Joe Banner, the 3-4 versus the 4-3 and agent Jimmy Sexton

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One of the scariest things for Browns fans in the transition from Mike Holmgren to Joe Banner was Banner’s decision to switch defenses. It isn’t that Cleveland Browns fans have that much of a preference, other than they have a preference against switching schemes all the time. You know, continuity and all that? The Browns

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If Rob Chudzinski is fired, it’s just another Browns embarrassment

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I could sit here and break down what happened in the Steelers game, but I have no interest in doing that. The only thing on my mind right now is what an embarrassment the Cleveland Browns organization continues to be with today’s “one-and-done” rumors involving Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski. Granted nothing has happened yet,

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Browns fans predict the team will go 9-7 in 2013


Browns fans are an optimistic bunch, at least collectively. When you add up the results of our survey, it yields a 9-7 prediction. (Game-by-game results are listed below.) That’s probably a bit too confident for my tastes. I’ve said all along that eight wins should be the goal for the team if they are able

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Haslam: Browns scouting staff will all be retained

One of the biggest concerns about the Browns during the transition is what would happen to the draft if Tom Heckert was let go. This morning the Browns confirmed that they were parting ways with Heckert, so that asked the obvious question about how the Browns would be prepared for the draft. Now, we have

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While We’re Waiting…Vick and Andy Reid as Browns, Playoff Scenarios


While We’re Waiting serves as the early morning gathering of WFNY-esque information for your viewing pleasure. Have something you think we should see? Send it to our tips email at “With four games left to play, the Browns are notmathematically eliminated from the playoffs yet!!! Let me say right off the bat that I

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Jason Whitlock: Andy Reid is “a moron” for not running more against Browns

I can’t say that I wouldn’t be unhappy with Andy Reid’s play selection Sunday if I were an Eagles fan. It’s interesting to read such fallout for the coaches of the winning team. Leave it to Whitlock to resort to name-calling. At some point that probably detracts from credibility in most people’s minds. In a

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What Would it Cost for Matt Flynn if He is Franchised?


One of the options for the Browns this off-season should they choose to address quarterback in free agency is Matt Flynn.  Flynn has only started two NFL games as Aaron Rodgers’ backup, but his most recent start was a record-setting performance that set the world abuzz.  That can tend to happen when you throw for

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While We’re Waiting…Santana Saves Cleveland, New Browns Duds and More Shurmur

While We’re Waiting serves as the early morning gathering of WFNY-esque information for your viewing pleasure. Have something you think we should see? Send it to our tips email at If you don’t often join us for weekend coverage (and why not?) we’re happy to be back after a crazy Thursday and Friday in

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Andy Reid, Donovan McNabb Talk Pat Shurmur

Still not sold on Pat Shurmur?  Well, until the wins and losses start accumulating, cast your agendas to the side as all we have to go by are numbers and the thoughts from those who are respected across the league. An hour or so ago, we heard from Shurmur’s former team, the St. Louis Rams.

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Browns Coaching Rumors: Mangini, Mornhinweg, Rob Ryan and Rooney

Apparently Eric Mangini hasn’t been fired over night, but it is clearly open season for talking about the Browns coaching job.  Who am I kidding?  It has been open season for most people for the last few weeks.  Let’s discuss the swirling talk. Terry Pluto wrote his post-game article and all but said that the

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Holmgren Speaks About Heckert’s Role with Browns

The official announcement regarding Tom Heckert becoming the Cleveland Browns general manager came yesterday afternoon.  And while Heckert will meet the Cleveland media this afternoon, Browns president Mike Holmgren took to the telephone to announce the move and answer a few preliminary questions about the state of the team. The biggest focal point of yesterday’s conference

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