Video: Bruce Arians says Bottlegate was the “best Cleveland game ever”

Bottlegate Cleveland Browns

“Ever seen 40,000 beer bottles thrown on the field at one time? That’s Cleveland.”

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Mike Pettine is the eighth most aggressive NFL head coach

Mike Pettine Cleveland Browns

Mike Pettine looks like the kind of guy who wouldn’t be afraid to roll the dice. It’s just a feeling. Seeing Mike Pettine and seeing the way he carries himself,. he appears deliberate about his decision-making, but in the end, he seems like the kind of guy who will bet on his own players to execute. It’s my

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NFL Rumor: Bruce Arians wanted Browns coaching job “badly”

Per WEWS’ Mike Cairns, we have word that former Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator Bruce Arians wanted to return home but was not granted an interview. I am told that Bruce Arians wanted #Browns job very badly but was never granted an interview. — Mike Cairns (@MikeCairns5) January 5, 2013 Arians, the current offensive coordinator of

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Browns fans split on Chip Kelly and Bruce Arians as favorite coaching candidate

Coaching Candidates Popularity

As the Browns start to interview candidates and whittle down the list, I was curious where Browns fans were on the list of candidates. I posted the question to our Facebook page to let everyone weigh in, and two candidates emerged as the favorites. Some of the comments were interesting too.

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Heckert on difference between Browns and Colts

Tom Heckert had a statement released by the Browns today, but he also spoke to WKNR’s Tony Grossi and gave this little nugget. “The difference between us and the Colts is the Colts won the close games and we didn’t,” Heckert said. “We’ve proved we can play with anybody. I think the outlook is awesome.”

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Ulrich: Bruce Arians Deserves A Look From Browns

Nate Ulrich at The Akron Beacon Journal this morning is throwing former Colts interim coach and current offensive coordinator Bruce Arians’s hat into the ring for the Cleveland Browns head coaching job. “Banner has harped on how important it is for a head coach to possess desirable leadership qualities. Arians, 60, obviously isn’t lacking in

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Bruce Arians claims responsibility for weird timeout

Bruce Arians appeared to be trolling the Browns when he called timeout with one second left in the first half. Arians had an explanation, but after hearing it, I still don’t really understand the logic. “I don’t have the button to our special teams coach, so I was trying to run down and catch him

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The Truth About Butch

Just when you think its a slow day in Cleveland sports, a not so fond blast from the past resurfaces that makes you laugh and aggravates you all at once. During a media session in Dallas yesterday, Pittsburgh Offensive Coordinator Bruce Arians let loose with some built up anger and unleashed it on his former

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Super Bowl Media Day: Rob Ryan’s Defense Getting Some Love

Though he has now been hired and fired twice in the last three seasons, his hybrid 3-4 defense was the talk of a select bunch during Tuesday’s Super Bowl media day frenzy. Stifling opponents like New England and New Orleans this season, and the Pittsburgh Steelers last season, there is a growing excitement in Dallas

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