ESPN, Steph Curry, LeBron James and the over-covered athlete

LeBron James Steph Curry

Just because Steph Curry is a nemesis to the rest of the league doesn’t mean ESPN shouldn’t give players like him and LeBron James all the coverage they can.

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Wizard World Comic Con plus Blame Ray Farmer! – WFNY Podcast No. 466

Cleveland Browns GM Ray Farmer

We used to joke about the Indians with Blame Branyan, but now we just blame Ray Farmer!

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The Trade of Anderson Varejao with Chris Clem – WFNY Podcast No. 464

Jason Miller / Getty Images

Comedian Chris Clem is talking about the Cleveland Cavaliers and tells you why nobody will eat dinner with Delly anymore.

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Double Agent? Anderson Varejao doesn’t call screen, Steph Curry gets nailed

Anderson Varejao Warriors

Andy is loyal.

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Still reflecting on Anderson Varejao: While We’re Waiting…


Looking back one last time on Anderson Varejao’s legacy in Cleveland that he leaves behind.

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Goodbye Anderson Varejao and Serial Season 2 – WFNY Podcast No. 461

Anderson Varejao Cavs

The Anderson Varejao experience in Cleveland has presumably come to an end and it’s simply the worst. We talk about that, plus WWE, Jack & Jack and Serial Season 2.

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Anderson Varejao agrees to terms with Golden State Warriors

Anderson Varejao Cleveland Cavaliers Cavs

Queue up all your analogies. It appears that Anderson Varejao will soon be wearing blue and gold.

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Anderson Varejao pens a Thank You letter to Cleveland, Cavs fans

Anderson Varejao Instagram Thank You

Anderson Varejao penned a thoughtful thank you letter to Cleveland and Cavs fans across the world.

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Throwback: Watch Anderson Varejao’s game-winning three against the Hawks (Video)

Anderson Varejao game-winning 3-pointer

Anderson Varejao hit a game-winning three-pointer once. Let’s watch it as we mourn the trading of a fan favorite.

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Tracking Cleveland Indians excitement plus goodbye Anderson Varejao: While We’re Waiting…

Cleveland Indians Zach Walters

Charting Cleveland Indians attendance over days spent in first place as well as a discussion about Anderson Varejao.

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Where the Wild Things Aren’t: Bulls-Cavs, Behind the Box Score

Cleveland Cavaliers Behind the Box Score.

It was a bittersweet day for Cleveland Cavaliers fans as they lost a favorite, but beat the daylights out of a division rival.

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Farewell, Wild Thing

Anderson Varejao Cavs

Andy gave himself to the game, and that’s what people who love basketball love about people who love basketball. He will be missed.

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Stein: Cavs have offered Varejao for Channing Frye

Channing Frye

The Cavs have reportedly offered Anderson Varejao to the Orlando Magic for Channing Frye.

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Impressions from Cavs-Hawks in Cincinnati

John Minchillo/AP Photo

Richard Jefferson dunked on a 7-footer, LeBron took a selfie, Mo and J.R. sank some shots, and the Cavs reserves made it close down the stretch.

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Allow them to reintroduce themselves

Mo Williams Cleveland Cavaliers

Last year’s Wine and Gold Scrimmage was about meeting the Cavs for the first time. The 2015 version was about saying hello all over again.

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Cavs Training Camp Daily: Jumpshot James ’16

James Jones Cleveland Cavaliers Training Camp

On Champ’s leadership, Andy’s health, and Tristan’s contract.

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A little less tension this time around

Kevin Love Kyrie Irving LeBron James Cavs Media Day 2015

WFNY’s dispatch from this year’s festivities.

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Convalescing Cavs: Irving, Love, Mozgov, Varejao all expected to be ready for training camp

Ron Schwane/AP

A fully healthy team of basketball players? You don’t say.

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Beyond money, Sasha Kaun is interested in winning with the Cavaliers


You can’t teach height. That’s not only one of the most hackneyed basketball cliches known to human kind, it’s also absolutely 100% true. The Cavaliers could always use some more height, thus the signing of Kendrick Perkins for the stretch run a season ago. As Perkins still sits unsigned in NBA free agency, the Cavaliers

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A Cavs fan coming to grips with rooting for a Super Team

Cleveland Cavaliers Big Three

You go to sleep one day with an awful Cleveland Cavaliers team in your town and you wake up some weeks later to a so-called super team. That’s what happened last year for Cleveland after LeBron James wrote his fateful letter in Sports Illustrated. He and Kyrie Irving formed the first two pieces of what

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