August 26, 2014

Ohio State’s one-game season

On Saturday afternoon I drove to the barbershop to get a haircut where I was greeted by the owner who happens to be a war veteran that has more opinions than there are topics. Just my kind of place. I was sporting an Ohio State hoodie and upon sitting down, he asks me if I think the Buckeyes will beat Wisconsin this afternoon. I replied, emphatically.

“I sure so. I hope that they mash them and Urban runs up the score on them too.” He then proceeded to talk about how great it would be to see this team finish undefeated in Urban’s first year coming off a 6-7 season prior to his arrival.

“I agree, but you know what?” I said, “this is a single game season and it starts and ends next week against the Wolverines. No question I would love a win today, but given the circumstances of this season, next week is all that matters.”

He steps back, “WOW! There’s a lot of hate in there. You are a true Buckeye fan.”

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College Football Rumors: Maryland and Rutgers to join Big Ten?

The number ten in the name “Big Ten” might be about to get even sillier according to an ESPN report that indicates Maryland is negotiating and that it could pave the way for Rutgers to follow suit.

A source told that the Big Ten has been itchy about further expansion since Notre Dame made its official move to the ACC two months ago in all sports other than football. The source said the Big Ten can justify Maryland and then possibly Rutgers since they are all contiguous states to the Big Ten footprint.

Obviously WFNY will have a lot more should this news develop further. Welcome to the East Coast Big Ten.

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The Buckeyes’ “Meaningless” Season

When this season began for The Ohio State Buckeyes, sadly, most of us immediately began talking about Next Year. This season was a “development year” that was going to allow coaches to identify talent, develop said talent, and create a powerhouse for years to come. It is a bowl ban year, after all. There are no milestones. There are no moral victories. There are no expectations.


Well, I do not know about you, but that was my exact mentality after the dust settled around Urban Meyer being hired while the “meaningless” season was approaching. We talked incessantly about the youth on this team and what could come of it in years to come. Most of us talked about what the coaching transition would be like and not only how it would affect the players, but affect the actual game-plans. Two games into the season, we even started talking about how awful this team looked on both sides of the ball and loss predictions came rolling in shortly thereafter. All fair and warranted points.

Problem is (if there is such a thing), we were all wrong. [Read more...]

Perfection in reach for Ohio State

THE Ohio State Buckeyes are two wins away from an undefeated season, and the sports world is barely talking about it. Since the Buckeyes aren’t bowl eligible, people are giving this team less respect than Houston received last year during their 10-0 start. Around the country, the Buckeyes aren’t even being given Boise State treatment, in which at least a minority were questioning if the Broncos were legitimate national championship contenders. Ohio State cannot go to a bowl game, cannot be ranked in the coaches’ poll, and cannot be ranked in the BCS. This leaves the final AP poll as this team’s second trophy to chase besides the Big Ten Leaders Division Title.

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Buckeyes’ Ryan Shazier earns Big Ten co-defensive player of the week honors

The Big Ten announced today the players of the week. Sophomore LB Ryan Shazier was the co-defensive player of the week for his performance against Penn State on Saturday-

“Ryan Shazier, Ohio State So., LB, Plantation, Fla./Plantation

Returned an interception 17 yards for a touchdown early in the third quarter against Penn State, giving Ohio State a 14-7 lead it would not relinquish. Recorded a team-high eight tackles, including two sacks for 22 yards, and a forced fumble. Was part of the Ohio State defense that limited Penn State to just 32 yards rushing. Takes home his first career Big Ten Defensive Player of the Week honor. Last Ohio State Defensive Player of the Week: John Simon (Oct. 17, 2011)”

Shazier shared the award with Nebraska LB David Santos.

Tweet: Buckeye QB Cardale Jones Doesn’t Like Class

I have a hard time killing the kid for feeling this way, but tweeting “we ain’t come to play SCHOOL” is pretty dumb on a number of levels. From The Huffington Post:

Cardale Jones, the third-string quarterback for the Ohio State Buckeyes, doesn’t understand what the heck he’s doing going to classes and having to learn things at college.

