Looking for fruit on the Belichick tree: While We’re Waiting…


Should the Cleveland Browns pick from the fruit of the Belichick tree again?

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Mike Pettine, coaching clichés and the proper value of time

Mike Pettine Cleveland Browns

Let’s be honest: Everything we think we know about “NFL head coaches” is based largely on generalizations rooted in mythical archetypes we’ve created with a side dish of guesswork. And here Cleveland Browns fans sit, once again, with an inexperienced coach — still impossibly young in head coaching years — who “needs time to develop.”

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Deflated footballs, common sense and sadness

NFL Replica Ball

I got into a long discussion on Facebook regarding this whole New England Patriots football deflation story with a Pats fan. That’s not the way to talk about this. Pats fans, like any fans who find themselves in situations like this, are the last ones you truly want to talk to because they’re so invested. Instead of

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Bill and Bernie’s 1993 Power Struggle

Bill Belichick Cleveland Browns

Wherein “diminishing skills” lives on in infamy.

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Rex Ryan takes a shot at Mike Pettine for talking to media

Pettine presser

Certain people always find a way to have their names in headlines, even when things are supposed to be slow. New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan is one of said people, his latest coming in the way of a few shots taken at former colleague and current Cleveland Browns head coach Mike Pettine. Pettine

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Infographic: Where the Browns rank in terms of draft value


Good news, Browns fans. You know how we have long felt that the Browns have been horrible at obtaining value from the NFL Draft? Well, it turns out that every team, by and large, has done a poor job of drafting for value. The bad news is, while all NFL teams have largely failed at

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Mike Lombardi seen with Browns documents at NFL Combine

While this may have merely been a matter of inoportune timing mixed with media notes provided to the cavlacade of individuals at the NFL Combine, former Cleveland Browns general manager Mike Lombardi was shown on NFL Network, sifting through documents with the Cleveland Browns logo on them. Daryl Ruiter of 92.3 The Fan tweeted Lombardi’s

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Mike Lombardi reportedly lands on his feet, set to join the Patriots


Well, that certainly didn’t take long. Multiple reports out of both Cleveland and New England claim former Browns general manager Mike Lombardi will join the New England Patriots’ front office, just days after being shown the door in Berea. Lombardi will be reuniting with long-time friend in Patriots’ head coach Bill Belichick. Recall, the two worked together

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Belichick on the Browns: “They outcoached us and outplayed us in every area.”

During his conference call on Monday morning, New England head coach Bill Belichick had this to say about the Browns and the way they played on Sunday- “Cleveland did a good job. They outcoached us and outplayed us in every area. Fortunately we were able to make some plays at the end, play some good

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Cleveland Browns lose 27-26 thanks to key pass interference call

Brady Edelman Pats Browns

You really can’t spend a lot of time talking about NFL football and talking about refereeing. It has a tendency to go both ways and good teams overcome all kinds of bad calls all the time. It’s a part of the game, period. Of course I open my recap that way because today is not

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Animated: Josh Gordon celebrates after toasting Aqib Talib for 80 yards

Josh Gordon was having a quiet day. Operative word being “was.” After being harrassed by Aqib Talib all day long, Gordon finally exploded for 80 yards all on one play as he caught a pass in stride and shrugged off the agitating New England defensive back. And this was his celebration.   [Related: Cleveland Browns –

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Is Bernie Kosar’s doctor really helping him? Jason Schwartz discusses – WFNY Podcast – 2013-11-18

WFNY Podcast Logo

Bernie Kosar is near and dear to Cleveland fans’ hearts. To a person, there’s probably not anyone who doesn’t want one of Cleveland’s most beloved athletes to be well and feel well. Years of playing a brutal sport in the 80’s has obviously taken a toll on Kosar and last year he came out heralding

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NFL News – Nate Ulrich on Tebow coverage, Browns position battles, Josh Gordon suspension, contract extensions and more – WFNY Podcast – 2013-06-14

WFNY Podcast Logo

Always good to catch up with the Browns observations with Nate Ulrich from the Akron Beacon Journal. Here’s all that we discussed. How good do you feel not having to talk Tebow? Bill Belichick out to prove he doesn’t have to talk about anything. Gregg Popovich and how he just defies everyone to do what

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Jon talks Vinnie Pestano, NFL salary caps and more – WFNY Podcast – 2013-03-12

WFNY Podcast Logo

I was able to grab Jon on location in Arizona. Unfortunately “on location in Arizona” for his purposes has nothing to do with the Cleveland Indians spring training location. Anyway, we battled the time zones (and my bed time) for a chat. Here’s what we talked about. Scott Kazmir’s great day Daisuke Matsuzaka injury Matt

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WFNY Debate: Do NFL coaches even matter?


In case it hasn’t been clear yet, the WFNY writers email each other a lot. And I mean a lot. So on top of our two email-based roundtables already this week (post-Kelly rumors and post-Chudzinski hire), we bring you inside the famed Gmail inbox for a look at a Friday debate: This time, we’re talking

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Browns coach search and why the excitement over Chip Kelly was justified

Joe Banner

Despite all my criticisms of the Browns’ media handling in the hunt for Chip Kelly, I fully supported their chase of him as a coach for the Browns. The idea of Chip Kelly coaching the Browns was awesome. There’s no guarantee that Chip Kelly was going to be anything more than a complete bust. That’s

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Cleveland ’95: Time Doesn’t Heal All Wounds

Belichick Tree

Of course. But maybe. Louis CK, the Emmy-winning comedian who is arguably the best1 at his craft, kicked off his nationwide tour on Wednesday night, doing so in the city of Cleveland, or as he refers to as “kind-of-big-guy Cleveland.” In typical CK fashion, he weaved between his act and whimsical tangents with no race,

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WFNY Podcast – 2012-10-04 – Craig and Andrew talk Cavaliers playoff hopes and Browns vs. Giants


The Skype calls continue to make podcasting a nice experience as I was able to get Andrew on the “Subway Fresh Take Hotline” for a nice chat about a variety of topics. Honestly I think Andrew and I could do four hours a day because we both never seem to run out of things to

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While We’re Waiting … Belichick’s Browns, Tyler Zeller’s Blog, Indians as Next Orioles?


While We’re Waiting serves as the early morning gathering of WFNY-esque information for your viewing pleasure. Have something you think we should see? Send it to our tips email at tips@waitingfornextyear.com. A quick preview of tonight’s NFL Films show: “In 2011, NFL Films launched its remarkable A Football Life series with a two-part study of

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“Cleveland ’95: A Football Life” will be mandatory viewing for me

Belichick and Modell

I’ve read countless tweets from Browns fans saying they won’t watch this documentary about the 1995 Cleveland Browns. Tony Grossi wrote about it and likened it to reliving a family member’s funeral. While those scenes depicting the stadium being torn apart might cause me to shed a few tears, after seeing the sneak preview, I

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