August 26, 2014

On Mark Cuban, Locker Room Access and the Internet

Editor’s note: What follows are some thoughts on journalism that Rick mentioned earlier today. If you’re looking for thoughts on Cleveland sports, you’re not going to want to read the next 1400 words.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is allegedly done with Internet-based coverage of his team.  Cuban, a man who has made billions of dollars with said medium – and is typically considered to be a forward-thinker – has decided to verbally scrap all that is heterogeneous with regard to electronic dissemination of sports coverage, instead opting to group it all together and deem it as worthless on a going forward basis.

In his latest blog post, Cuban essentially declares that newspaper and television/radio “beat writers” are allowed in his locker room, but only because they have to be.  He understands that, despite the decline in relative readership and increased competition, there is still a large segment of people who choose to obtain their team-specific news via print and sports talk stations.  He then says that unpaid writers of the web – specifically those who make money – are, when boiled down to the roots, characteristically TMZ (a website that has become the Kleenex for all that is terrible among web-based facial tissue).  The Bleacher Report feels snubbed, I’m sure. [Read more...]

Cleveland Indians Reaching Out to Social Media Users via “Tribe Social Deck”

While calling it “progressive” may be a cheap play on the name of the stadium in which they play, the Cleveland Indians are making a move this season that not many of their peers have even considered.  With the Internet and social media being ignored by all of the NFL and much of the NBA, the Indians have decided to roll out an initiative solely to cater to those using the emerging mediums.

Two forces likely coming together allowed the team to get the proper approvals to roll out what they are calling the Tribe Social Deck, an actual physical wooden deck with two rows of stadium seating for 10, located in left field between the bleachers and the standing room only area.   [Read more...]

While We’re Waiting… The LBJ/NYC News Cycle, A Letter to Gilbert and Indians Make New Hire

LeBron Jared JeffriesWhile We’re Waiting is a special daily feature and serves as the morning gathering of WFNY-esque information for your reading pleasure. Have something else you think we should write about tomorrow? Send it to our fancy ol’ tips email address in the right sidebar.

Nothing quite like national basketball writers reiterating to us that New York City loves the best thing to happen to Cleveland sports in generations. Epic sigh: “Only in New York City could a basketball player do everything right – shoot with range, play tough defense, find his teammates with pinpoint passes, working with a sense of flair and drama all along – and still have it come off as slightly gauche, and unseemly. That’s what tonight’s Cavalier win over the New York Knicks felt like.” [Kelly Dwyer/Ball Don't Lie]

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Cleveland Sports Blog Outing


One of the highlights of my time as a sports blogger has been the opportunity to get to know some really interesting people that I would have never known otherwise. The crew here at WFNY are a blast to talk to (even if it just through endless emails) and I’ve been able to meet several other area writers who are very knowledgeable and I’m the better for it. We reached out to several Cleveland bloggers and have organized (I use that term loosely) a Cleveland Sports Blog outing for next Thursday July 16th, at the Akron Aeros game. Several of your favorites from WFNY will be there (unless your favorites are Rock and Denny) plus writers from some of the other great Cleveland sites around the web.

There is room for you too. We hope you can join us. In fact, we’re going to be giving away some tickets to the game. Today we are giving away a pair of seats in our group. If you want to be eligible to win simply send a twitter message to @rickwfny and tell us why you want to go. We’ll pick the winner at 4pm Cleveland time, so get your tweets in! If you aren’t a twitter user you can sign up for an account, or wait for another give away next week.

While We’re Waiting… Wally’s Role, NBA Power Rankings and a Destination for Manny

While We’re Waiting aims to be the round-up of the recent WFNY-esque information for your morning viewing. Have something you think we should see? Send it to our tips email in the sidebar. 

Wally Szczerbiak on his role with the Cavaliers: “”Wherever you need that guy to come in and plug a hole, I’ve been capable of doing that. Whatever we need, I’m there to do — anything that’s going to get me out there on the floor for more minutes. I’m just going to work my butt off, and we can pose matchup problems on the other end, too. Mike’s such a good coach that he realizes that. If I’m guarding a center, the center’s got to guard me out there on the perimeter.” [ via Eric Musselman

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Eric Wedge: Persona Non Grata

wedgeDo we here at Waiting For Next Year tend to focus much nihilism towards our professional play-calling directors?  Perhaps.  And often times, it may be laced with a dab of frustration that can lead to unwarrented blame.  It is a secret to no one that the Cavaliers’ Mike Brown was a frequent target of much angst and solicitude thanks to an almost-stubborn lack of offensive execution.  Frequently leaving a fan base in such a state of disbelief will oftentimes result in comparable response.

