August 26, 2014

23 Cent Pizzas? Papa John’s Response…

pizzaone.jpgThe verdict is in, at least from Papa John’s corporate office. The pizza chain will donate $10,000 to the Cavaliers Youth Fund (I didn’t know there was such a thing…) and will offer Cleveland residents 23 cent one-topping pizzas on Thursday. In addition, Papa John’s will donate the 23 cents from every pizza sold that night to the charity as well.

The story on says that the Pizza giant offered an apology as well, and it aired on Fox 8 Cleveland Sunday night. The blog that first called attention to the story received an apology in it’s comments from Papa John’s corporate office in Kentucky-


Sorry! // May 4, 2008 at 2:48 pm

I understand your anger about this t-shirt issue at the Washington Wizards/Cleveland Cavaliers game. We here at Papa Johns Pizza in OHIO do not endorse the actions taken at that game. The individuals involved were not in any way associated with the Papa John’s brand here in Ohio. We support the Cleveland Cavaliers and are GREAT fans of LeBron James.” The best news about this incident is that Cleveland won the game and knocked Washington out of the playoffs.

I also share your anger about this. It is the D.C Papa Johns Pizza Franchise who had a very poor marketing campaign. They did this without thinking about the repercussion here in Ohio! [Read more...]