August 26, 2014

Patriots’ Josh McDaniels reportedly withdraws from Browns consideration

is this the last time I get to use this graphic?

Is this the last time I get to use this graphic?

I’ve assumed since the Browns fired Rob Chudzinski that Josh McDaniels was the favorite to be the next coach of the Cleveland Browns. Not to say that McDaniels is necessarily my preference, but his connections to Michael Lombardi seemed all the more indicative that he should be the favorite until I heard otherwise. Well, thanks to Adam Schefter of ESPN, I’ve now heard otherwise.

Peter King also had a quick reaction…

At least they had an “awesome” meeting though, right you guys?!

So, what does this mean? Does this mean that the Browns lost their number one candidate coming into the interview process? The Browns have never admitted missing out on Chip Kelly, so we’ll likely never know for sure. What this means is that the Browns will continue to scour ranks of coordinators and position coaches like Ben McAdoo of the Packers and potentially Adam Gase of the Denver Broncos.

Plenty of successful head coaches have been hired from those ranks, so it’s not necessarily a disaster, but you’ll have a tough time convincing me that one of the Browns’ presumed top options is now unavailable, having followed down the unavailability path of Gus Malzahn.

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NFL News: Brandon Weeden’s thumb won’t require surgery

Good news for those who still have included Brandon Weeden in their plans for the Browns going forward. Adam Schefter reports that Brandon Weeden’s sprained thumb will not require surgery and he could be ready as early as next week. Ready for what, you ask? You’ll have to ask Joe Banner, Michael Lombardi and Rob Chudzinski that question.

This news will obviously be overshadowed by the news of the Cleveland Browns trading Trent Richardson to the Indianapolis Colts. As we’ve also heard, it isn’t like Brandon Weeden is definitely going to be in the Browns’ plans going forward as he’s not been guaranteed his starter spot if and when he returns.

For now, though, we’ll have to assume the availability of the number one quarterback on the depth chart sooner rather than later is a good thing.

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Hooray! NFL Network and ESPN agree not to tip draft picks via Twitter

2013 NFL Draft LogoI was extremely happy to learn that NFL Network and ESPN have decided that they won’t be tipping draft picks via Twitter this week during the NFL draft. Adam Schefter will still be working to break extraordinary news like trades or bold moves, but if there’s just a team sitting in a slot and selecting a guy, Schefter will not be reporting it a minute ahead of time, for example. They’ve also agreed to avoid showing potential draftees on the phone in New York City in order to try and get the pick to the TV audience before it escapes the lips of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. I don’t know if this will work completely to keep from spoiling picks as ESPN and NFL Network can’t control other guys like Jay Glazer who are as plugged in as anyone in the NFL world, but it’s a good idea, I think.

So am I really just advocating for the death of reporting? I don’t think so. I’ve taken the same stance with the NBA draft too, by the way. I just think that while uncovering potential trades and free agency moves is a valuable bit of reporting there’s something really worthless about scooping a live event a mere minute or less before the thing actually happens. If information is measured in value where the amount of time of relevance is determinant of actual value of the piece of info, then info with mere seconds or minutes of “useful” life is decidedly of low value.

All this comes in the same time period where I discussed the value of information on Twitter against the backdrops of the cable news networks with regard to the Boston bombing and subsequent man-hunt. In that case, I prefer the truth and immediacy of Twitter as the events are unfolding. Even taking into account the sheer difference in gravity of the NFL draft and the hunting of a terror suspect, it would seem that what I’m displaying is a hypocritical stance. I guess I’m alright with that in this case. Yes, it takes some work to report on a draft pick before it actually happens, but clearly the entertainment angle is of importance on draft night and shouldn’t be ignored. [Read more...]

NFL News: Doug Marrone agrees to join Bills

If Doug Marrone was considered a target on the Browns’ radar, they better start targeting some other people. Adam Schefter reports that Marrone has agreed to make the short hop down the freeway from Syracuse to Buffalo.

The Chip Kelly Watch continues for Cleveland Browns fans. It sure would be nice to even have high level comments out of the Cleveland Browns, but their vow of silence seems to be holding strong.

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Werder: Mike Holmgren “willing” to coach again

Mike Holmgren stands to double up on salary over the next couple of years due to the fact that he’ll presumably still be cashing checks from someone associated with the Browns between outgoing owner Randy Lerner and new owner Jimmy Haslam. According to Ed Werder of ESPN, Holmgren might be looking for a musical chair on the NFL coaching carousel once the music stops.