“Why should we have to go to class if we came here to play FOOTBALL, we ain’t come to play SCHOOL classes are POINTLESS,” he tweeted.

The tweet was quickly deleted but not before several blogs and media outlets caught it.

Stuff like this doesn’t do Ohio State any favors but I can’t imagine Jones,’s 12th best recruit in 2012, is the first player at a big school who has felt this way. Or any player at any school. I mean, let he who hasn’t sat through a boring class cast the first stone.

Jones’s Twitter account has since been deleted. Social media is such a weird thing. Some coaches are trying to ban their players from Twitter, (which seems like an uphill battle that you’re doomed to lose) but Buckeye coach Urban Meyer isn’t one of them.

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Know the Enemy – Buckeye Edition

The Buckeyes got their first real test on Saturday afternoon going into East Lansing and squeaking out a close win in normal Ohio State fashion. It was a mile-marker of sorts for the team, coaches and university because it was their first road game as well as their first B1G match-up that presented some big challenges. In turn, the game received quite a bit of hype. To me, the game on Saturday night is an even larger hurdle not only because of how the Nebraska Cornhuskers match up with Ohio State, but because of the history with Bo Pelini.

Before I begin, let me preface with a small tangent: as a very loyal and passionate fan, I expect, or hope for that same passion to be returned on the field or court. Whether it comes from players or coaches alike, I feel that we as fans should see that very similar passion from the teams that we not only follow, but so blindly enthusiastically root for. That may seem as though it is a very silly request considering how much time and dedication that all are required to put in before they are even considered to be a starter or a part of a coaching staff. The real answer even could be that the passion is just ingrained in the sacrifices that they make to get there and even larger to remain there. All may be true. I do not care. I want these guys to share the same anger and disappointment as I when there is blown coverage, a turnover or just an overall boneheaded move. I want accountability. I want a coach to put a fear in them so strong that it will never allow that same mistake to be made again. Although, there are limits to all of this and I believe all of this should only happen at the professional level.

Nebraska’s head coach, Bo Pelini believes otherwise and if Ohio State wins on Saturday night, we might be telling our children/grandchildren of Bo’s implosion we witnessed on live television.

Bo Pelini came out of Cardinal-Mooney High School in Youngstown and earned a scholarship to The Ohio State University where he played safety in the late 1980′s. Us Ohioans have a ton of hometown pride and really, those two facts should make him someone that we embrace. The fact is, because of him alone, Nebraska has actually quickly become one of many teams that I completely loathe. The irony in all of this is that I have heard from numerous people who have said that Nebraska fans are some of the most cordial and accommodating fans in all of college football. I have not witnessed this for myself yet, but I find that mildly amusing considering how many fans view their team and their coach.

While this game is not The Game, I view it to be something similar. Not only is the team a good match-up for Ohio State athletically, but watching Bo Pelini have meltdowns such as these add that much more to it for a guy that has seemingly no respect for anyone around him. He may appear to be mild-mannered at times during the game, but when he loses it, he clearly goes all out.

Bo Pelini even went as far as making national news when he attended lunch on the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan with naval officers, stating that one sailor would win the chance to call a play in the Holiday Bowl in 2011. A sailor named Morgan Ryan ended up winning the chance to call the play, but Pelini never honored his word. In fact, when he was questioned on why it never happened after the fact, Pelini barked at the reporter who questioned it by saying “It was a joke, ma’am!” Ryan was very understanding of the situation because it was Nebraska’s bowl game, but but there was significant uproar when Pelini tried to play it off as a joke.

Is my overall anger towards Bo Pelini justified? In my head it is. In the end, it does just become a game again after all and there a few key pieces that will challenge Ohio State this weekend.

