Next Up: Indians vs. Rangers in Cleveland

Richard W. Rodriguez/Fort Worth Star-Telegram

First, a two-word, happy summation of the three-game series against the Cincinnati Reds: Sweet sweep! Next come the Texas Rangers for a three-game series to finish up Cleveland’s current six-game homestand. The Indians’ current six-game winning streak began with them taking the final three games of the four played in Chicago against the White Sox

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Is Delly really dirty?

The hardest thing about being involved in high profile games like the playoffs is trying to look objectively at your team. In all honesty, I’m not usually trying to look at the Cavs in an objective fashion at all, except on the rare occasion when an issue arises. Now that there’s a controversy surrounding Cavaliers

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C-Cap Recap: Tribe Sweeps Reds, Wins Sixth Straight

Trevor Bauer doodle, six straight wins

As the Cavaliers inched one step closer to a sweep in the Eastern Conference Finals, their next-door neighbors—those pesky, Dellavedova-like Indians—had already busted out the brooms to move within one win of their own championship hardware. Sure, you may not personally value the “Ohio Cup”—the trophy handed out to the winner of the annual Indians-Reds

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Cavs vs. Hawks Game 3: Behind the Box Score

Cleveland Cavaliers

Atlanta Hawks – 111 Cleveland Cavaliers – 114 Cavs lead series 3-0 Box Score It’s so easy to be a cynic these days. We now have the ability to greet every asserted truth — no matter how slight or insignificant — with skepticism and have the means to support that skepticism. It’s never been easier

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