August 17, 2014

While We’re Waiting… MISSING MASCOT!!

Cleveland sports fans are waiting. Thus, while we’re all waiting, the WFNY editors thought you might enjoy reading. Because you never know how long we might be waiting. So here are assorted reading goodies for you to enjoy. Send more good links for tomorrow’s edition to

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“Can a superstar-less team win a championship again? The last occurrence of that feat came in 2004, via the Billups – Hamilton – Prince – Wallace Brothers starting five. Last season though, two of the NBA’s final four were superstar-less. The Pacers and Grizzlies greatly resembled those 2004 Pistons. Arguably, current day, 36-year old Tim Duncan isn’t a superstar on the level of in-their-prime Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett, or Duncan; ESPN’s #NBARank considers him the league’s 16th best player. Three of last year’s final four teams put themselves in near position to win a championship without a current #NBARank top-ten player, and with a few lucky breaks (or maybe more appropriately, a sprain, perhaps to Lebron’s ankle) could win one this season. As a team in a market like Cleveland – similar to Indy or Memphis to some extent — isn’t that the target to build towards? Other than Kevin Durant, recent “superstars” in a non-marquee market have bailed on the franchise that drafted them.” [Hetrick/Cavs the Blog] [Read more...]

Gordon Gee: Big Ten expansion talks ongoing

The Columbus Dispatch is reporting Ohio State president E. Gordon Gee told the university’s Athletic Council last December that talks regarding the Big Ten’s further expansion were “ongoing”. On the heels of adding Nebraska, Maryland, and Rutgers it appears the Big Ten is not quite done expanding.

Gee “believes there is movement towards three or four super conferences that are made up of 16-20 teams.” After Maryland and Rutgers officially become members the conference will be at 14 teams.

The Ohio State president did not name specific schools that the conference was targeting, but said “there are opportunities to move further south in the East and possibly a couple of Midwest universities.”

Box Score: Ohio State 52, Indiana 49

Yikes. This again was way too close for comfort, as the Hoosiers were able to respond to every second half score by the Buckeyes. In the end, Urban Meyer’s squad was in control and pretty much cruised to victory, but the final line just isn’t pretty at all.

This one won’t go down as one of the better games of the year. Although it’s nice to break 50+ in a second straight game, there’s nothing really to brag about this one.

Scoring Summary

1st QuarterOHST – IND
11:25 Ohio State BuckeyesOHST TD Corey (Philly) Brown rushed to the left for 12 yard gain (Drew Basilmade PAT) 7 – 0
3:53 Ohio State BuckeyesOHST FG Drew Basil kicked a 35-yard field goal 10 – 0
2:28 Indiana HoosiersIND TD Stephen Houston rushed up the middle for 59 yard gain (Mitch Ewald made PAT) 10 – 7
2nd QuarterOHST – IND
15:00 Indiana HoosiersIND TD Stephen Houston rushed to the right for 7 yard gain (Mitch Ewaldmade PAT) 10 – 14
5:33 Ohio State BuckeyesOHST TD Ohio St. blocked punt attempt by Erich Toth. Recovered by Bradley Roby (Drew Basil made PAT) 17 – 14
3:20 Ohio State BuckeyesOHST TD Braxton Miller passed to Devin Smith to the right for 60 yard gain (Drew Basil made PAT) 24 – 14
3rd QuarterOHST – IND
13:25 Indiana HoosiersIND FG Mitch Ewald kicked a 22-yard field goal 24 – 17
12:36 Ohio State BuckeyesOHST TD Braxton Miller rushed to the right for 67 yard gain (Drew Basil made PAT) 31 – 17
9:01 Indiana HoosiersIND TD Cameron Coffman passed to Shane Wynn down the middle for 76 yard gain (Mitch Ewald made PAT) 31 – 24
4:56 Ohio State BuckeyesOHST TD Kenny Guiton passed to Carlos Hyde down the middle for 14 yard gain (Drew Basil made PAT) 38 – 24
4:03 Indiana HoosiersIND FG Mitch Ewald kicked a 44-yard field goal 38 – 27
4th QuarterOHST – IND
15:00 Ohio State BuckeyesOHST TD Carlos Hyde rushed to the right for 1 yard gain (Drew Basil made PAT) 45 – 27
10:49 Indiana HoosiersIND TD D’Angelo Roberts rushed up the middle for 1 yard gain (Mitch Ewald made PAT) 45 – 34
7:41 Ohio State BuckeyesOHST TD Braxton Miller passed to Devin Smith down the middle for 46 yard gain (Drew Basil made PAT) 52 – 34
1:51 Indiana HoosiersIND TD Nate Sudfeld passed to Duwyce Wilson to the right for 12 yard gain (Mitch Ewald made PAT) 52 – 41
1:21 Indiana HoosiersIND TD Nate Sudfeld passed to Stephen Houston down the middle for 25 yard gain (2pt attempt converted, Cody Latimer run to the right) 52 – 49


