August 26, 2014

02/07 Morning Minute: 19 Action News

Signing DayFirst off, I’m not sure how many fans of this site are still living in the Cleveland area, but today’s front page news regarding Eaton Corp. is pretty huge.  I realize that many people emotionally rebelled against the Jacobs-to-Progressive Field change, but a Fortune 500 company planting roots for years to come in the heart of downtown Cleveland is hopefully a sign of things to come – at least on an economic basis.

Now that I got that out of the way…sports!  The big news around these parts are undeniably regarding the Ohio State University football program.  The 19 new members of the Buckeyes is one of the more impressive classes in recent history for a program that typically does not top the charts in terms of incoming freshmen.  With these fairly big names (and big bodies) locked up for the foreseeable future, all attention turns to Terrelle Pryor – assuming it hadn’t been there from the get-go. 

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