August 26, 2014

The Illusion of Overnight Success – Part 2 – Bengals

Yesterday, some accused me of being selective in selecting the 49ers as an example of why “overnight success” is an illusion in the NFL.  Some challenged me to take on the Bengals.  So, here we are.  I am going to tell you why the Bengals are not an “overnight success.”

I didn’t consider the Bengals in the same category as the Browns or 49ers because they have had the same coach for years. They plugged in a new rookie QB and #1 wide receiver this year in Andy Dalton and AJ Green. Those two have certainly performed better than I expected (Dalton more than Green.)  But again, their coach, Marvin Lewis, has been in place since 2003. The basic fundamental systems have been in place. Let’s look at the key players.

Center Kyle Cook is in his fourth year with the team. Despite disappointing the team for his draft spot, Andre Smith is in his third season and is playing right tackle. Left tackle Andrew Whitworth is in his sixth season with the team. They have one rookie on the offensive line with guard Clint Boling.  The other guard Nate Livings is in his sixth year with the team and third year as a full-time starter.  Tight end Gresham is in his second year with the team.  Wide receivers Simpson and Caldwell are in their fourth. Cedric Benson is in his fourth year as a Bengal.  Running back Bernard Scott is in his third.  His backup Brian Leonard is in his third with the team.   Peko and Geathers on the d-line have been in Cincy running the same defense for six and eight years respectively. MLBs Rey Maualuga and Dan Skuta are in their third seasons with the Bengals. Fanene is in his seventh season with the team. [Read more...]

Trading Down Looking Better by the Day

alex-mack-jersey1Chris Rock has a bit where he throws digs at people who want to be rewarded for things that they’re supposed to do.  He uses lines like “I take care of my kids,” or “I ain’t never been in jail.”  I always think of that bit when I talk about how the Browns should be given a pat on the back for having all of their rookies in camp before August 1st.

But the more and more I look at it, having Alex Mack, Brian Robiske and Mohamed Massaquoi all in camp by day one was quite the feat.  Look around the league.  If the Browns would have stuck with their fifth-overall pick, sure they may have wound up with a player that has more potential (and star power) than Mack, but would said player be in camp as we near the first week of the preseason?

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NFL Trade Rumors: Braylon Edwards, Again?

braylon edwards dropA lot of you will likely see Braylon Edwards’ mug on the front page of Yahoo! Sports today, claiming that “sources” are pointing to him being traded to the New York Giants.  If you dig a bit within the story, Jason Cole discusses the Giants’ desire to replace the recently-released Plaxico Burress with someone of Edwards’ skill set.  Couple this with Edwards possibly not wanting to play for Eric Mangini – especially beyond next season – and we may have a story.  May.

Cole then goes on to site a Plain Dealer article that was published on March 23rd, approximately one day after the story was made free over at The Orange and Brown Report.  So, essentially what Yahoo! is deciding to make “news” today is actually a regurgitation of month-old rumors that have been shot down.

Is this to say that Edwards will not be traded?  Not at all.  If the likelihood of the wide receiver not signing an extension increases, as will the trade talks.  You can bet that George Kokinis is exploring all options that are available as he looks to acquire more draft picks for this year and possibly next.

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While We’re Waiting… Could LeBron AND Braylon be in Cleveland After 2010?

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Mind you, this is coming out of New York: “Cleveland never seems to have the best player in any sport. Well, almost never; the one and only time it happened was when the Browns flaunted Jim Brown. So now, not only do the Cavs have the best player — he’s from Akron!  He’s local!  In modern times, even going back nearly 45 years, it’s unprecedented that an NBA team’s luminary grew up in the vicinity.  [...]  For the life of me, I cannot fathom anything the Knicks (space prohibits me from cluttering conjecture with other pretenders) can offer a performer of James’ upper crust that would make him leave Cleveland — other than basketball’s most grandiose stage.”  [Peter Vescey/New York Post]

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