August 26, 2014

Week 3: The Browns Will Win If…

The Browns are in the win column, hooray! What’s that? The Colts are dreadful? Don’t harsh my buzz. The important thing is that the Browns *should* have won that game, and they did. And, they did it with defense, for the most part. They never let the Colts get into the end zone until the end, which was a death-by-a-thousand-cuts time bleeding drive. Granted, I thought back to that 2001 Bears game which ended up being an overtime loss, but I guess that’s what happens when you’ve been constantly dumped on your entire sports life by a team/franchise.


I copy/pasted last year’s post code into this one, and I can’t bring myself to take this line out: “First and foremost, how angry does that Dolphin look? I mean, man. I thought Snowflake in Ace Ventura was a nice, happy dolphin. As Lenny in The Simpsons once said, they’re the clowns of the sea! I digress…” The Dolphins are 0-2, but they have played two pretty decent teams in New England and Houston. They’ve put up pretty solid numbers offensively, averaging 271.5 yards through the air and 125.5 yards on the ground. Their problem has been defense: in their two games they’ve allowed 967 yards in offense to their opponents. So, the question will be: can the Browns keep up offensively? The weather looks to be lousy today and tomorrow, but should clear up on Sunday. If that changes, it will be interesting to see how it affects the game. Without further ado…

The Browns Will Win If…

The Browns Will Win If…

IT’S CLEVELAND AND MIAMI!! RAWWRR!! Oh, wait, that was last night. Well, here we are at 4-7, coming off a “wow, how did they not lose that game?” performance in the second half last Sunday against the Panthers. I’ve almost run out of witty things to say about this Browns team, as the injuries seem to have sucked some of the starch out of their shirts. So, I’ma let Scott give you the set up. Tune in to WKNR during the 11 AM hour on Friday and let his dulcet tones sooth your “I hate Miami!” soul after last night’s re-ripping-open of the wound.


First and foremost, how angry does that Dolphin look? I mean, man. I thought Snowflake in Ace Ventura was a nice, happy dolphin. As Lenny in The Simpsons once said, they’re the clowns of the sea! I digress… It won’t do much, but the Browns—far and away now the Kings of Cleveland—have the chance to salvage a little municipal dignity against Miami, though they must go on the road to do it. The Dolphins are 6-5 also-rans in the tough AFC East, but don’t look much different than the Browns in many ways. Avg. points per game: CLE – 19.6, MIA – 18.6. Avg. points allowed per game: CLE – 20.8, MIA – 20.5.  Miami holds a slight edge in all offensive and defensive stats except for rushing yards per game, where the Browns have the slight advantage. In the battle of dueling QB carousels, Miami goes to Chad Henne again, and the Browns continue with Back-Foot Delhomme. The Browns are 1-4 on the road, but the one other strange thing in the Browns favor? Miami is only 1-4 at home this year. Phew. Without further ado…

The Browns Will Win If…

Eric Wright Needs to Shake it Off

For a lot of people, the arrogance and brashness of defensive backs is a turn off.  I don’t generally like that kind of swagger in people, but I am willing to accept that it might be a necessary attribute for the job of NFL cornerback.  It really makes you look stupid on days when you get torn up by a wide receiver.  Then again, at least Eric Wright didn’t pull up lame with a “hamstring injury” as Anquan Boldin waltzed into the end zone, right?  For all the brashness and arrogance talking about his “Pro Bowl Talent” Eric Wright knew that he had a bad game yesterday and he owned it.  When he was talking to Mary Kay Cabot yesterday he was quite honest and frank.  He admitted that he had a horrible day, he didn’t play up to his ability and that he let his team down.

There is no sense in harping on it (or tweeting pictures of his failures at him) at this point.  Everyone knows what happened including Wright.  Now, he must pay attention to that old adage about having a short memory.  He needs to forget about it because Ochocinco and T.O. are coming next week.  If he doesn’t the results could be disastrous like they have been for Brandon McDonald. [Read more...]

Rekindling the Brandon Marshall to Cleveland Trade Rumors

09000d5d80c462ff_gallery_600Stop us if you have heard this one before: Browns quarterback Brady Quinn is rumored to be a trade chip, going to Denver for wide receiver Brandon Marshall.  This weekend, The Denver Post threw the Cleveland Browns as a possible destination for the disgruntled receiver and managed to add Brady Quinn’s name into the mix.  And  as fans know, it only takes one bout of speculation for the Internet tires to start spinning…

One year ago, we discussed Quinn trade rumors.  He (and teammate Braylon Edwards) spawned our creation of the “alert” system.  But in the end, Quinn stayed put with Eric Mangini opting to turn down any offers which he was presented.  The man donning the No. 10 jersey started the bulk of the Browns games but managed to finish strong thanks to a solid running attack down the home stretch.  Denver’s Marshall accompanied Quinn in the trade rumors folder.  He too stayed with his team, but went on to have another amazing year (101 receptions, 1120 yards, 10 TDs) and capped it off in Miami this weekend for his second Pro Bowl bid. [Read more...]

Browns Bullet Points – Week 2

AP / David Zalubowski

AP / David Zalubowski

So, as I sit here ready to write up the bullets for this week, I turned on the Palladia channel so I could listen/watch David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) play guitar as I write. And wouldn’t you know it, when I started typing, the alarm clock went off to start the song “Time.” It might seem a bit cheesy, but here we are at the end of week two and it certainly feels like the Browns have “missed the starting gun.”

As always, don’t consider these notes comprehensive.  I will almost surely miss something.  Just put it in the comments.

  • The Browns  failed to score a touchdown on the opening drive as they were gift-wrapped their first scoring opportunity with the kickoff fumble.  They got a field goal, but that was almost a moral victory for the Broncos. [Read more...]

Marshall Supsended: We Wanted This Guy?

denverbroncosvclevelandbrowns-pjzmrwra22mNot all that long ago, it was rumored that Eric Mangini and the Browns were interested in trading for disgruntled wide receiver Brandon Marshall.

After admitting that he is nowhere close to knowing the Broncos playbook, Marshall recently took to a practice intentionally dropping passes and punting footballs instead of giving them to the ball boy.  He refused to run to drills, or take anything seriously, described as “lolly gagging” by those witnessing the incidents.

It comes as no surprise today that the team has suspended Marshall for conduct detrimental to the team.  The max suspension is four games, but the extent has not been reported at this time.

Given all of this, those of you that wanted to add Marshall’s talent to this Browns team, would you still bring him on after what he has done in his current situation?  There is no denying his abilities, but does this team really need the added distraction?  Hypothetical at this point, but have at it in the comments.

Cribbs Worship Points Out Our Inadequacies

I love Josh Cribbs.  I love his TV show Josh’s Cribs.  Cribbs embodies all that I want to like about professional football.  He was an undrafted free agent who switched positions and has made a career for himself in the NFL just by sheer desire and will.  If not for his kickoff returns, there was little to no reason to watch any of the last X number of matchups with the Pittsburgh Steelers.  We all love this guy, but I did some soul searching this week with the whole Brandon Marshall rumor.  I needed to check myself a little bit in relation to the thought of trading Josh Cribbs.

My first reaction when I read the rumor was that I didn’t like it.  I know the Browns could definitely use a player like Brandon Marshall, but why couldn’t they take any number of players and draft picks not including our special teams wizard?  The thing is, this kind of emotional thinking is the exact type of thinking that could prevent an organization from getting better.  It is the exact type of emotional thinking that let us think Bernie Kosar was going to be able to play at a high level forever. [Read more...]


Denver 34, Cleveland 30

It’s hard to put into words how horrible that loss was. I’ll give it a try. [Read more...]