August 26, 2014

Can the Browns rivalry with the Steelers ever return?

brownssteelersstripingBill Polian said that he and Tony Dungy had an understanding that he could get his team up to play with just a little bit more intensity just a few times per year. It makes sense. Football players are human and their effort is likely to be somewhat consistent to their abilities most of the time with a little bit of fluctuation up or down. To think that you can get a team up to play at maximum level every single Sunday is unrealistic. Will Rob Chudzinski be able to do that this weekend with his team? Is there any way to make a modern NFL player feel a rivalry the same way fans have been raised to respect it? I’m not so sure.

Of course it helps that the Steelers are a divisional opponent. Competing in the division is important to any NFL player simply because it is the easiest gateway to the NFL playoffs. If you can’t handle your business against the guys who are all scheduled twice per season, year-in and year-out, how are you ever going to make meaningful strides toward winning a Super Bowl? Even then though, does that put the Steelers on any different level for players on the Cleveland Browns roster than when they play Baltimore or Cincinnati? [Read more...]

NFL News: Browns ask permission to interview 49ers Tom Gamble

Albert Breer is reporting that the Browns along with the Jets, Jags and Chargers are pursuing the San Francisco 49ers’ director of player personnel, Tom Gamble.

Gamble has already interviewed with the Jaguars but competition from the Jets might be strongest of all according to NinersNation. According to their information the Jets have put Gamble at the top of their wishlist based on a recommendation from former Colts President Bill Polian.

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Is Bill Polian a possibility for the Cleveland Browns?

Since Jimmy Haslam came to agreement with Randy Lerner to purchase the Cleveland Browns, the first name on the list has always been Joe Banner to replace Mike Holmgren. Now, ESPNCleveland’s Aaron Goldhammer is pointing to the another name to potentially replace Mike Holmgren that could most likely spell the end of the road for Tom Heckert in Cleveland as well.

Seemingly the connection would be made because Haslam is a huge Tennessee fan, which also means he’s a big Peyton Manning fan. Peyton Manning had a great relationship with the Polian family from his time with the Indianapolis Colts. Manning and the Polians were let go in the same off-season.

If Polian comes to Cleveland as president like he was in Indianapolis, does that mean his son Chris Polian is also going to be hired as GM as he was in Indy? It’s all a lot of speculation, so while I wouldn’t worry about it per se, it is interesting to think about.

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NFL Draft: Bill Polian Says Trent Richardson is “Sure Thing”

With the first two selections in the 2012 NFL Draft essentially spoken for with regard to Stanford’s Andrew Luck and Baylor’s Robert Griffin III, former Indianapolis Colts vice chairman Bill Polian feels that Alabama’s Trent Richardson is the only other “sure thing.”

Speaking on Sirius XM’s NFL Blitz, Polian says that there are three “sure thing players,” and the explosive running back is as much of one as either of the two quarterbacks whom have drawn most of the attention.

The Cleveland Browns have long been considered a potential landing spot for Richardson due to the departure of running back Peyton Hillis who signed a one-year deal with the Kansas City Chiefs. If the Browns opt to select another player or trade down, Richardson has also been heavily linked to the Tampa Bay Bucanneers at No. 5 or the St. Louis Rams at No. 6.

Polian is credited with the selection of quarterback Peyton Manning over Ryan Leaf as well as constructing the team which won Super Bowl XLI.

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(Source: Sporting News)