Alas, I engross this piece regarding a man in a similar position, haplessly for a similar reason: a severe lack of offense.  But unlike Brown, who sticks to his virtues and says that his team focuses on – and wins basketball games thanks to - the defensive side of the ball, Eric Wedge seems uncomfortably complacent with said scarce run production. 

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Behind Enemy Lines

Welcome to another addition of Behind Enemy Lines, where we take a look at what other bloggers are saying throughout our competitive landscape. It has been quite a while since we last ventured outside of our Cleveland walls, so I thought it was a great time to run a quick check-up.

If you know of any sites that have been pumping out some good content, that we just so happen to not touch on, please feel free to mention it in the comments or shoot me an email (scott[at] and we can run it from here.

A bonus post to get you started: Head over to Big League Stew, where you’ll find a pretty comprehensive review of Jacobs/Progressive Field. Rick and I are quoted a few times – coincidentally, most of Rick’s revolve around the consumables! Either way, there is some great information, great pictures, and an all-around great review. Big props to Kevin for putting that together.

And now, the other guys…

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Blogging Do’s and Don’ts…

Because the mood surrounding Cleveland sports is suffocating today, how about something completely different? A little blogging music please

Let’s get this out of the way first- “Who are you to say what is good and what isn’t? You’re nobody with a small potatoes sports blog!” Yep. You’re right. Actually not totally right, because this site isn’t even mine. This ia a collaboration, and the best parts probably aren’t my ideas. That enough? I freely admit I’m not an authority ok? Ok.

  1. If you plan on writing something longer than 3 sentences, and actually want someone to read it, DON’T USE THE BLACK BACKGROUND WITH WHITE LETTERS! No really. Some of us would like to use our eyes the rest of the day. Dark backgrounds are for pictures and video. If that is the bulk of your site, please feel free. And spare us the ultra-cool, script type font. DO make your site readable.

  2. DON’T STEAL SOMEONE ELSE’S STUFF. When you find something that someone else wrote/did that you think is excellent and you want to share it, remember it is ok to quote a sentence or paragraph even, as long as you provide a link. That we all seem to get. But let’s amend the rule a bit. If the material that you are ‘quoting’ is more than 1/3 of the article, perhaps that is a bit much. Another tip- if you discover that the ‘quote’ takes up half your article, then you didn’t really write it. Make it a comment on their site. Or blatantly provide a link and ask for discussion, without posting the whole thing on your site. [Read more...]

One on One with Jack Gonzo…

15_grad_kickball.jpg“He was merely practicing covering Chris Henry guys”- Jack Gonzo on Kenny Wright’s arrest

WFNY spends a moment with drive by commenter Jack Gonzo, the Greg Maddux of kickball, who happens to have his own site, LSWTF?!

1. Favorite sport to watch in person
College Football. People care about college football, they are devout in their teams, not all NFL teams can say the same thing. The only downside is when you go to a dry stadium, but that’s why the gods created tailgating.

2. Favorite sport to watch on tv
The NFL, of course the Browns, at least this last year. In the past it was somewhat of a car crash, like a Maury or Springer episode, but they really become a great team to watch this last year.

3. Sports or hobbies you play
I grew up the son of a coach, so I played football from the age of seven till I was 18. Nowadays I keep myself satisfied by being the Greg Maddux of kickball. I am called the Greg Maddux of kickball due to the junk I throw, as opposed to those other pitchers in kickball who all want to be Roger Clemens. Course the undefeated season we had last year proves the power of the junk ball pitcher. [Read more...]

04/14 Morning Minute- Draft Contest, WFNY on tv and Cavs recap

gibsonmiami.jpgRick coming at you with a morning minute today-

How about them Cavaliers? What an excited, hard fought victory over the D-League Miami Heat yesterday…

Seriously. Did you see that Miami line-up? Ricky Davis and Mark Blount are the only guys on that team that resemble NBA players, and that isn’t saying much. Rick Noland of the Medina County Gazette summed this one up best-

There are some games the Cavaliers can’t help but win. Sunday was one of them, as Cleveland registered a less-than-impressive 84-76 victory over the woeful Miami Heat at Quicken Loans Arena. The game was so blasé Cavaliers coach Mike Brown’s postgame press conference lasted 41 seconds and didn’t include a single question from media members, who appear to want the regular season to end as much as Cleveland’s players do.

Yep. Cavs fever. Catch it. It’s sad too, because Cleveland is heading for a first round match-up with Washington, who would be satisfied if all they did was beat the Cavaliers in the playoffs. [Read more...]

Sharing the love…


The folks at Hardwood Paroxysm have put together what they are calling the NBA Blogger Season Awards. They have a poll set up for the readers’ choice awards with several categories. They nominated us for best Central Division and Best Eastern Conference blog. We certainly appreciate the nod. If nothing else, it’s worth it to see some new basketball links. Thanks for reading WFNY, we love the support we get from you.