Saturday night at Ohio Stadium always brings out the best in all teams involved. Nebraska comes into Columbus ranked 5th in overall rushing offense averaging over 300 yards per game that will undoubtedly test Ohio State’s front four which held Le’Veon Bell to a mere 2.6 yards-per-carry on Saturday. Although, the offensive schemes that this team will see this weekend will be much different because of the personnel. While Le’veon Bell is more of a traditional bruiser-style running back at 245-pounds, this defense will be facing a pair of backs both under 210-pounds and short of 6-feet tall in Rex Burkhead and Ameer Abdullah. While that may appear to be an advantage for the defensive line, their quickness will put more pressure on Ohio State’s linebackers on being able to contain them because of their big-play ability.

The other variable in the rushing attack that will keep this defense on it’s heels is quarterback Taylor Martinez who has racked up 50 rush attempts this season. Yes, it does not compare to Braxton’s 90 attempts this season but Martinez is a very real rushing threat that will certainly test the Buckeye linebackers as plays breakdown. While Taylor Martinez does not have the prettiest of throwing motions for a quarterback, he does have the highest QB rating (169.6) and the best TD:INT ratio (11:1) in all of the B1G. He is pushing nearly 1,100 passing yards on the season, so he is as much of a true dual-threat quarterback as Ohio State will see all season.

Saturday night will bring quite a few future recruits to the ‘Shoe as well, so this performance has an even deeper meaning. I have read that there may be upwards of 30 potential recruits in attendance and it will be a mixture of both football and basketball targets. For a deeper breakdown on some of these individuals, I definitely recommend checking this article out to learn more.

There were some great strides made on Saturday afternoon, but we still have not seen the true creativity in play-calling that can come from the talent on the field. The trust in Urban Meyer and his coaching staff are at all-time high after a road victory like that, but you can be sure that there is more to come. This team has a tremendous ceiling. I have a feeling that being Urban’s first B1G home game, under the lights, with a stadium full of potential recruits and a developing rivalry in Nebraska, that we will see something very special on Saturday night.




The Argument – Braxton’s Buckeyes

“This team is awful.”

“How can we be this bad??”

“Urban Meyer is overrated and it’s showing. It’s UAB!”

“Braxton Miller needs to run it 15+ times per game at minimum!”

Outside of a wide range of expletives, all of those comments littered my twitter feed and text messages almost verbatim (feel free to identify yourself).  I cannot act like I am above any of these outbursts because I am not. Believe me, I have had my share and will continue to as long as I am an Ohio sports fan. But please, relax. I am not going to make any friends with some of the upcoming comments, but it needs to be said.

For me, The Ohio State fan-base as a whole can be very maddening at times. The deserving attitudes, the unreasonable expectations and the recess-style temper tantrums are all common characteristics of this (and many) fan-base. The worst part is that all of this is created from within. Not only ourselves, but Buckeye Nation. We are a bunch of enablers. There can be positive news in the morning and by the evening, it is the best thing that could have happened to this entire state. The opposite is also true but most times to even more extremes. Saturday night I went to bed wondering if this Ohio State team is actually 0-4, instead of 4-0. This is THE Ohio State University, I get it.

Hate me yet? You can, but I am able to identify all of this because I am guilty of all of this. I overreact to the good and bad just the same, have unreasonable expectations and feel that this state deserves the best in everything. But please keep the following in mind: This team is very young with undeveloped talent, in a transition year due to largely a whole new coaching staff and currently under a bowl ban that will return nothing more than moral victories this season. This team could absolutely have more convincing wins, show more promise and ease our minds that next year will be the year but this team and the fans have not even dealt with the bulk of the reasons listed above.

I digress. The argument that I had was specifically regarding Braxton Miller, his (in)effectiveness to throw the ball and the Buckeyes’ lack of identity in a now floundering offense. The defense was undoubtedly part of the conversation but that is an entirely different conversation. The argument stemmed from one point that I mentioned in the beginning – Braxton needs to have a minimum of 15 carries each game for this offense to have a chance and go anywhere in the future. It is literally not possible for me to disagree more and for me, it boils down to 5 points about development and surroundings:

#1. Braxton has exactly 17 games under his belt, started as a true freshman and now on his second coaching staff in two years.