Ohio State Buckeyes Comp Att Yds Pct Y/A Sack YdsL TD Int Rating
Braxton Miller 13 24 211 54.2 8.8 3 18 2 1 147.2
Kenny Guiton 1 1 14 100.0 14.0 0 0 1 0 547.6
Indiana Hoosiers Comp Att Yds Pct Y/A Sack YdsL TD Int Rating
Cameron Coffman 22 44 275 50.0 6.3 0 0 1 0 110.0
Nate Sudfeld 6 10 77 60.0 7.7 0 0 2 0 190.7


Ohio State Buckeyes Rush Yds Avg Lng TD FumL
Carlos Hyde 22 156 7.1 29 1 0
Braxton Miller 23 149 6.5 67 1 0
Rod Smith 6 40 6.7 15 0 0
Corey (Philly) Brown 1 12 12.0 12 1 0
Indiana Hoosiers Rush Yds Avg Lng TD FumL
Stephen Houston 11 91 8.3 59 2 0
Shane Wynn 1 19 19.0 19 0 0
Cameron Coffman 2 8 4.0 4 0 0
D’Angelo Roberts 5 6 1.2 4 1 0
Nate Sudfeld 2 5 2.5 4 0 0
Tevin Coleman 3 0 0.0 3 0 0


Ohio State Buckeyes Rec Yds Avg Lng TD FumL
Devin Smith 2 106 53.0 60 2 0
Corey (Philly) Brown 6 51 8.5 10 0 0
Jake Stoneburner 4 41 10.3 13 0 0
Carlos Hyde 2 27 13.5 14 1 0
Indiana Hoosiers Rec Yds Avg Lng TD FumL
Shane Wynn 3 81 27.0 76 1 0
Cody Latimer 7 68 9.7 13 0 0
Kofi Hughes 3 53 17.7 39 0 0
Ted Bolser 6 42 7.0 12 0 0
Stephen Houston 2 37 18.5 25 1 0
Duwyce Wilson 2 24 12.0 12 1 0
D’Angelo Roberts 1 16 16.0 16 0 0
Jamonne Chester 1 15 15.0 15 0 0
Tevin Coleman 2 9 4.5 7 0 0
Isaiah Roundtree 1 7 7.0 7 0 0


Ohio State Buckeyes XPM XPA FGM FGA Lng Pct Pts
Drew Basil 7 7 1 2 35 50.0 10
Indiana Hoosiers XPM XPA FGM FGA Lng Pct Pts
Mitch Ewald 5 5 2 2 44 100.0 11

Buckeyes News: FB Zach Boren Might Also Play Linebacker

In preparation for tonight’s game at Indiana, the undefeated Ohio State Buckeyes might have a secret weapon up their sleeves. And it probably wasn’t the guy you first expected it to be. Take it away, Eleven Warriors:

Last night, the internet, or at least the Buckeye corner of it, was buzzing with rumors of fullback Zach Boren, playing—perhaps even starting—at linebacker against Indiana.

Quite the stunner. If true, Boren will become the first real two-way contributor for Ohio State since Chris Gamble played extensively at cornerback and wide receiver in 2003.

