From WFNY

Kluber header

Running around trying to get everything for the perfect Valentine’s Day? Worse, looking for the right words to entice that young lad or lady into being your valentine at the last minute? WFNY is here to help, along with some of our favorite Cleveland sports figures. Try these cards out and see if your bones

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WFNY is Hiring!

Writing Jobs

At present time, we here at WFNY have two opportunities available for individuals who yearn to be a part of the family. In short order, however, a third entry will be joining the ranks and we’re hoping to get ahead of the curve. While there will be more details soon, we are currently looking for

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