August 16, 2014

While We’re Waiting … Browns Hope for First Win, Dion Waiters’ Improvement, Ubaldo Jimenez’s 2012

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I sensationally agree with all of these points about the Brownies: “So the Browns keep losing. The Cincinnati Bengals are coming up in Week Six and they’re not nearly as bad as fans hope they are. As we’re accustomed to, our anti-heroes are finding creative and exhilarating ways to lose, yet the fans who have spent fourteen years saying ‘I just wish they were competitive’ are now complaining even harder about losing (side note: did you really expect the Browns to beat the New York Giants? Really? If yes, why? How? Don’t be dumb.).

But from a fan’s standpoint, what now? You’re upset, sure. You’re a little disappointed, of course. Do we chalk this season up as a failure? Do we complain about virtually everything we can think of? Do we continue to act like the front office enjoys losing? If we do that, I’m going to hate all of you. A lot.” [Kevin Nye/Dawg Pound Daily] [Read more...]

02/09 Morning Minute: Who Is This Guy?

Ira NewblePlease answer this question. Who was that guy wearing the Ira Newble jersey last night? Slashing, hitting the boards, actually finishing strong? While I wish he would produce like this more often, given the injures to the Cavaliers this week, we needed a game like this out of him – and we needed it badly. In 37 strong minutes, Newble gave us 18 points (on 8-of-12 shooting), eight boards and two steals. And more importantly, a Cavaliers win.

Newble’s versatility is finally getting recognized, but it can also be the bane of his existence has he really doesn’t have a clear-cut position. It obviously was the small forward, but we have a guy there that’s pretty good. When asked, Coach Mike Brown admitted that Ira’s more a free-flowing player that adjusts to the game situation as well as his surroundings.

“I have no clue what Ira’s position is,” Brown said. “I just tell him to go play. He’s just playing basketball for us and giving us big minutes.”

Big minutes indeed. Now hopefully, these guys can rest up before the Denver/Orlando back-to-back that will start on Sunday evening.

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