August 26, 2014

NFL News: Browns discover ACL tear for WR Charles Johnson

Browns QB Brian Hoyer tore his ACL against the Buffalo Bills in week five. The team placed him on the IR last week and signed WR Charles Johnson off the Green Bay practice squad to take his roster spot.

Today Scott Petrak reported that the Browns discovered that Johnson also has a torn ACL.

The Browns must keep Johnson on the 53 man roster for at least three weeks, so they will not be able to replace him before the Green Bay game on Sunday. (League rules state that signing a player from another team’s practice squad must keep that player for at least three weeks.)

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NFL Free Agency: Someone’s About to be Overpaid

This afternoon the players are reportedly going to vote into agreement the new CBA, which will begin the start of the most frantic free agent signing period the NFL (or any league for that matter) has ever seen. New deals won’t be official until after the union has re-formed, but according to reports teams can begin talking with free agents as soon as this afternoon.

But here are some numbers for you to think about. 24 teams are a combined $559 million dollars under the cap. And that’s before teams like Dallas and the Jets start shedding salary so they can be free agent players too. Now take a look at the free agents available. No question that some of the players at the top of the list are going to get big bucks, and deservedly so (I say that only in comparison to other football players of course), but with that much money to spend there is no question that some team is about to overpay big time for mediocre talent.

Teams like Tampa Bay (59.2) and Seattle (39) are mega millions away from the cap. The Cardinals (37.3), Bengals (35.9), Bears (37), Chiefs (34.3), Bills (35.9) and Browns (33.3) are right behind them. [Read more...]