And maybe he’ll take Tom Heckert with him. It’s been thought that Tom Heckert could end up wherever Andy Reid ends up, but if Mike Holmgren’s going to end up coaching again, maybe he’s a more natural travel-mate for Tom Heckert.

You have to think that Dallas will be on the list of teams even as Jason Garrett’s job was recently reported as being safe.

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Schefter: McDaniels will not interview for head coaching jobs

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, New England’s Josh McDaniels will not be interviewing for head coaching vacancies.

McDaniels had been linked to the Browns as a possible head coaching candidate. He was previously a head coach in Denver.

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Schefter: Browns Add New Executive VP Brent Stehlik

ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting this morning that the Browns have named former San Diego Padres VP Brent Stehlik as executive VP and chief revenue officer.

Schefter also reports the Browns are searching for a bright young offensive mind and college coaches Chip Kelly and Bill O’Brien from Oregon and Penn State respectively are on the radar

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NFL Report: Joe Haden out for Cowboys game

After not practicing all week, Browns star cornerback Joe Haden was likely a doubtful player in today’s game at Dallas. This morning, ESPN’s Adam Schefter has the latest report on his status due to his lingering oblique injury:

Expect possible big games now for Miles Austin and Dez Bryant as Tony Romo’s main passing targets this game. All-Pro tight end Jason Witten also could make some more big plays over the middle. After entering the day as 7.5-point underdogs, this only hurts the Browns chances as the 2-7 road team today.

Update at 11:45 a.m. – The official Cleveland Browns Twitter account just sent out all of the inactives for today’s game:

Nothing too surprising in this update. Obviously, Haden’s loss is the biggest as the Browns are 0-4 without him this year and have allowed 10 of their 17 opposing passing TDs in those four games.

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Schefter: Browns Do Not Expect to Trade McCoy

Despite initial reports following the selection of Brandon Weeden in the NFL Draft first round, the Browns now are not expecting to trade Colt McCoy. This comes from ESPN’s Adam Schefter, who reported this news Saturday afternoon shortly after the start of day three of the draft:

We’ll keep you updated soon with all of the latest. Certainly, this makes a lot of sense to us, as McCoy seems like a much more feasible backup and/or immediate competitor to Weeden as opposed to returning backup Seneca Wallace.

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NFL Free Agency: Browns will not pursue Peyton Manning

Browns GM Tom Heckert spoke to media today and said what everyone pretty much already knew. The Browns will not be pursuing Peyton Manning.

“Not really,” said Heckert in an informal meeting with the media today. “That’s probably not a direction we’re going to go.”

While that is about as unsurprising as anything Heckert could have said today to the press, it is nice to hear it out loud. Of course this also ignores the other obvious side of the equation that would indicate that Peyton Manning would also presumably be looking for a different “direction” than the Cleveland Browns.

So the lottery wheel spins, just not in Cleveland. Deadspin pointed out yesterday that pretty much every team in the NFL had some kind of internet talk about “what if” regarding their NFL team and Peyton Manning. I took a slight bit of enjoyment out of the fact that they had to go to the Bleacher Report to find anyone talking “seriously” about the Browns and Peyton Manning.

Even when we discussed it back in January after Adam Schefter uttered “Browns” and “Peyton Manning” in the same sentence it was with a severe level of skepticism that it even had potential worth discussing.

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NFL Rumor: Browns to Pursue Peyton Manning?

I know that is one heck of a headline, right?  Thanks to Adam Schefter talking to Mike and Mike this morning on ESPN radio Browns fans can dream about Peyton Manning taking over the Browns offense next year.  So, what, exactly could this all be about?

The Colts have fired the Polian family from their front office.  The team hasn’t made a decision regarding their head coach Jim Caldwell as of yet.  They have the number 1 pick in the upcoming NFL draft and QB phenom Andrew Luck is staring them in the face.  Peyton Manning is rehabbing a neck injury where he had vertebrae fused together and he is 35 years old.  He is also due a $28 million (MILLION) roster bonus in March.  The Colts are at a crossroads.

