Mean tweets don’t bog Kip down.

Jerry Kipnis show

Just as in any sport itself, there are some athletes who just do social media better than others. The world where one questions is Joe Flacco a elite quarterback and can be dominated by crying Jordan memes is an interesting nut for any professional athlete to crack. And, few athletes do social media better than

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Cavaliers interested in acquiring Ben McLemore or Joe Johnson, among others

Associated Press

With the NBA’s trade deadline looming, the Cleveland Cavaliers are reportedly interested in a host of wings including Ben McLemore and Joe Johnson.

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On Kobe Bryant and taking greatness for granted

Kobe Bryant LeBron James Cleveland

How is it possible that Kobe Bryant’s 20-year career seems to have flown by so quickly?

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Kobe Bryant gives LeBron James his game-worn Kobe 11s (Pics)

Kobe Bryant LeBron James Kobe 11

Kobe Bryant left his lasting mark with Cavs fans at The Q, and with LeBron James following the game.

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LeBron James is No. 3 on ESPN’s all-time NBA rankings

Joshua Gunter/

No. 23 comes in at No. 3 on ESPN’s list of the best all-time in the NBA.

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Won’t you stay just a little bit longer? Cavs-Lakers, Behind the Box Score

LeBron James Kobe Bryant

Kevin Love hurt his shoulder (but he should be fine), and the Cavs took care of business in Kobe Bryant’s final game in Cleveland.

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Windhorst: Cavs and Lakers talked about a LeBron-Kobe swap in 2007

LeBron James Kobe Bryant

Kobe in the wine and gold? The Cavs and Lakers talked about a LeBron James-Kobe Bryant trade in 2007, writes ESPN’s Brian Windhorst.

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Dan Gilbert launches the first sneaker stock exchange

Stock X Dan Gilbert

Sneaker reselling has long been an unregulated environment. With Dan Gilbert’s investment in Campless, we get StockX, a stock market of “things.”

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What Never Was: LeBron vs Kobe in the NBA Finals

LeBron vs Kobe 2016

Despite every NBA Finals series since 2007 including either a LeBron or a Kobe, the two never met on basketball’s grandest stage.

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Year of the Pipe: Kings-Cavs, Behind the Box Score

LeBron James DeMarcus Cousins Cavs Kings

Kyrie put up season-highs, J.R. entered the record books and LeBron notched his first triple-double—all on the same night.

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Pelican hunting: Cavs-Pelicans, Behind the Box Score

LeBron James Cavs

LeBron and Kyrie made some jumpers, Anderson Varejao played some solid minutes, and the Cavs got back in the win column despite a huge game from Cleveland State alum Norris Cole.

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Not-So-Goodfellas: Celtics-Cavs, Behind the Box Score

Avery Bradley Boston Celtics Cleveland Cavaliers

Up four points with just seconds to go, the Cavs were stunned at the buzzer thanks to an Avery Bradley three-pointer over Iman Shumpert.

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Beaten by BEES?! Cavs-Hornets, Behind the Box Score

LeBron James Cavs

The Cavs were outrebounded by 21, which set the tone for a sluggish 106-97 loss. (Also: J.R. stepped to Spencer Hawes for giving LeBron the business.)

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Do you trust David Griffin? – WFNY Podcast No. 454

Scott Sargent/WFNY

Dave Sterling is BACK on the podcast with Craig. It’s been a bit since Dave was on, but we had an agenda printed out and everything to keep us on track. We discussed the Super Bowl, Peyton Manning, Cam Newton, the Cavaliers in a post-Blatt world, and also David Griffin. In Griffin we trust, apparently.

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Kevin made the postgame picture!

Kevin Love Cavs

That handsome devil had been waiting too long.

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What does 5-1 really mean to the Cavaliers? While We’re Waiting…


The Cleveland Cavaliers are 5-1 under Tyronn Lue, but what does this really mean in the larger picture of the team and their goals?

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Irving-James 2016! Cavs-Pacers, Behind the Box Score

LeBron james J.R. Smith Cleveland Cavaliers

Kevin Love blocks, Kyrie Irving dunks, Cavs win fifth straight in weird one in Indiana over Pacers.

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Report: Post-Blatt airing of grievances focused on accountability, brought Cavs closer

Cavs bench

A bit late for Festivus, but perhaps cathartic nonetheless.

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Perfect Balance: Cavs-Spurs, Behind the Box Score

LeBron James

LeBron James, Kevin Love, and Kyrie Irving combined for 71 points, 17 rebounds, and 16 assists as the Cavs overpowered the San Antonio Spurs.

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Hey, Love! You’re No All-Star. Get Your Game On, Go Playyyyy: Cavs-Pistons, Behind the Box Score

photo courtesy

Kevin Love responded to his All-Star snub/exclusion with a 29-point performance in Cavs win over Detroit Pistons.

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