The Cleveland Browns should simplify their defense during the bye

Mike Pettine Cleveland Browns Johnny Manziel

Mike Pettine has learned a lot from Rex Ryan. Let’s hope he learns one more lesson in simplifying his defense during the bye week.

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What Do NFL Scouts Look For in the Preseason?

Mike Pettine Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns lost to the Buffalo Bills 11-10 Thursday night in their second preseason game. It was far from a pretty performance, even with Johnny Manziel leading a 96-yard drive that culminated in a 21-yard touchdown pass to Shane Wynn. The Browns totaled 232 yards on offense, scored just that one touchdown and a field

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Johnny Manziel, Terrance West show up against Buffalo

AP Photo/David Richard

Coming into the season, I was pretty skeptical about the future of Johnny Manziel. As much as I wanted to be encouraged by Manziel’s apparent turnaround in his personal life, it didn’t seem to be immediately relevant to the whole football thing. I openly wondered if Manziel was even the best backup candidate for the

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Browns lose to Bills, but Johnny Manziel shines—for a drive

Johnny Manziel, Cleveland Browns, Josh McCown

It wasn’t always pretty. The first half was as ugly as it gets and at one point in the night, ABC’s Mike Tirico wondered if either team would go on to score another point for the rest of the evening. Luckily for him—and everyone else in the world who wanted to avoid overtime preseason football—Cleveland

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WFNY Roundtable: What We’re Watching For in Browns-Bills

via Cleveland Browns

In advance of Thursday night’s preseason game against Rex Ryan and the Buffalo Bills, we here at WFNY poured some cold ones and got together, roundtable style, to discuss what, exactly, we will be watching for come opening kick. Do enjoy. Will: I’ll be watching Danny Shelton, who has immediately become a favorite of mine and,

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Playing violently is the name of the game for Danny Shelton


Danny Shelton’s first appearance on an NFL stage made him look like something of a gentle giant, as he hoisted Commissioner Roger Goodell off his feet with a draft day bear hug while wearing a traditional Polynesian ensemble. Shelton also showed a fun side during the Browns’ joint practices in Buffalo when he tried to scare/surprise his

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Notes from Day 1 of Browns’ joint practices with Bills

via Cleveland Browns

Over the weekend, linebacker Karlos Dansby promised “fireworks” at joint practice sessions between the Cleveland Browns and Buffalo Bills this week. According to reports, at least one scuffle erupted between the two teams, but, otherwise, things were relatively calm in New York on Monday. The fight that broke out occurred during an 11-on-11 drill between the Browns’

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Get ready for “fireworks”: Browns and Bills teaming up for joint practices this week

Travis Benjamin

File this one under “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” The Cleveland Browns and Buffalo Bills are coming together for two days of joint practices in Pittsford, New York, starting Monday. Capped off by a nationally televised preseason game in Cleveland on Thursday, the joint practices will bring both teams together for individual

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Doug Marrone wasn’t happy with draft day trade with Browns


Even as the Browns suffered through a disappointing end of the year with both their first round draft picks, Cleveland Browns fans don’t generally talk negatively about the trade that led to the Bills landing Sammy Watkins. The Browns ended up with Justin Gilbert and Buffalo’s pick in this year’s first round. Even if the

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Behind a struggling offense a defense shines: Cleveland Browns Film Room

Joshua Gunter / The Plain Dealer

The Cleveland Browns lost to the Buffalo Bills 26-10 last week and all of the news was about the quarterback controversy. The offensive struggles of the Browns were the big news of the game, but it overshadowed the outstanding defensive performance. The Browns’ defense kept the Browns in the game even when the offense was

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Will Johnny Manziel replace Brian Hoyer against Indy? – WFNY Podcast – 2014-12-01

WFNY Podcast

Mike Burgermeister of joined me to talk about the Browns latest loss to the Buffalo Bills. Brian Hoyer looked horrendous, Mike Pettine made the move to Johnny Manziel and the rest is history.  But, what does that all mean for next Sunday against the Colts? The matchup with the Colts is a good one

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Johnny Manziel makes his Browns debut against the Bills


The wait is over for many Browns fans. After another sub-par performance by Brian Hoyer including two interceptions and more near-interceptions, the Browns went to the first round QB from Texas A&M as the team faced a 20-3 deficit. The Browns also did absolutely nothing in the third quarter as a whole. #Browns had 8

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Donte Whitner dismisses Greg Little’s comments, bulletin board material in general

Greg Little Cincinnati Bengals

One of the big reasons the Browns went out and got a guy like Donte Whitner was to be a veteran presence as well as an experienced, talented safety. Part of that job is having proper perspective in the locker room and on the heels of Greg Little’s immature revenge fantasies, Whitner proved once again

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New Bills ownership could look to Mike Holmgren?


Another week and another rumor involving Mike Holmgren’s involvement in an NFL franchise. The Buffalo Bills were recently sold, and we know how that drill goes as we saw it all too closely with Joe Banner at Jimmy Haslam’s side. A lot of the rumor mill surrounding Joe Banner’s dismissal has it that Jimmy Haslam

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Michigan’s Miscue, Brendan Haywood, and a sea of loud uniforms: While We’re Waiting…


Not only are the Michigan Wolverines hot garbage on the field, they’re now in the midst of a concussion scandal.

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2014 NFL Draft: Thoughts after the first round

Flat Brimmed Johnny

I have a lot of random thoughts after the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft, so here goes… “Johnny Manziel is a good draft pick regardless of how it works out if for no other reason than because of the rookie wage scale. In talking about this draft before it happened, there was a lot of

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Several draft day trade scenarios popping up for the Cleveland Browns

Sure, the Cleveland Browns have the fourth-overall pick in 2014 NFL Draft, but would it surprise anyone if that orange helmet disappears from the corner of the television without a pick having been made? While fans of the Orange and Brown debate the merits of playmakers versus offensive linemen, there’s a considerable chance that the

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Bills owner Ralph Wilson Jr dead at age 95


One of the two men who had the courage, cognition and cachet to vote against Art Modell’s proposed move to Baltimore is no longer with us. Buffalo Bills founder, owner and stadium namesake Ralph Wilson, Jr., has died, team president Russ Brandon announced Tuesday at the NFL meetings. He was 95. Wilson is credited with initiating talks

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Bills edge Browns to “win” honor of being “NFL’s Most Tortured Fan Base”


Will Leitch from Sports On Earth gave the NBA title to the Cleveland Cavaliers, but unfortunately (or fortunately?) the Cleveland Browns weren’t able to carry the belt in the NFL. That honor belongs to the Buffalo Bills. In June, Leitch promises to do the same thing in baseball, where I truly expect the Indians to

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NFL News: Bills hire Jim Schwartz as Mike Pettine’s replacement

Buffalo fans had been nervous after the departure of their defensive coordinator Mike Pettine. Yesterday, the Bills acted quickly to fill the vacancy in hiring former Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz. Schwartz, only 47, had been previously rumored as a possible defensive coordinator candidate in Cleveland. He was a disappointing 29-51 in five seasons

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