August 26, 2014

Kluber trailing in All-Star Game Balloting with one day remaining

Corey Kluber is among the five finalists to be added to the AL All-Star roster via fan vote, but so far things aren’t looking great, despite Terry Francona’s best efforts.

Here’s the national vote:

AL All Star Voting

Kluber has garnered 11.3% of the vote nationally, which only proves that people haven’t read enough about DIPS, FIP, and the wonders BABiP.

Ohio looks to be well-represented among the Klubots, but the national battle appears to be coming down to Chicago’s Chris Sale and Detroit’s Rick Porcello.

To vote now, visit Also, here’s some inspiration before you go-go. Let’s make this happen:




Video: Best of Kyrie Irving’s All-Star performance

The NBA put out a Phantom cam video from All-Star game MVP Kyrie Irving’s performance on Sunday night.

Irving scored 31 points, missing only three shots, while amassing 14 assists. The video does not show any of his helpers.

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MLB News: Francisco Lindor continues to play well in Carolina (Video)

Cleveland Indians prospect Francisco Lindor was instrumental in the Carolina League’s All-Star game 12-2 romp over the California league earlier this week.

Lindor, batting second and starting at shortstop for the Carolina League team, had two at-bats which include the two-run double above and a walk.

The 19-year-old shortstop has certainly held his own during his first taste of High-A ball with the Carolina Mudcats, tallying slash line of .300/.375/.400 with one homer run and 23 RBI, and 18 stolen bases… all while playing MLB–caliber defense. While he is still several years away from making an impact with the big league squad, his progress since being selected in the first round of 2011 is promising.

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Carlos Santana and Mark Reynolds are third in AL All-Star voting at their positions

Major League Baseball released the first update for All-Star balloting. Two Indians placed among the leaders at their respective positions.

Catcher Carlos Santana is third in the voting with 547,873 votes, trailing first place vote getter Joe Mauer (863,450) and Baltimore’s Matt Wieters (715,055).

Mark Reynolds (452,708) is also third at designated hitter, trailing David Ortiz (1,045,283) and Texas’ Lance Berkman (672,547).

Voting can be done online at or at the ballpark.

Detroit manager Jim Leyland will be the coach of this year’s AL squad. Perhaps that bodes well for the Indians, who have had success against the Tigers this year. It seems unlikely that any of the team will be voted in by the fans, which means the reserve spots will be selected by Leyland and the fan vote for the last player in.

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Quicken Loans Arena could see giant HD scoreboard upgrade

Dan Gilbert took in the All-Star festivities in Houston this weekend. One thing that was sure to grab his attention was the giant video screen scoreboard.

Gilbert has spent over $40 million for arena improvements since taking over the team, but isn’t done. Improving cell reception in the Q has been the priority this season, but improving the scoreboard has been on his mind as well. Things could be moving forward in that project according to Jason Llyod-

“Cavs owner Dan Gilbert wants to replace the scoreboard inside the Q with a larger, high-definition model similar to the massive 25-foot by 58-foot Panasonic scoreboard inside the Toyota Center that was on display during All-Star weekend.

Houston’s scoreboard is the largest high-definition viewing screen in a North America arena and is considered perhaps a rebuttal to the 72-foot by 160-foot scoreboard down the road in Cowboys Stadium in Dallas.

Gilbert said he’d like to have a new scoreboard in place “hopefully in the next year or two.” It’s one of a number of changes he envisions coming to the arena, both inside and outside. With his new casino just steps away from the Q, Gilbert has visions of reworking the adjacent streets and giving the area a feeling similar to Times Square in New York City.

The entire Toyota Center project, which included upgraded Wi-Fi, a new control room to run the video screen and game presentation upgrades, cost about $15 million.The scoreboard could help the Cavs’ chances of landing a future All-Star game. Gilbert said this weekend his goal is to bring the game to Cleveland in either 2016 or 2017.”

