Every second contract signed by Browns draft picks since 1999

NFL Model3

Successful NFL franchises are built upon the cyclical nature of the athletes on their team. The team drafts new players to be taken under the wing of veteran players in their prime, and the front office supplements the roster with useful but inexpensive players for depth. The prime veteran players are allowed to leave before

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The Cleveland Browns almost drafted Robert Mathis, chose Lee Suggs instead

Robert Mathis Browns Jersey

Robert Mathis was almost a Cleveland Browns pass rusher. They called him and selected someone else.

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Debate Day: The Best Browns Coach Since ’99

Cleveland Browns best worst coach debate

As a seemingly bottomless pool of Republican presidential candidates descends on Cleveland for the first big debate of the 2015-16 election season, WFNY has decided to host its own panel of vaguely familiar, easily scrutinized authority figures — similarly eager for your approval and re-consideration. Yes, on one conceptual stage, we’ve managed to gather all

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Browns repeat history from 12 years ago

Jordan Cameron

I apologize for re-opening up old wounds, but the events of yesterday, along with this week’s upcoming opponent had me thinking back to one day 12 years ago. I remember it all to well….because I was there.  On November 4, 2001, my life was completely different. The world had been changed forever two months earlier

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Cleveland Sports Life Boat – Browns Head Coaches

Browns Coach Life Boat

I am a huge fan of the Ron and Fez show on Sirius XM Satellite radio. They do a bit on the radio called life boat, and I’m borrowing it for Cleveland sports. Here’s how it works. There are four people and only three seats remaining on the life boat. You must work your way

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Safe to say Haslam meant what he said regarding changes

Jimmy Haslam seemingly dissatisfied

Some may not like the fact that more change hasn’t occurred with the Browns since Jimmy Haslam took over, but Haslam did say he wasn’t going to change much before the end of the season. There’s obvious value in openness and honesty. When Jimmy Haslam said he wouldn’t make changes until the end of the

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Butch Davis doesn’t think he’s done being a head coach

Everyone in Cleveland remembers the Butch Davis era. It was the last time I was truly excited about a head coaching candidate hire in Berea, I think. And actually the Butch Davis era seemed headed in a decent direction until he and his buddy Pete Garcia pulled power moves that made them be-all end-alls in

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POLL: Who are the Best Browns Players Since 1999? Offense

A fun little project we are undertaking here and at Cleveland.com to come up with the best Browns players the team has had since 1999. Today we are doing offense first. Enjoy this little trip down memory lane!

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Quotes: Randy Lerner Talks Cleveland Browns with WTAM’s Mike Trivisonno

Randy Lerner broke his silence today with the biggest radio show in Cleveland, hosted by Mike Trivisonno on WTAM.  Here were some of the more interesting quotes.  I won’t begin to pretend this was a hard-hitting interview with tough, antagonistic questions, but they did delve into many of the topics involved with all the losing

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For the Browns, Pat Shurmur’s Debut Just the Latest In a Long Line of Rough Starts

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. The Cleveland Browns, coming off a couple disappointing seasons, make a coaching change. The new coach comes in, the front office is happy, the players are excited about the change, the fans are fired up with all the hope and optimism that this new coaching regime is

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NFL Draft Watch: Robert Quinn Video Evidence

Scott linked to a mock draft on Twitter today that had the Browns selecting Marcell Dareus.  We’ve already done that post.  So, I skipped down to another defensive lineman, Robert Quinn and gave him the anecdotal, inconclusive Youtube video treatment.  Without further ado here is a longer clip of Quinn and his North Carolina teammates

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The Truth About Butch

Just when you think its a slow day in Cleveland sports, a not so fond blast from the past resurfaces that makes you laugh and aggravates you all at once. During a media session in Dallas yesterday, Pittsburgh Offensive Coordinator Bruce Arians let loose with some built up anger and unleashed it on his former

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Coaches Are Made, Not Hired

(Update: The hiring of Pat Shurmur is official) As the Browns are reportedly on the verge of hiring Pat Shurmur to be their next head coach, most Cleveland fans don’t get it. The hand-wringing and sniping reminds me of all that TV footage of Jets fans complaining about their team’s draft picks live on TV

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While We’re Waiting…

While We’re Waiting aims to be the round-up of the recent WFNY-esque information for your morning viewing.  Have something you think we should see?  Send it to our tips email in the sidebar. “If you count only their Monday night games, they’re astonishingly good,” said [Tony] Kornheiser, who will be in the booth for tonight’s game

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The Browns Will Win If…

I thought about changing the title of this column to something snarky like “The Browns Can’t Win Because…”, but that would be a great disservice to you, our faithful readers. You’ve come to expect professionalism, and professionalism you shall get! The Browns’ season is over relative to the playoffs, and even more than that there

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Bitter Towards Butch?

The Butch Davis era was one that most Browns fans would love to forget.  Sure, he lead the team to a 7-9 record during his first year as the head coach, and then improved that to a 9-7 mark with a spot in the playoffs.  PLAYOFFS!? We then had our first taste of a quarterback

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