August 26, 2014

02/29 Morning Minute: Savage Taking Advantage

Corey Williams
Yep. He’ll fit right in
With an extra day in the month of February, Browns GM Phil Savage has wasted no time making a splash.  I mentioned yesterday that the team had significant cap space, and that I hoped that the abundance of space would not be wasted on a long-term Derek Anderson deal. 

Well, it appears that Anderson (and/or his agent) are set on a long-term Tony Romo-like contract, and have not accepted the current $20 million ($10 million guaranteed) offer that is on the table.  Thus, our Pro Bowl quarterback can be yours for a first and third round draft pick!

Yes, I’m talking to you Miami!  You too, Atlanta!  Hey there, Minnesota!

We could definitely use a draft pick or two, as our first round pick belongs to Dallas, and our second round selection is now in the hands of Green Bay.

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02/05 Morning Minute: So Long, Bobby

Bobby KnightWow, I have to apologize for the later post today.  It took me a while to get through all of the quality posts that went up yesterday.  I definitely recommend checking them out – especially the interview with Brian Cook.  Good stuff, regardless of allegiance.

What will likely be the biggest news today has nothing to do with Cleveland at all.  Bobby Knight calling it quits during the middle of the season – with March Madness right around the corner – is surprising to say the least.  Thankfully, the “unknown reasons” behind his leaving have been uncovered in a matter of hours: his son.

“My thinking was that for Pat [Knight] and for this team — most of which is returning next year — the best thing for the long run for this team would be for Pat and his staff to coach these remaining 10 games,” Knight said. “And (to) get an understanding, get a real feel for each other, be able to think over the course of the spring and summer going into next season about how people had played, how things had been done offensively or defensively, what could be done or couldn’t be done, what to stay away from, what to work on and develop that from a game standpoint as the coach in charge of everything rather than as an assistant coach.”

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