For a look at just how big that scoreboard in Houston is, click here.

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Jim Bowden: Cleveland’s Kipnis, Cabrera are likely AL All-Stars

Sure, the MLB All-Star Game is still about a month away, but that doesn’t mean we can’t begin speculating about the possible Cleveland All-Stars this season. For starters,’s Jim Bowden has him complete roster projection online today (insider). On his AL All-Star bench are two Indians infielders:

Second base: Jason Kipnis, Cleveland Indians; Ian Kinsler, Texas Rangers
The former Arizona State Sun Devil has demonstrated speed and power and perhaps the most consistent second baseman in the league…Kinsler edges out Dustin Pedroia, but if Pedroia gets hot over the next couple of weeks after returning to the Red Sox lineup he could edge out Kinsler.

Shortstop: Asdrubral Cabrera, Cleveland Indians
Cabrera leads all shortstops in OPS and highlight film plays edging out Baltimore’s J.J. Hardy and Texas’ Elvis Andrus.

Certainly, Kipnis (.279/.340/.447) and Cabrera (.296/.385/.468) are having impressive seasons and likely are worthy of the bid at this point in time. I doubt however that both will make it. Another name to, consider is closer Chris Perez, ye of 2.70 ERA and 19 consecutive saves since his Opening Day blunder.

It’s pretty clear that the Indians’ stars won’t be getting the necessary fan votes to start in the game, so my guess is we’ll likely have no more than two players total competing in Kansas City on July 10. The rosters will be unveiled initially on July 1, with final voting for a last player in each league taking place from July 1-5.

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Asdrubal Cabrera Leads Indians in All-Star Voting

With the MLB releasing its first wave of All-Star balloting results, Cleveland Indians shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera is currently the team’s leading vote-getter.

Slotting in right behind New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter, the 25-year-old, switch-hitting Cabrera has recevied nearly 700,000 votes to date despite playing in one of the lesser-attended parks early in the 2011 season.   Fueled by a surging start, Cabrera is among the league’s best at his position in home runs (10), OPS (.868) and WAR (1.8).  His hitting, mostly out of the two-hole, is a large reason for the team’s surprising place in the standings as the calendar turns to June.

Other Indians receiving recognition at their respective positions among American League peers are Carlos Santana (fourth), Orlando Cabrera (fourth), Travis Hafner (fourth), Grady Sizemore (eighth), and Shin-Soo Choo (twelfth).  If voting were to end today, six members of the New York Yankess would be in the starting lineup, including the aforementioned Jeter.  [Read more...]

Daniel Gibson Will Take His Shot, But Should He?

The All-Star break for the members of this year’s Cavalier team is all about rest, as opposed to participating in the festivities. Except for one Cavalier: Daniel Gibson who will be taking part in the 3 point shoot-out. We know that Daniel deserves to be there, his .443 shooting percentage from behind the arc is 5th best in the league, and 3rd best in the league for players with more than 150 triples attempted.

The question I have isn’t about Gibson deserving to be there, but rather should he participate given his injury troubles this year?

Perhaps I’m just too much of a team-first guy, but it seems that Daniel has struggled to stay on the court this season, and could use the full 5 days of rest the Cavaliers are scheduled for.

Yes, the three point contest is not like playing in an actual game, where there is a higher chance for an ankle to be rolled or a foot to be stepped on. Gibson though has been troubled lately with a quad strain. Last time I checked the quad was certainly used in the jump shooting motion. And it isn’t just about the 20 or 40 shots he may take in the contest. On the Cavaliers’ official site there is video of Daniel practicing for the contest. How many more times will he practice? How many shots will he take in preparation for the event? [Read more...]

Boobie Gibson to Represent Cleveland in Foot Locker Three-Point Contest

The Cleveland Cavaliers will have a representative in Los Angeles during the All-Star weekend as Daniel Gibson will be one of six participants in the Foot Locker Three-Point Contest.