We reached out to a couple of sources and were told that Boren will indeed see playing time at middle linebacker tonight. How much? That’s hard to say.

Ohio State will counter Indiana’s pass-first offense with a heavy diet of nickel packages, which means the Buckeyes won’t even have a middle linebacker on the field for most of the game. Further, we don’t know if Boren will be the man in the middle for OSU’s base defense or whether the staff is looking to start him off in short yardage or similar situations with an expanded role as the season progresses.

Boren, an unheralded three-year starter, could certainly be a vicious contributor defensively. The 6-foot-1, 245-lb. senior actually was named Ohio’s defensive player of the year as a linebacker for Pickerington Central in 2008.

This should be a particularly neat storyline to follow tonight in Bloomington. All Buckeye fans should have fond memories of Gamble participating on both sides of the ball, as that was during the glory days of Tressel ball last decade.

Update: Now this is likely why Boren might be forced to play defensively:

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“You are completely screwed” – B1G Buckeyes

Let me get this out of the way: Coming into the game, I thought the Buckeyes were going to lose Saturday night. Yes, in the ‘Shoe, in Urban’s first home night game with all of the recruits looking on in front of a packed house. I did. I thought that Ohio State’s banged up line-backing corps did not match up well with a very mobile quarterback in Taylor Martinez in tandem with a very shifty and quick running back in Rex Burkhead. For the most part, I was wrong. Martinez was held to 40 yards rushing and aside from Burkhead’s 73-yard run, he too was held in check.

But 63 points!?!? Though I cannot remember the source, there was a comment on Twitter that made me laugh out loud: “After seeing the score, Jim Tressel woke up wondering how in the world Ohio State kicked 21 field goals.”

As hysterical as the comment was, it really made me think about the new era that this program has entered. Good, bad or indifferent, there is no arguing what Tressel did for this university over the past decade but his coaching style is the antithesis of Urban Meyer’s. A fundamentally sound team that was capable of hanging 63 on Nebraska would have never happened under Tressel’s watch. Though under that same watch, the holes in the defense would never happen either. Buckeye Nation is now staring at a very talented and exciting, young team in the face. We all have the joy of watching this team grow up before our eyes, but remember what comes with youth – stupidity. I am not talking about the tweet from Cardale Jones, but taking chances as a football team. So the growing pains will be there and for some of the impatient, it can be quite a roller-coaster complete with pictures at the end.

With great risk, comes great reward and as Andy Staples put it so eloquently in his article following the Buckeyes win in East Lansing “You are completely screwed.” He of course is talking about the Big Ten as a whole and Urban’s innate ability to previously recruit such talented individuals in a conference much superior to the Big Ten.

[Read more...]

NFL Draft Rumor: Browns Linked to Buckeye Mike Adams?

We all know that the Cleveland Browns need to figure out the right side of the offensive line as betting on Tony Pashos only paid off when compared to John St. Clair if at all.  Apparently the Browns could be placing a high priority on it as well in the draft according to WalterFootball.

Word is that the Cleveland Browns have serious interest in Ohio State offensive tackle Mike Adams. He has been inconsistent in Mobile, and that was his track record with the Buckeyes. Still, Adams plays a position with a high demand, and at the Senior Bowl he has also taken reps at right tackle. Cleveland could target Adams with their second first-round pick (from Atlanta) to upgrade their right side and replace veteran Tony Pashos. Adams could be a good bookend on the other side from Joe Thomas.

Too often Cleveland Browns fans who are also Ohio State Buckeyes fans start to clamor this time of year for the Browns to draft their favorite college players.  This is one of those times where there is some actual synergy to the possibilities.  Adams is a great athlete who would fill a position of need and at 22 in the first round probably isn’t being tremendously overvalued in some homer Buckeye fan manner.

Currently, has the giant 6’7″ Adams ranked as the fifth best offensive tackle and projects him in the second round.  CBS sports has him ranked 5th positionally and 38th overall while potentially landing him in the mid to late 20s of the first round in a couple of mock drafts.

[NFL Playoffs Teach Us that Building Teams is Hard Work]

[H/T to Jim Kanicki]