August 18, 2014

Ignatius, Ed’s and North Royalton headline High School Division I playoff wins

Two local mainstays did what they were expected to do in the Division I regional quarterfinals, while a surprising public school team kept doing just that.

St. Ignatius head coach Chuck Kyle won his 300th game as his Wildcats defeated Austintopwn Fitch 35-26 despite a handful of mental mistakes and five total turnovers. Ignatius (10-1) allowed 19 Falcon points in the fourth quarter, but it was quarterback Mike LaManna who — despite having three passes picked off — found wide receiver Rocky Zingale for a 69-yard touchdown to put the game out of reach.

The undefeated Eagles of St. Edward topped the much-discussed Mayfield Wildcats 55-27. St. Ed’s did not know who they would be playing until late this past week due to court injunctions and controversy, but handled the mystery in stride as they scored on their first three drives, putting up 20 points before Mayfield’s point total would even come close to deviating from zero.

And while the top seeds Ed’s and Ignatius held court, it was the North Royalton Bears who upset the previously undefeated Willoughby South, 38-35. South wide receiver Anthony Federico dropped a first-half touchdown pass that would have put the Rebels up by two scores. Instead, it was the Bears, led by quarterback Travis Tarnowski, who rattled off 21 points in the third quarter to close the gap and take the lead in the high-scoring affair.

The St. Ed’s Eagles will face 10-1 Mentor (who defeated Warren G. Harding 45-35) while the North Royalton Bears will face fellow 10-1 St. Ignatius Wildcats in a regional semi-final next weekend.

Oregon High School Football Team Hospitalized

High School football is a pretty big deal in Ohio. (No actual mathematicians were consulted before making that argument.) The Friday night lights shine just as bright in the Buckeye state as they do in Texas. Your local teams are putting the finishing touches on preseason playbooks and getting ready for non-conference action soon. I know I can’t wait for the season to begin.

Having played I can tell you that August practices are no fun. Sweltering heat and the pressure to perform and prove yourself at that young age can be intense. That is one of the reasons when I saw this story about a team in Oregon, I instantly thought the worst.

The McMinnville football team had 19 players come down with the same rare muscle disorder- 10 of which were hospitalized through the weekend. [Read more...]

03/10 Morning Minute: Slowly, But Surely

Sasha Pavlovic 
Though the Cavaliers were able to hold off the Pacers during a snowy weekend game, we’re still looking at a team that desperately needs to get healthy for the home stretch.  Thankfully, good news has come across the wire as Sasha Pavlovic is slated to return this week.  

Fans may hardly have any recollection of anything that Pavlovic has done this season, as a contract issue turned quickly into a mid-foot injury towards the end of January.  It seems like agest since we’ve seen the #3 running the floor, but his return – albeit with a rough season thus far – will be very welcomed. 

This leaves Zydrunas Ilgauskas (back) and Daniel Gibson (ankle) as the final pieces to the puzzle.  Speaking of Ilgauskas, he has recently received an injection in his back and is feeling better.  A mid-March return is still the target, meaning that we’ll need more big games out of Anderson Varejao in the near future.  Gibson, on the other hand, will likely miss the remainder of the March month, making Pavlovic’s return that much more important.

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Congratulations, Dustin Carter

Dustin Carter

While we do not delve in to High School athletics very much here at WaitingForNextYear, I couldn’t pass up discussing the story of Dustin Carter – one that is long overdue.

My roommate in college is now the head wrestling coach at an Ohio school and we had been talking about this weekend, and how the State Tournament would signal an end to his first season as the HC.  While it had been grueling, we have had several chances to discuss Carter. 

For those that are unaware, this 18-year old High School wrestler had both arms and legs amputated at the age of five.   What’s even more amazing is that he is now in the quarterfinals of the coveted State Tournament after going 41-2 this season.

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