Do they cut Peyton Manning?  Obviously the team could move forward next season without Manning and with Andrew Luck by simply cutting Manning and his gaudy salary.  The Manning family is kind of involved and over-bearing sometimes.  Archie is already on record about Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck sharing the same roster.  Archie makes Brad McCoy look like a sheepish little mouse. [Read more...]

Controversies Sell Better Than Corrections

Thanks to the quiet of the bye week in Browns town, the Peyton Hillis “story” was big news all week long.  It cluttered the airwaves at 92.3 WFAN and even Adam the Bull couldn’t help but say that teams should keep stuff like this “in house” but that he was glad they didn’t because it was good for his afternoon drive-time show with Dustin Fox.  You can certainly debate whether or not it was good for his show, but there is little doubt that it was all around a bad week for Browns fans as an unnecessary potential wedge was being driven between Browns fans and Peyton Hillis.  All of it began with a report from Adam Schefter about alleged “whispers in the Browns locker room.”

You may or may not believe me, but I honestly didn’t want to talk about any of the Peyton Hillis stuff.  I didn’t think it was much of a story.  We’ve been through this before with beloved players like Josh Cribbs.  We love Browns players, but we love the Cleveland Browns team even more.  When that team is seemingly at odds financially with a player, it is a sticky situation.  Everyone would be better off if we just acted like Tom Heckert and only discussed these things after deals are completed.  That’s obviously unrealistic, but now we’re finding out so were Adam Schefter’s reports. [Read more...]

Schefter: Browns Sign Brandon Jackson to 2-Year $4.5 Million Deal

The Browns still haven’t made a giant splash in free agency, but they have added some very important running back depth.  Adam Schefter tweets that the Browns have signed Jackson to a 2-year deal worth $4.5 million.  That isn’t a lot of money for a 25-year old running back who had over 1000 yards between running and receiving last season with the Packers as he filled in for the injured Ryan Grant.

So, the Browns now have Brandon Jackson to go along with Peyton Hillis, Montario Hardesty, Owen Marecic, and Mike Bell. Regardless of Hardesty’s health, it is good to have options at running back. It never seems like you can have enough in the NFL, especially with a Madden Curse hanging over your head.***

Now, if you would like to see a meaningless highlight of Brandon Jackson running behind an army of blockers, here you go.  [Read more...]

Twitter Explodes Between Cleveland and Adam Schefter Over LeBron

Adam Schefter Twitter PicOnce upon a time on a slow slow news day ESPN’s Gene Wojciechowski (Gene W because I can’t type that again) decided to suggest that LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh could do something historic this upcoming off-season.  He suggested that the three of them split the New York Knicks’ estimated $33 million in salary cap space to create a mega-superstar-triumvirate dynastic superteam in NYC.  When there is no actual news, ESPN sometimes likes to create some with an opinion piece plastered right on the center of the front page.  And I guess it isn’t that bad of an idea because I am sitting here typing about it as we speak.  So, when and how does this involve Adam Schefter?

It all started kind of innocently with ESPN’s NFL Insider.  He retweeted a post by Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell1) that said,

“N.Y.’s gearing up for LeBron. RT @darrenrovell1: Knicks 2010/11 tickets went on presale last Thursday. Sold a record 770 so far.”

As you might guess, that opened up the floodgates of Clevelanders who had probably already gotten riled up by Gene W’s piece on the ESPN front page.  Shortly after the LeBron comment, Schefter followed it up by saying:

“Some VERY sensitive people when it comes to LeBron. RT @ToddCHartman: GET A LIFE! LEBRON IS NOT LEAVING CLEVELAND.”

And then the floodgates REALLY flew open. [Read more...]

Even More on Mike Holmgren, Other Candidates

Holmgren Czar RedESPN’s Adam Schefter spent much of his Sunday morning documenting the situation in Berea, Ohio as the Browns look to figure out this whole front office issue that has plagued them for the last 10 seasons.  Former Seahawk coach Mike Holmgren continues to be the name that tops the rumored list of one Randy Lerner, but there is still plenty to figure out if and when a decision is made.

The OBR’s John Taylor not only discusses the potential addition of Holmgren, but also lists a few others that Lerner may turn to if Moustache Mike opts to avoid the Browns situation like the plague that it may be.  Those wondering when a decision will be made may have to wait, however.  Lerner has reportedly set a soft target date of late November.  But instead of rushing into a decision, most can agree that it would be best to get this one right. [Read more...]