August 17, 2014

NCAA Tournament Open Thread

Want to talk NCAA basketball? Here’s the spot to do it. Early games include 12Clemson vs 5West Virginia, 9ODU vs 8Butler, 13Morehead St. vs 4Louisville and 10Penn State vs 7Temple.

Here’s a question to get us started- which is more likely to happen, the Big Ten wins 10 games in the tournament (7 teams) or the Big East wins 16 games (11 teams)?

Give us your final four while you’re at it…

Big Ten Expansion Possibly Coming Soon

According to numerous reports, the Big Ten conference is expected to speed up their decision-making time line in reference to expansion. The conference that already has 11 teams is looking to see if adding one or more universities to the mix would increase competition and revenue streams.

The Chicago Tribune reported yesterday that Big Ten representatives met in Washington today and could start identifying names within the next few weeks. The Bowl Championship Series has meetings scheduled for Phoenix later this month and that could be an opportune time to start discussing the matter with other conferences.

The writer of that article also mentioned that it seems that an addition of three teams is actually the most plausible now. Read after the jump for more information and my thoughts on what a 14-team or 16-team does for the image of the Big Ten.

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So…You’re Sayin’ There’s a Chance

It happened almost five days ago, and most of us are all still in disbelief about the absolute dismantling that took place at the hands of the Southern California Trojans.  No, we were not favored.  But even the most pessimistic Buckeye fan did not imagine that the Scarlet and Gray would fail to score a touchdown.  Not one.  Senseless penalties, questionable play-calling, and downright lifelessness all lead to the debacle in Los Angeles, California.

The result?  Well, you have a slew of opinions from fans, as well as those who were waiting for the Buckeyes to fail.  Take your pick…We have the comments from our open blog.  We even have the take from our friends over at Eleven Warriors.  And then there are the others

All in all, the consensus among journalists, bloggers and fans of college football: The Buckeyes’ hopes of a National Championship are done.  Kaput.  Finished.  And more often than not, you have a splash of “We told you so.”  Alas, the polls took us down a few rungs as the Associated Press has Ohio State 13th, USA Today places them 14th, and the Coaches Poll is 11th.  Regardless, there are about a dozen teams ahead of Ohio State, and this is all before the BCS even releases their initial take on matters.

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