I do not feel as if this point can be overstated. Though hard to do, take all of the outside distractions away that this team has had and think just about what pure turnover can do to a true freshman quarterback and his development after an early enrollment. Braxton immediately assumed a role that he was not ready for in any form, taking away the luxury of learning the game from the sidelines for a season. In such a season, he completed 85 of 157 pass attempts for almost 1,200-yards, with 13 touchdowns and only 4 interceptions. Tack on another 700+ yards, 7 touchdowns rushing and I would say that he had a pretty good season as a first year quarterback. Far from where he and the rest of us believe he needs to get to, but a great start nonetheless.

#2. Outside of Jake Stoneburner, his receiving targets have been extremely inconsistent though showing flashes of greatness.

Corey “Philly” Brown (JR), Chris Fields (JR), Devin Smith (SO) and Michael Thomas (FR) make up the current receiving corp for the Buckeyes. That young group of receivers are learning their positions at a higher level just as Braxton is, so not only are there dropped passes, but oftentimes routes are not even run correctly. Couple that with the fact that some of this group has trouble getting off of the line promptly and you can be talking about seriously hindering Miller’s ability to be a pure, pocket passer. These things take time and patience, which most of us do not have, but it is a very, very real part of the development process.

#3. At best, this current offensive line is serviceable.

Reid Fragel, who is the only senior on this offensive line, converted from the tight end position to right tackle this season and is still clearly making adjustments in doing so. The offensive line as a whole has dealt with injuries, as well as inconsistencies at running back making their jobs that much more difficult in trying to adjust for each runners’ style. Including Braxton’s. But the real problem here is that many times the pocket collapses quickly and forces Miller to make decisions quicker than he may like to and his instincts are to do what he does best – run. As this offensive line becomes a more cohesive unit, it will undoubtedly allow Miller more time to make decisions, progressions and check-downs.

#4. Is this season, a meaningless, lost season, worth the risk of your star player getting seriously injured?

This may be the most important point of them all. As it currently stands, Braxton Miller is really the only true consistent offensive weapon that this team has. Through the air and on the ground, he currently accounts for 1,195 of Ohio State’s 1,708 total yards. What risks are you willing to take with a guy that currently provides 70% of your total offense? Is it 15+ carries each game? More than likely there is not a right answer here but in my eyes letting him develop to become more of a pocket passer, will pay dividends in the long run rather than doing what it takes to win in a lost season. The shots that Braxton was taking during the game against Central Florida were seriously painful to watch. While most were not malicious, those players were surely sending a message that he would have to earn every yard, on every single one of those 27 carries.

#5. Braxton Miller has a better chance of becoming the player that Troy Smith was, than Terrelle Pryor.

Oh this point will definitely get some backlash. Really, it is about expectations though (look at us, we circled all the way back to expectations again). Here is where the line of delineation is lost. In my eyes, I believe that Braxton has enough of the tools and coaching support that he could truly turn into a pocket passer with great wheels as a bail-out after going through all of his progressions. To me, the difference is how the quarterbacks coach, Tom Herman will choose to mold him. We watched a very raw athlete in Troy Smith 8-years ago, grow from a player that took the field as a kick returner and running-back, to become a Heisman trophy winner at quarterback. While Braxton’s pure throwing motion may not be the prettiest around right now, it can be shaped if the desire is there. Right now, that is the variable and the decision that Meyer and Herman will have to make.

This may come across as though I am a Braxton apologist. I can assure you I am not. I simply and truly believe that given the right controllable circumstances, Miller can show the college football world that the depth to his talent, coupled with the current coaching staff, can help manufacture a new ceiling for this young quarterback and ultimately, the championship we all so desperately crave.


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“He’s Different” – A Buckeye Profile

Oh Denard…you deserved this

When you stop and think about it, I find it almost surreal that as Ohio State fans we were watching a tortured Buckeye team try and claw their way back into a game against the Miami Hurricanes, one year ago, almost to the day.

