Cavs team age, Dion Waiters interview and quick sports takes … While We’re Waiting

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Let’s talk about age. The Cavaliers are reportedly close to signing 36-year-old Shawn Marion. This is on top of the official signings of 34-year-old Mike Miller and 33-year-old James Jones. And the recent trade for 34-year-old Brendan Haywood. And the possible signing of 39-year-old Ray Allen. Suddenly, the Cavs look kinda old, no? Oh well.

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Cliche Headline: Tribe Dunn In

Russ Canzler

I have to say heading into this three-game series in Chicago, I am conflicted. On one hand is my love for the Indians. Through thick and thin, no matter how negative I have become about them, I bleed Wahoo Red, White, and Blue. The Indians are my clear #1 even though I live in BrownsTown

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White Sox 8 Indians 1: Just One Of Those Games

Jeanmar Gomez

The old adage in baseball is momentum is the next day’s starting pitcher. The beauty of the game of baseball is the you can turn the page after a bad night. The season is a marathon, not a sprint. You can’t get too high or too low after one game. Take last night for example.

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Behold, Masa’s Meatball

If you didn’t get a chance to see it, Adam Dunn’s walk-off home run from Saturday traveled a good distance.  Also, in case you were wondering where the pitch was located, I have good news.  Courtesy of FJM, this screen grab of’s Pitch f/x has the goods, and is definitely deserving of a little attention. 

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Tribe Bullpen: Cooked Well Dunn…Again

Reds 4, Indians 2 (box)  Not even 24 hours after I broke out recent bullpen numbers and mentioned that Adam Dunn walk-off home run from two years ago… Do you want to know what’s crazy?  That game, our left fielder was Todd Hollandsworth – who went 2-for-4 with a home run.  Sadly, we still haven’t

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