Kendrick Lamar to perform before Cavs Home Opener

Kendrick Lamar Cleveland Cavaliers NBA

How big are the Cleveland Cavaliers? Not only will their October 30 home opener be televised on TNT, Kendrick Lamar will be performing before the game at a fan event held outside of Quicken Loans Arena. The Cleveland Cavaliers will tipoff the most anticipated season in the team’s history on Thursday night October 30th when


Game Illustrated: Matthew Dellavedova


If you know me personally or have read more than 50 words I’ve written, then you already know that I am an unabashed sucker for players who hustle, especially on a basketball court. I paid tribute to Anderson Varejao’s hustle in the previous edition of Game Illustrated. Today, that honor goes to another foreign Cavalier


An infamous kiss, closing windows, and YIELD: While We’re Waiting…


Happy Tuesday WFNY! It’s mostly happy, anyway. The Browns remembering how to be the Browns again was awfully frustrating, and pessimistically it was perhaps enlightening. Because really, does anyone know who the real Browns are? This has to be the most bipolar football team I can recall. You have the first halves of the first


Tristan Thompson kisses Allie Clifton, calls her Tina

Tristan Thompson Cleveland Cavaliers

Pre-season basketball just needs to end. There might be a real basketball game to talk about. Alas, this is what we’ve got. Tristan Thompson was being very strange in a pre-game interview with FSO reporter Allie Clifton. He might have been fulfilling a dare or a bet or doing some kind of inside joke that


LeBron James thinks the NBA season is too long

Cleveland Cavaliers Big Three

Prior to the Cavaliers taking the floor against the Pacers in Cincinnati, LeBron James shared his opinion on the length of the NBA season. Namely, LeBron James says that he and his peers think it is too long. “The minutes don’t mean anything,” he said. “We can play 50-minute games if we had to. It’s


Game Illustrated: Anderson Varejao

Anderson Varejao Cleveland Cavaliers

This may be a biased account of Anderson Varejao’s game, for it is difficult to be unbiased when exploring the ways of the Wild Thing. He is, or at least was, among the most reviled players in the league. Google “Varejao hate” and you’ll find plenty of results. Magazines, Celtics message boards, Yahoo! Answers, and