Really, it had nothing to do with football.

I hate the term, but it was a ‘statement game’ of sorts for the program to prove to the football world that Buckeye Nation could overcome such adversity off the field. Having beat the ‘Canes the previous year, the only redemption this time around was about character and will. I do not mean that to sound as hokey as it may come across, but it truly was a defining time for the program: the talent was present, but underdeveloped and unprepared making the spotlight that much brighter for the young players. Not only did they have to uphold the name of such a storied university on the field, but they had to do so on a national stage while so many were hoping for them to fail.

A year later, well, not a ton has changed to be honest. The rest of the football world still hates the Buckeyes, there are still a lot of young, undeveloped players and the team is still in a transition phase with Urban Meyer and his coaching staff. Urban has received a lot of praise since accepting the head coaching job at Ohio State. A lot is an understatement, actually, but it not only comes with good reason, but because he is an Ohio native. As any city should, we love a good hometown success story. And boy do we have one in number 54, John Simon.

And you thought I was going to gush over Urban. Come on. [Read more...]

Ohio State – Hype or Hope?

Given that my last post did not exactly spark the conversation I wanted it to, I decided to take a different approach on topics to stir things up a bit. I understand that WFNY has primarily covered Cleveland sports and Ohio State has taken a back seat to it, but I will figure out a way to get ya, this I promise. You see, I do not love healthy arguments – I crave them. Unless we are talking about politics, I pretty much have a strong opinion on it and my goal is not necessarily to force it upon someone, but to get engaged in enough banter that I can be properly educated on the opposite side purely for perspective. In fact, on several occasions I have taken the opposite stance from which I believe just to hear the opinions and reasoning from someone else. I know, that is probably not healthy but if you knew me you would know that is par for the course.

So with that, I see this Ohio State Buckeye fan-base as having two very definitive sides with their football program. People who believe that they will be wildly successful right out of the gate and will accept nothing less, and those that believe that this team has an uphill battle regardless of the current coaching staff and talent. Go ahead, you are allowed to roll eyes and think that there cannot be a true Buckeye fan out there that would believe the latter, but you would be wrong. [Read more...]

WFNY Podcast – 2012-09-11 – Browns, Buckeyes, Suspensions and 2-point Conversions

Rick and Craig are back at it again and no we still don’t have an opener. Sorry, I was too busy bringing a new child into the world. Excuse me. Get off my back, ok?

Anyway, Rick and I talked about the Browns and Buckeyes mostly. As soon as I get TD or Jon on we’ll get some Tribe in the action. Scott will make an appearance soon too, I’m thinking.

  • Joe Haden’s suspension
  • Pat Shurmur and the 2-point conversion decision
  • Brandon Weeden’s tumultuous first week
  • Colt McCoy and Weeden sharing wide-eyed first moments in the new system
  • Buckeyes offensive regression from week 1 to week 2
It went a bit long this time nearing 30 minutes. That’s a bit too long for what we want to do, so we’ll try to tighten it up a bit going forward. The good news is that it at least means we’re having fun talking. Hopefully that translates into some good listening. Then again, Brandon Weeden claims he was having some fun last week against the Eagles, so we’ll just have to see what kind of podcaster rating we get. Hopefully at least as high as Mike Vick.
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A Buckeye Youth Movement

Courtesy of ScarletBuckeye.comThere is not a time that this site really captures its own name like it does right now when it comes to Ohio sports. If you are wondering, yes, I am completely aware of how cliche that sounds but look at this: the Browns are holding 15 rookies on their 53-man roster, the Cavs are the third-youngest team in the NBA and the Indians continue to be the farm system that every MLB organization has grown to love.