Taking place on February 19, Gibson will square off against Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Dorell Wright, James Jones and Kevin Durant.  Presently, Gibson is 10thin the NBA in three-point percentage (.439) and is fifthamong those withat least 150 attempts.  Due to missing several games with various injuries, Gibson ranks 27th in the league overall in terms of three-pointers made.

Golden State’s Wright leads all NBA players with 124 three-pointers made with  Boston’s Allen coming in third with 115. [Read more...]

An All-Star Rant

I went on a bit of a twitter rampage the other day. It started because of this message that ESPN’s Bill Simmons sent out-

Yeah!!!! Four days in Kansas City in mid-July when it’s 110 degrees!!!!! Who’s in???

It was in reference to this piece of news, that Kansas City had been awarded the 2012 MLB All-Star game. As was stated in the article, the game had been promised to Kansas City voters by Bud Selig if they passed a piece of 2006 legislation for improvements to both Kaufman and Arrowhead stadiums. The event is projected to bring $70 million dollars to downtown Kansas City.

So, am I to surmise that Simmons was really just upset about it being hot at the All-Star game? Of course not. Buried in that sarcasm is the underlying reality that Boston had been pushing for the 2012 game because it is the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park. Nevermind that the AS game was just there in 1999. Now, he also argued that the game should have gone to one of the new parks- [Read more...]

East All-Stars 141, West All-Stars 139: Yep, They Played.

James All StarAn All-Star Game recap? Really? Well, how about just a LeBron recap. That seems more appropriate for us…

The game went exactly as you thought it would. A whole lot of offense- and by offense I mean dunks and alley-oops, and very little defense. Don’t look at someone’s steal totals and think that they played defense during the game. LeBron had 4 steals, but most of those were of the “Aren’t we allowing easy passes in this one” kind of steals. Like all the sudden changing the rules and playing defense kind of steals. Anyways, you don’t watch these for the defense anyway. Which is sort of a shame. I’d kind of like to see what these guys could do if they were really trying to defend each other.

LeBron finished with 25 points on 10 of 22 shots. He also had 6 assists, 5 rebound and those 4 steals. He played the most minutes of anyone on the East squad, and finished with the top +/- number of +14. The MVP went to Dwyane Wade who had 28 points on 12 of 16 shooting. He also had 11 assists and 5 steals. For the record Wade was the right choice. He was more efficient on offense. LeBron struggled to find his shot from outside the paint. It didn’t help that a few times he was trying to shoot over Dirk Nowitzki. James finished the game 2 for 12 outside the paint. Those just aren’t MVP numbers. [Read more...]

NBA All-Star Game Open Thread

AllStar and OlympicsLeBron looks to take over JERRYWORLD tonight at in Arlington, starting for the East All-Stars along with Dwight Howard, Kevin Garnett, Dwayne Wade, and Vince Carter Joe Johnson? (WHO THE HECK KNOWS, TUNE IN TO FIND OUT!). Follow along here if you please.

I’ll be updating any new trade news that comes out tonight here as well.

If you have anything to say about the Olympics (like how awesome the finish to the nordic combined race was – HINT: VERY VERY AWESOME), feel free to discuss here as well.

Happy Sunday night, folks.

While We’re Waiting… QB Competition, Dez Bryant and Jamario Moon

Mike HolmgrenWhile We’re Waiting serves as the early morning gathering (even on the weekends) of WFNY-esque information for your viewing pleasure. Have something else you think we should see? Send it to our tips email at

Digging into Holmgren’s comments about the QB position for the Browns: “Citing the fact that he isn’t a ‘big believer in that competition stuff,’ he stressed that the team’s mind better be made up before camp in order to let camp run through one true starting quarterback, something so many Browns coaches, including Eric Mangini, have not handled well in the past.” [Steve Dimatteo/Dawg Pound Daily]

Pluto is talkin’ about draft picks and the NFL off-season in your Sunday paper: “The Browns would like to add another running back via free agency or the draft. They are not sure what they have in James Davis or Chris Jennings, because both played so little. Yes, they showed some flashes of talent, but Harrison was hurt most of training camp and early in the regular season with a knee problem.” [Terry Pluto/Cleveland Plain Dealer]
[Read more...]

