Pat Riley talks about his shock at LeBron leaving the Heat

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Miami Heat president Pat Riley did a pretty comprehensive chat with Ethan Skolnick at The Bleacher Report and it’s a fascinating read for Cavs fans. Riley is an undeniably talented executive who I think most Cavs fans had cast as akin to The Emperor in Star Wars. It was so easy to do with the


Cavs beat the Heat and LeBron dunks on Bosh

LeBron James dunks over Chris Bosh and the Miami Heat

The Cavaliers beat the Heat tonight in overtime, 122-119, but that’s not important. What is important is what it looked like. Most notably, check out this dunk LeBron James put on his old teammates. Here’s what the WFNY crew and others were saying about the game as it happened. no one has. for good reason.


Chris Bosh says Kevin Love faces “difficult” transition

Cleveland Cavaliers Big Three

Chris Bosh probably knows more than anyone what Kevin Love is going to be going through this year in Cleveland. The parallels are a well-worn path at this point, but that’s because the comparisons between Bosh and Kevin Love are apt. Bosh joined Dwyane Wade and LeBron James as Kevin Love joins LeBron and Kyrie


With LeBron gone, Heat lock up Chris Bosh


Adrian Wojnarowski reports that the Miami Heat have signed free agent Chris Bosh to a five-year deal. Yahoo Sources: Chris Bosh agrees to five-year, $118M deal to return to the Miami Heat. — Adrian Wojnarowski (@WojYahooNBA) July 11, 2014 Bosh turned down a four-year offer from the Houston Rockets to stay in Miami. He


Chris Bosh reportedly offered a max deal by the Houston Rockets

Chris Bosh, Samardo Samuels

The Cleveland Cavaliers are pursuing LeBron James and a lot of that has to do (obviously) with what is happening in Miami. Well, try and figure out how the chess pieces move with this bit of information. Chris Bosh was supposedly willing to take less money in Miami, but now he’ll have to do it


World Cup, Ed O’Bannon, LeBron’s choice and more… While We’re Waiting

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It’s Friday, the World Cup is happening and it’s summer time. What are we really waiting for? The time is now. ***** I thought I’d start this week with something personal. I know nothing about parenting really. Like most of the rest of you who have done this or are doing it, there are a


2013 NBA Finals – Brian Spaeth breaks down the Heat and game 2 in 10 minutes – WFNY Podcast – 2013-06-09

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Brian and I decided to talk a little basketball today after the movie podcast. But, I’m posting the basketball podcast first, so you can pretend like it happened before the movie podcast… which will be posted later. Breaking down the Heat game 2 vs. the Spurs LeBron has fulfilled his potential as a player and


LeBron’s lack of help in 2013 rivals lack of help in 2007

Big 3

Jordan had Pippen, Kobe had Shaq,1 and hell even Skywalker had Solo. No matter how amazing or perfect someone may be, everyone needs help. LeBron was chastised for heading down to South Beach to team up with an NBA Finals MVP and a reptilion all-star. He was branded scared, afraid, and a coward for running


2013 NBA Draft Lottery – Cavs win! Nerlens Noel, Kevin Love, Chris Bosh? – WFNY Podcast – 2013-05-22

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Scott joined me for about 20 minutes to discuss the Cavaliers goings on since winning the NBA draft lottery last night. Here’s what we talked about more specifically. The turmoil of having the first overall pick in the draft What do you think about the trade down cuteness? Due diligence and just how little fans


Spoelsta on Irving: This dude hurt some people last night

Kyrie love fest continues. Now getting in on the action is Miami Heat and Eastern Conference All-Stars coach, Eric Spoelstra, who gave his two cents on Irving’s performance last night. East coach Erik Spoelstra puts his arm around #Cavs Kyrie Irving at practice and tells fans, “This dude hurt some people last night.” — M.S.


Regardless of LeBron’s fortune, I already own the conclusion

NBA Finals

One of the hardest lessons I learned from the LeBron James situation in Cleveland is that I can’t let anyone have that kind of control over me ever again. The power that LeBron James had over Cleveland was granted to him by people just like you and me. Sure, it was augmented by Phil Knight


Familiar Faces Return to Cleveland as Cavaliers Host the Miami Heat

Cavs have one last chance to stop LeBron and the Heat this season

The LeBron James circus is in town Friday as the Miami Heat (23-7, 2nd in the East) and the Cleveland Cavaliers (11-16, 10th in the East) square off for the final time this season. In each of the first two matchups between these two teams, the Cavaliers played tough, hanging in there with Miami through


Cavaliers Will Try Again To Steal a Win in Miami

Kyrie Irving and the Cavs fell just short in Miami last month

For the 2nd time this season the Cleveland Cavaliers (9-13, 9th in the East) will travel to Miami to take on the Heat (18-6, 2nd in the east). The last time out, the Cavaliers were struggling mightily and it was starting to look like their upstart season was unraveling. In many ways, that Miami game


Cavaliers Taking Their Struggles To South Beach to Face the Heat


Wait, we’re not tired of the “taking my [blank] to [blank]” jokes yet, are we? The struggling Cleveland Cavaliers (6-9) must go to Miami where they will face the reigning Eastern Conference Champion Heat (11-5). In some ways, both teams are having similar starts to their seasons as they had last year. The Cavaliers started


Bill Simmons Says “The Decision” Worked

Bill Simmons used his recently launched venture, Grantland, to deliver an article about how “The Decision” was the best thing that has happened to the NBA in 15 years.  No. Really.  He used his new venture on Grantland, where it is supposedly not merely about driving traffic and hits, to proclaim that an event that


Why I Can’t Root for the Celtics

As the Miami Heat leads their series with the Boston Celtics, ESPN reports that the Celtics provided the blueprint for what LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh put together in Miami.  “Seeing guys make sacrifices to come together and play as one.  They set the blueprint and went out there and did it.  They


LeBron James Returns to Cleveland, But Does Anyone Care?

The Miami Heat landed in Cleveland last night, but it appears that only the diehard fans are truly aware. The last time the Heat and Cavaliers squared off in Cleveland, the media circus was unavoidable.  Fans were rallying via different mediums, security was being increased ten-fold, and outsiders were giving their various takes on just