August 26, 2014

United States Defeats Australia 3-1

Landon Donovan and Hercules Gomez sealed a United States victory during injury time at the end of the second half to give the U.S. a 3-1 win over Australia in their last warmup game.  Donovan crossed the ball beautifully and Gomez struck it down the middle of the net to seal the victory.  The United States seemed content with their 2-1 halftime lead as they let starting goalkeeper, Tim Howard, rest in the second half.  In the end, the United States took care of business and look forward to playing against England.

At just over three minutes into the game, the United States drew first blood.  A sloppy play by the Australian backfield led to a steal by Edson Buddle just outside Australia’s 18 yard box.  A couple of moves later, Buddle, starting for injured Jozy Altidore, blasted a right footed shot past the Australian keeper’s left shoulder. [Read more...]

World Cup on WFNY?

Last night when Rick and I were sitting in the Tribe Social Deck area of the Jake he made an off-hand comment about soccer.  It seems the world’s most popular sport isn’t good enough for at least one of the people who populate the pages here at WFNY.  I like soccer.  I love the World Cup.  I got to thinking about it and I was wondering if there would be any interest amongst our audience of sports fans.

Are you going to be watching it?  Are you all rooting for the U.S.A. or are you clinging to some other part of your heritage?  I grew up with lots of people with last names ending in vowels that preferred to root for Italy over the United States.   [Read more...]