Third Time’s the Charm – Mo Williams Finally an All Star

First, it was a shamockery. Then, it was preposterageous.

Now? Well, now it’s:


Yep, I made that up myself. It’s part forunate, part opportunistic, and ALL JUSTICE.

After a knee injury has claimed the All Star participation of Toronto’s Chris Bosh, the Cavaliers’ Mo Williams was named as Bosh’s All Star replacement. While obvisouly we don’t like to see guys go down with an injury, and of course the fact that Mo Williams is only going to the All Star Game because TWO guys have gone down with them, it is still nice to finally see Williams getting some recognition for his strong season and his importance to the Cavaliers.

What say you, Cavs fans? Redemption? Or too little, too late?

Cavs’ Williams gets spot after all []

While We’re Waiting…

While We’re Waiting aims to be the round-up of the recent WFNY-esque information for your morning viewing.  Have something you think we should see?  Send it to our tips email in the sidebar.

I like the guy, but somehow I struggle to believe this: “There’s still offers out there, but I’m not entertaining anything right now,” [Former Browns center LeCharles] Bentley said. “I’ve lived the NFL dream, better than 90 percent of the guys have ever lived it.” As for playing again, Bentley said, “I play football every day, I’ve got three boys. That’s what I’m doing now.” [Marla Ridenour/ABJ]

[Read more...]

Good Showing Grady

grady2.jpgI have to admit, I wasn’t sure how Grady was going to do in the Home Run contest. He isn’t really the kind of guy you think of when you ponder this event. Grady surprised me, not just because of how many home runs he hit, but how far he was able to drive the ball. Grady hit 6 homers, and about 4 more that would have been out if they managed to stay fair. His longest traveled 448 feet. Have you ever seen Grady hit a ball that fair?

When he finished I thought it really didn’t matter if he made the finals or not, he had put up a good number. To be completely honest, I was hoping that 6 wouldn’t stand up. You see guys wreck their swings by trying too hard in that contest. I believe it’s called pulling an Abreu. He didn’t make it out of the first round, but hey- he’s a lead-off hitter!

No Shortage of LaPorta Coverage

laportahodges.JPGCleveland’s newest acquisition on display at MLB’s Futures game, and all over the web.

There is a video on the Indians team site that you should watch if you are an Indians fan. MLB sent a camera crew to follow Matt LaPorta and capture his experience at the Futures game in New York. If you aren’t familiar with the game don’t feel too bad, it’s only been around for 10 years now.

The game is supposed to showcase the brightest talent in the minors, and all the teams (Major League teams that is) are supposed to be represented. Former participants include Grady Sizemore, Victor Martinez, Michael Aubrey, Josh Barfield, Fausto Carmona, Ryan Garko, Andy Marte, Adam Miller and CC Sabathia. (Irony, no?) You can now add the names of Matt LaPorta, Wes Hodges and Hector Rondon to the list of Indians that have played in the game. (Rondon is a pitcher at single A Kinston.) [Read more...]

Cliff Lee: Your AL All-Star Starting Pitcher

Cliff Lee

While there was an inking of thought that Anaheim’s Joe Saunders and his 12 wins would be starting for the AL squad in the upcoming All-Star game, a report at Sports Illustrated gives the nod to our very own Cliff Lee.  And deservedly so.

Cliff Lee, who had to fight for a job in Cleveland’s rotation this spring, will be the starting pitcher for the AL, the Post reported. Lee is 11-1 with a 2.26 ERA.

He’ll go against Arizona’s Brandon Webb, who will be playing in his third consecutive All-Star game and getting his first starting assignment. [Read more...]