The same is true for the Ohio State Buckeye football team…partially for different reasons. Of course, ESPN did a great job of finding a way to constantly remind the nation of the sanctions that came down on the university, so we are all aware of how that affects the program this year. Now, not only are we all looking forward to next season for bowl eligibility reasons, but because of the promising young talent that is currently being sculpted for when it counts. To reinforce that point, 14 true freshman saw playing time on Saturday afternoon. I get that it was a blowout win over a disheveled Miami team, but take a look at the depth chart and you will quickly see how many underclassmen either start, or see significant playing time.

That said, I think it would be a great idea to not only point out a few key guys that are worth keeping an eye on, but hear differing thoughts on this topic from you guys as well (Adolphus Washington and Bri’onte Dunn excluded as obvious 5-star recruit choices). 

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Penn State Receives NCAA Sanctions

Last night was a night of rumor and speculation around what would be handed down to Penn State today from the NCAA. No reason to wonder anymore.

Penn State has a 4-year bowl ban, a $60 million fine, and lost scholarships to deal with. To top it all off, all PSU wins since 1998 have been vacated giving Joe Paterno 298 career wins.

It is certainly a hefty punishment as the world discusses whether or not the NCAA had the the right to step in in this case.

The fact remains that with vacated wins, Ohio State is undefeated against Penn State since 1998. Vacating wins seems so silly, doesn’t it? Congratulations to Jim Tressel, I guess.

OSU LB Storm Klein Arrested

Ohio State senior linebacker Storm Klein was arrested Friday evening in Columbus on charges of domestic violence and assault.

Klein, who has started 10 games for the Buckeyes and a potential starter, remains innocent until proven guilty of course. But his arrest marks already the 3rd arrest for Buckeye players since Urban Meyer’s arrival.

The Buckeye coach came to Columbus with a reputation for having players with legal issues at Florida and while he didn’t recruit any of the players who have been arrested, this certainly isn’t going to sit well with the coach. If the charges stick, expect Klein to be made into an example by Meyer.

No details or comments have been released by Ohio State at this time.

OSU’s Jared Sullinger Not Invited to NBA Draft Green Room

This is not hyperbole right now. I’m not sure Ohio State has had a player with higher character than Jared Sullinger since Thad Matta took over. First round draft picks rarely need sympathy, nor to be hyped up, and it’s tough to feel bad for a guy who is about to be very rich playing the game he loves.

Never the less, things keep going bad for Sullinger. The latest comes from ESPN’s Andy Katz who reported that the NBA did not invite Sullinger to the NBA Draft Green Room. The distinct priviledge, normally reserved for the top 10-15 prospects, was once an inevitability for Sullinger. However, after the crushing blow of having doctors red flag him for his back issues, Sullinger’s stock has been in a free fall.

Surely being in the green room, while not the most important thing in the world, was a long time dream of Sullinger’s. Now that dream will never be realized, as he will be stuck on the outside looking in. Sullinger, who made the decision to return for his sophomore year rather than face an NBA lockout, was a likely top 5 pick last year. The decision to come back likely cost Sullinger at least 10 draft slots and millions of dollars over the lifetime of his rookie contract. Hopefully the experience and lessons learned from the extra year of seasoning will allow Sullinger to eventually make up the difference. Because, really, this could not have happened to a nicer guy who deserves it less.

Ohio State Wins ESPN’s Lawsuit Over Public Records

If you recall a while back, we talked a little bit about the ESPN lawsuit they brought against the Ohio State administration. The basis of the case is that when the Jim Tressel scandal broke, ESPN’s Tom Farrey made repeated requests for information from the University, citing Ohio’s Open Records Laws.

While OSU did turn over much of what Farrey and ESPN requested, some items were withheld by the University with the school arguing that turning over the records would violate FERPA’s student privacy protection guidelines. ESPN wasn’t satisfied with that answer, and took it to the courts to try to get the documents handed over to them.

It was an interesting case with some fairly serious ramifications no matter which way the courts decided. After several months of arguments, the court has reached it’s decision:

The court on Tuesday unanimously ruled that for the most part Ohio State properly shielded records as either protected by federal privacy laws or attorney-client privilege.

