July 30, 2014

Cavs History Book – Mark Price Trade

Mark PriceYesterday on Twitter, I got into a conversation with some bloggers for the Washington Wizards.  (TruthAboutIt and BulletsForever) As anyone who has ever surfed YouTube knows, one thing leads to another and you eventually end up in a completely foreign place from where you started.  Somehow talking about the Cavs eventually led to talking about how the Cavs inadvertently ruined the Bullets by trading an old, injury-prone Mark Price to them. I say that in jest of course, because someone in the Bullets obviously decided it was a good enough deal to pull the trigger.

That led me to wonder what, exactly, did the Bullets send to the Cavaliers for Mark Price?  After failing miserably finding the answer on Wikipedia and other places, I found it exactly where I should have looked in the first place.  It was in a post on BulletsForever that was exploring their own history books remembering Robert Pack.  Then I was linked to another post on TruthAboutIt that also goes into detail on it.  I found my answer . [Read more...]