Chad Zumock talks about the Cavs and his renewed standup focus – WFNY Podcast No. 494

WFNY Podcast

Chad Zumock joins the WFNY podcast to talk about the Cleveland Cavaliers playoff run and his renewed focus and energy in his stand-up.

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Head Games: Hawks-Cavs, Behind the Box Score

Cleveland Cavaliers Behind the Box Score.

A fourth quarter run saved the Cavs from the embarrassment of losing a game they led the majority of, giving them a 1-0 series lead over the Atlanta Hawks.

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Battling the Birds: Cavaliers – Hawks Eastern Conference Semifinals Preview

Cavs Hawks 2016

WFNY’s preview of the Cavs and Hawks series for the second round of the Eastern Conference Playoffs.

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The Greatest Sports Story of All Time? While We’re Waiting


A look at the NBA Playoffs and then we discuss the greatest sports story of all time that is happening right now before our very eyes.

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2016 NBA Playoffs – The Cavs Sweep the Pistons – WFNY Podcast No. 489

Matthew Dellavedova Cavs Pistons Playoffs

It didn’t always feel easy, but the Cavs swept the Pistons. Brian Spaeth returns to the podcast to discuss.

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We’re Not Detroit!: Cavs-Pistons, Behind the Box Score

Cleveland Cavaliers Behind the Box Score.

The Cavs won a squeaker in Detroit 100-98 behind 31 points from Kyrie Irving to clinch the series against the Pistons and advance to the Eastern Conference Semifinals.

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What if the Pistons kept their mouths shut until they won a game?

Jason Miller / Getty Images

The first round of the playoffs is nearing end for the Cavs as the Pistons have been known more for what they’ve done off the court than on.

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20 threes and a 2-0 lead: Cavs-Pistons, Behind the Box Score

JR Smith Cavs Pistons

LeBron got riled up and the Cavs hit 20 threes as they took a 2-0 lead over the Detroit Pistons in the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs.

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Who Should Sponsor the Cavs’ Uniforms in 2017-18?


Galley Boys and Banana shakes? Uh, yeah, I think we have a sponsor for the Cavs.

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Cavs players know they must defend Pistons better from beyond arc

Cleveland Cavaliers Kyrie Irving and LeBron James

The Cavs gave up a ton of three-pointers to the Detroit Pistons, and Ty Lue knows that has to change.

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Channing Frye on Cavs: “I love our chemistry…we’ve grown a lot”

Jason Miller / Getty Images

As tends to happen when a team fires their head coach midway through the season, headlines around the Cleveland Cavaliers and chemistry have focused more on dysfunction of sub-tweets, un-follows, and not having “fun.” Channing Frye looks to change the narrative as he speaks out about how close he feels the 2015-2016 Cavs squad really

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Cavaliers to host watch parties for road playoff games—again

David Liam Kyle/NBAE via Getty Images

For the second consecutive season, the Cleveland Cavaliers will host watch parties for all of their road games throughout the NBA playoffs.

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Stan Van Gundy: LeBron James can “do whatever he wants”

LeBron James Cavs Bucks

One game in to the Eastern Conference Playoffs and Detroit Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy thinks LeBron James is getting superstar calls from the referees.

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Fun with Lineups: The Cleveland Cavaliers

Mark J. Rebilas / USA TODAY Sports

Finding the right lineups at the right time is one of the biggest coaching challenges in the NBA. What strategy should Coach Tyronn Lue use in deploying lineups for the Cavs in the playoffs?

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Kobe Bryant, chainsaw drones, and League of Legends: While We’re Waiting…

LOL NA Esports

Some videos and some podcasts of Kobe Bryant, League of Legends, and other topics worthy of discussion.

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Seed Numero Uno: Hawks-Cavs, Behind the Box Score

Kevin Love LeBron James Cleveland Cavs Atlanta Hawks

LeBron James dominated and Kyrie Irving dazzled as Cavs beat the Atlanta Hawks and secure the top seed in the Eastern Conference.

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LeBron James wanted to shoot potential game-winner over Matthew Dellavedova

Delly LeBron

Needing two points to tie the Chicago Bulls on Saturday night, Matthew Dellavedova air-balled the game winning shot. LeBron James would like that one back.

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Hopefully not a first round preview: Cavaliers vs Bulls, Behind the Box Score

Chicago Bulls Cleveland Cavs Kevin Love LeBron James

The Cleveland Cavaliers blew a third quarter lead against the Bulls in Chicago on Saturday to keep the Bulls playoff hopes alive.

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LeBron James: “It’s a perfect time to be clicking”

LeBron James Cleveland Cavs

With just three games until their “real season” starts, the Cleveland Cavaliers have been clicking on all the right cylinders. While they might have lost Wednesday night in Indiana against the Pacers without star LeBron James (rest), the point-forward had plenty of good things to say about the team heading into the home stretch of

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An Instant Classic (Just Kidding): Cavs-Pacers, Behind the Box Score

Paul George Richard Jefferson Cavs Pacers

With LeBron James in street clothes, the Cavs demonstrated some impressively bad defense against the Indiana Pacers.

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