The court said in a few cases Ohio State must remove certain names from documents which it then must provide ESPN.

The court also denied ESPN’s request for attorney fees.

This is a big decision, not just for Ohio State, but for all public Universities with high profile athletic departments. While many media outlets were aligning with ESPN in the case, several educational institutions were siding with Ohio State. By upholding Ohio State’s right to protect the privacy of its students, a precedent has been set for similar future cases with other schools.

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Report: Buckeyes Stoneburner and Mewhort suspended

Ohio State reacted quickly to arrests made over the weekend-

“The attorney for Ohio State football players Jake Stoneburner and Jack Mewhort told The Dispatch last night that coach Urban Meyer has suspended his clients pending the outcome of their legal problems.

Stoneburner and Mewhort were charged by Shawnee Hills police with obstructing official business, a second-degree misdemeanor.

The two, along with Austin Barnard, who is not a football player, allegedly were caught urinating between buildings near the Bogey Inn about 1:30 a.m. Saturday while walking back to Stoneburner’s family home at Muirfield Village, site of the Memorial Tournament.

All three allegedly ran when first confronted by a police officer shining a flashlight in their direction, but Stoneburner and Mewhort reportedly stopped soon afterward.”

Buckeye fans and critics alike will be watching to see how Urban Meyer handles the situation. Both players will likely be reinstated without much punishment from the team itself once the legal case is handled. Let’s face it, in the long list of reasons to get arrested- this is fairly tame. Dumb, but tame.

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A Disturbing Situation

As Ben linked to in this morning’s While We’re Waiting, a recent revelation has caused a disturbance at Ohio State, which was a contributing factor in a recruit decommitting from the 2013 Buckeye class. First off, this young man- currently a Junior in High School- has every right to pick Ohio State or any other school. This is not about him. Nor is it about his family that made some comments that has some members of the “Ohio State community” upset and defensive on twitter and I’m guessing message boards.

In the last week, it came to the attention of the OSU compliance department that an individual has been posting pictures of himself with several Ohio State athletes on his twitter account. He has been very active in trying to communicate with OSU athletes and prospective student athletes through twitter. That doesn’t sound like anything new to those that have much experience with the social media site, where fans routinely try to get a favorite athlete or celebrity to respond to a message they tweet.

The difference in this case, is that the man in question is a registered sex offender in another state.

A warning email was sent to Ohio State’s athletes from the athletic office, and the individual’s twitter account has been shut down. [Read more...]

Ohio State Lands 4-Star QB Prospect JT Barrett

Urban Meyer has landed yet another highly thought of 4-star recruit. JT Barrett, the 7th ranked QB prospect in the country out of Wichita Falls, Texas, confirmed Wednesday afternoon that he will be a Buckeye, according to’s Bill Greene.

Barrett is a QB very much in the mold of Braxton Miller. Though Barrett is smaller than Miller, Barrett seems to fit the mold of what Urban Meyer wants to do with Ohio State’s offense. He is agile enough to keep plays alive with his feet and operate plays in space, but he also has the ability to stand in the pocket and make good throws. The very definition of a dual threat QB.

[ Barrett Goes to the Buckeyes]

NFL Report: Mike Adams visits Browns and Steelers

This isn’t a surprise at all, but it is the first report we’ve heard that Ohio State offensive tackle Mike Adams has indeed already visited the Browns-

“Ohio State offensive tackle Mike Adams has visited the Pittsburgh Steelers, St. Louis Rams, Detroit Lions, Buffalo Bills and the Cleveland Browns, according to a league source.”

This comes from Aaron Wilson, who writes for, National Football Post and covers the Ravens locally. He can be found on twitter @RavensInsider.

We’ve discussed the Adams to the Browns possibility before. As well as his poor showing at the combine. At the very least, you would imagine Adams would be a possibility for the Browns at #22.

The Steelers have the 24th pick. Scouts Inc. lists Adams as the 27th rated player in the draft.