August 26, 2014

WFNY Podcast – 2013-01-17 – Craig and TD talking Browns

WFNY Podcast LogoI honestly can’t remember much of what TD and I discussed, but we did it for an hour. We must have talked about something. I think it was related to the Browns. I decided to skim through it so I could give you a good summary, so here’s what we talked about…

  • Watching big games… alone or with a big party?
  • Penultimate vs. Ultimate (hint: penultimate is the second to last…)
  • Accidentally yelling at my kid during a Steelers game and having him tell on me to my wife
  • Brad Seely and why hasn’t he gotten a head coaching opportunity
  • The Core Four
  • Quinton Spears and TD’s deep knowledge of the Browns’ roster
  • Sniping in the Miami locker room
  • The acidic nature of the Indians locker room last year
  • Manny Acta and how nice a dude he was (TD is an apologist)
  • Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson and the changing of the QB guard
  • Art Modell, the hall of fame and Cleveland’s reaction to it
  • Dan Gilbert and his public persona as an NBA owner
  • Cable news and the ability to not watch
  • The Bengals and the fact that they made the playoffs again despite the fact that nobody thought they could make it
  • Tribe fest


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Ray Lewis Speaks on Almost Being a Brown

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis is now 35-years old.  He has made the Pro Bowl 11 times in his career and has been an All-Pro nine times.  Winning the NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year Award twice, Lewis was also the first linebacker to win the Super Bowl MVP on the winning team.  A controversial career without a doubt, but since coming into the league, Lewis has been one of the most dominating players to take the field each and every Sunday.

And he could have been a member of Cleveland Browns.

Drafted with a first-round pick in the inaugural draft back in 1996, the Baltimore Ravens selected Lewis 26th overall.  And though he was in college at the time time of the infamous Browns relocation, 14 years have passed and Lewis still understands what could have been. [Read more...]

While We’re Waiting… Cavs in Transition, LeBron’s Chasedown Blocks, and Tribe’s Futures

While We’re Waiting serves as the early morning gathering of WFNY-esque information for your viewing pleasure. Have something you think we should see? Send it to our tips email at

90043133AB018_Cavs_WarriorsMethod to the Madness: “One of the most consistent criticisms of the Cavaliers during Mike Brown’s tenure as head coach is that they don’t make enough of an effort to run the ball. On the surface, this rhetoric makes a lot of sense. LeBron James in the transition is one of the most unstoppable forces the NBA has ever seen. He was recently voted the fastest player in the league from baseline to baseline, he weighs 260 pounds, and in the open floor he has enough space to avoid any defender trying to draw a charge. The only possible way to stop LeBron in the open floor is to foul him, and even that doesn’t work sometimes. None of this is new information. 

Despite the fact they have this weapon, the Cavs rarely attempt to push the ball. They currently play at the 27th-fastest pace in the league; only Miami, Detroit, and Portland play slower than the Cavaliers.

However, when we look at factors other than pace, it becomes apparent that there there are legitimate reasons behind the Cavs’ methodical offense.” [JK/Cavs the Blog]

[Read more...]

Art Modell Left Off of 2010 Hall of Fame Ballot


While I like to think that we have our ear to the ground when it comes to news about our Cleveland Browns, there are admittedly times when certain things slip through the cracks.  And this, my friends, is one of those things. 

Art Model has been omitted from the list of 15 “modern-era” finalists for the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s 2010 class. [Read more...]

While We’re Waiting… No Browns Blackout, LeBron vs. Dwyane, and Lewis vs. Mangini

While We’re Waiting serves as the early morning gathering of WFNY-esque information for your viewing pleasure. Have something you think we should see? Send it to our tips email in the sidebar.

No Blackout Browns Ravens

So ESPN got WJW -TV drunk on Bud Light and sold them tickets? “The Browns have averted their first TV blackout since 1995.  The team announced Thursday night that the remaining tickets for Monday night’s game against the Baltimore Ravens have been purchased by the Browns, ESPN, Bud Light and WJW-TV, which will air the game.” [Associated Press]

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Andre Rison is the best WR to ever play the game

andre-rison-brownsWell, at least per Andre Rison.  Get a load of this guy.  While discussing his legacy with an the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

“Best receiver to ever play the game. I can’t show my highlights because I don’t own NFL Films, but all my coaches in college, in high school, in junior college, they all told me I could be the best. But they must’ve lied because that title was already given to Jerry Rice. Just because you have stats doesn’t mean you’re the best. [...] I’m seeing cornerbacks on the 75th anniversary team that I used to demolish. But I’m coming out with my own hall of fame.”

Just think.  Your Cleveland Browns, for one year, rostered the best receiver to ever play the game.  And he didn’t even have to play “Quincy Morgan Football.”  Believe that. 

Rison also claims that he could still play the game today, though I think we’re good to go in terms of middle-aged receiving options. 

[Read more...]

John Harbaugh Dedicates Game to Modell

From Tony Grossi’s recap of the Browns game.

John Harbaugh, the Ravens rookie coach, announced the team was dedicating the game to former Browns and Ravens owner Art Modell.

“He deserves this more than anybody,” Harbaugh said.

Well, if it didn’t hurt enough just dropping a game with a 14 point lead in the second half, then there’s that.  I don’t know in what context John Harbaugh made the statement.  I don’t know why he said it at all.  I don’t know if it was just meant to rub it in to Browns fans.

Keep it clean folks, but how does that taste?  Oh yeah, and get ready for Ray Lewis’ ugly mug to adorn the header of this site soon as our Browns failed us in our friendly bet with a Ravens’ website.

More details on this game tomorrow.  (Yay.)