August 26, 2014

Cleveland Browns embarrass themselves, lose to Jags at home 32-28

Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 4.35.04 PMThis all sounds like the same Browns song and dance since 1999, doesn’t it?

Joe Haden got torched by Chad Henne and Cecil Shorts to give the Jaguars the lead with 40 seconds to go in the game. It was an embarrassing play in an embarrassing loss to one of the worst teams in the NFL at home. Yes, Brandon Weeden had a chance with 40 seconds and three timeouts to drive 80 yards for a touchdown and a victory, but that prayer wasn’t meant to be answered. This team remains an utter embarrassment to themselves and the city they represent. They might be set up for the future, but I’ve got to tell you. The present stinks. Browns are losers 28-32.

Brandon Weeden had one of his typically uneven days. [Update: Weeden diagnosed with concussion.] He made some passes early on that made it seem like the loose version of Weeden was going to be better. Then to end the first half Weeden imploded. The Browns had a 14-7 lead when Weeden threw an interception past Jordan Cameron. Jags touchdown ensued. The very next time Weeden touched the ball he threw another interception, this time yielding a field goal. Five plays later, Weeden gave up a strip sack that the Jags returned into field goal range with five seconds to go in the half. Scobee nailed it. The Browns went from a 14-7 lead to a 20-14 deficit in an absolutely comical amount of time. [Read more...]

Peyton Manning Sweepstakes Heating Up

A few weeks ago, Adam Schefter spawned a couple of days of talk about the Browns and Peyton Manning with mere speculation that the Browns could be a suitor should Manning get cut before he is owed a $28 million roster bonus in March.  It has been mostly quiet on the Peyton Manning front since then as Indianapolis has shaken things up by hiring GM Ryan Grigson, firing Jim Caldwell, and interviewing head coaching candidates, possibly even former Buckeye Jim Tressel.  It is not so quiet anymore.

Yesterday teams seemingly started using the media as a mouthpiece to express interest in a player that they are certainly not legally allowed to speak with or about.  The Dolphins got out first with a report in the Miami Herald.  That report pulled a double whammy by also mentioning Packers backup Matt Flynn, who also isn’t available yet.  That makes some sense since Miami just hired former Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin to be their new head coach.  With all the talk started, the Cardinals didn’t want to be on the sidelines. [Read more...]

Week 3: The Browns Will Win If…

The Browns are in the win column, hooray! What’s that? The Colts are dreadful? Don’t harsh my buzz. The important thing is that the Browns *should* have won that game, and they did. And, they did it with defense, for the most part. They never let the Colts get into the end zone until the end, which was a death-by-a-thousand-cuts time bleeding drive. Granted, I thought back to that 2001 Bears game which ended up being an overtime loss, but I guess that’s what happens when you’ve been constantly dumped on your entire sports life by a team/franchise.


I copy/pasted last year’s post code into this one, and I can’t bring myself to take this line out: “First and foremost, how angry does that Dolphin look? I mean, man. I thought Snowflake in Ace Ventura was a nice, happy dolphin. As Lenny in The Simpsons once said, they’re the clowns of the sea! I digress…” The Dolphins are 0-2, but they have played two pretty decent teams in New England and Houston. They’ve put up pretty solid numbers offensively, averaging 271.5 yards through the air and 125.5 yards on the ground. Their problem has been defense: in their two games they’ve allowed 967 yards in offense to their opponents. So, the question will be: can the Browns keep up offensively? The weather looks to be lousy today and tomorrow, but should clear up on Sunday. If that changes, it will be interesting to see how it affects the game. Without further ado…

The Browns Will Win If…

Joe Haden Impressed With His Own Speed

On Joe Haden’s interception, a lot of us wondered if Dan Dierdorf was just blowing smoke when he said that Haden got torched before intercepting a bad pass.  It seems that even Haden is willing to admit that he got beat on the first of two moves in Brian Hartline’s “double move” on Sunday.  Thank goodness for Joe Haden’s God-given speed and Chad Henne’s God-given… um… well… hmmm… whatever it is that he has that let him underthrow the ball.

Pre-Game Intel: Browns vs. Dolphins

When and Where: Sunday December 5th, 2010 – 1:00 PM – Sun Life Stadium – Miami, FL

Overview: The Browns won the game last week despite all the negative feelings we have attached to that performance.  I have to admit that it was much easier to talk about the game this week considering the ball bounced the Browns’ way.  Eric Mangini was able to be a bit more lighthearted about the struggles and need for improvement.  It is pretty hilarious that we would seriously entertain coaching “hotseat” conversations if that ball had bounced right instead of bouncing left off that upright.  Because an opposing kicker misses a field goal the conversation is saved for another week.  No matter, the Browns know they got away with one last week, and should be intent on responding this week.

The Dolphins are 6-5 so far this season in a pretty uneven year.  The Dolphins have beaten all kinds of teams they should have beaten like Buffalo, Minnesota, and Cincinnati.  Their most impressive win came in week six over Green Bay 23-20 in overtime.  Other than that win, they have lost to all the decent teams on their schedule including the Jets, Pats, Steelers and Ravens.  Most recently they took care of Oakland 33-17.  You have to think they like their chances this week as five point favorites against the Browns.

[Read more...]

The Browns Will Win If…

IT’S CLEVELAND AND MIAMI!! RAWWRR!! Oh, wait, that was last night. Well, here we are at 4-7, coming off a “wow, how did they not lose that game?” performance in the second half last Sunday against the Panthers. I’ve almost run out of witty things to say about this Browns team, as the injuries seem to have sucked some of the starch out of their shirts. So, I’ma let Scott give you the set up. Tune in to WKNR during the 11 AM hour on Friday and let his dulcet tones sooth your “I hate Miami!” soul after last night’s re-ripping-open of the wound.


First and foremost, how angry does that Dolphin look? I mean, man. I thought Snowflake in Ace Ventura was a nice, happy dolphin. As Lenny in The Simpsons once said, they’re the clowns of the sea! I digress… It won’t do much, but the Browns—far and away now the Kings of Cleveland—have the chance to salvage a little municipal dignity against Miami, though they must go on the road to do it. The Dolphins are 6-5 also-rans in the tough AFC East, but don’t look much different than the Browns in many ways. Avg. points per game: CLE – 19.6, MIA – 18.6. Avg. points allowed per game: CLE – 20.8, MIA – 20.5.  Miami holds a slight edge in all offensive and defensive stats except for rushing yards per game, where the Browns have the slight advantage. In the battle of dueling QB carousels, Miami goes to Chad Henne again, and the Browns continue with Back-Foot Delhomme. The Browns are 1-4 on the road, but the one other strange thing in the Browns favor? Miami is only 1-4 at home this year. Phew. Without further ado…

The Browns Will Win If…