August 16, 2014

Bill Simmons Twitter suspension, First Take, ESPN and more – WFNY Podcast – 2013-03-15

WFNY Podcast LogoScott and I decided to talk about the Bill Simmons twitter suspension and ESPN’s lack of comment on it. Not necessarily the normal topic of conversation on the site, but one that we both cared to touch on.

Here’s what else we talked about that I can remember…

  • First Take and the battle of Richard Sherman and Skip Bayless
  • Skip Bayless’ history as a journalist
  • Stephen A. Smith staying out of trouble
  • Rob Parker getting “fired” from ESPN over RG3 comments
  • Numbers Never Lie
  • ESPN as a behemoth corporation that has no singular editorial voice
  • Grantland and how it kind of lives on an island
  • Chris Fedor and his new gig at 92.3 The Fan
  • How hard it is for radio guys to fill four hours and not be hated
  • People taking media personalities too seriously
  • People are humans who should have beers together

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WKNR Changing Lineup With New Afternoon Show? (Updated)

Update: According to the people at Ohio Media Watch, the new afternoon show will most likely be Bruce Hooley, Greg Brinda and Chris Fedor doing the news updates.  That would also mean that Fedor will no longer be a part of The Really Big Show from what the Twitter chatter is saying.

As many of you probably noticed today, Tony Rizzo was on the air in the afternoon shift on WKNR today.  According to Rizzo, this is just a temporary assignment as he does “two-a-days.”  According to what Rizzo is saying, WKNR will have a new show on the air in afternoon drive next week.  He also said that Michael Reghi and Kenny Roda will move their “R&R” show to nights from 9 PM until 12 AM.  Presumably all the other shifts will stay the same, although I’m sure Jim Rome would still like his first hour back on the flagship WKNR as opposed to KNR2.

So, who exactly, will be the new afternoon show?  Start the speculation, I guess.  Rizzo did say “they” won’t be here until next week.  If that pronoun usage is any indication, we won’t be subject to a solo talker type of show next Monday.  It also means that we could be looking at a show imported from elsewhere. [Read more...]

92.3 The Fan is Here – Let the Games Begin

Kiley and Booms started the day off, they handed it to Andy Baskin and Reggie Rucker.  Adam the Bull and Dustin Fox are coming up later in the day.  It is a day of excitement and chock full of guests as 92.3 WFAN looks to stack the deck for their first day on the air in Cleveland. The story isn’t even close to being told until a couple months from now when they fill the ad inventory and the overload of guests wears off.  When these hosts get into the grind of hosting a show for multiple hours every day and the newness wears off, what will the Cleveland sports talk landscape look like?

You can’t tell this story without looking squarely at WKNR.  Earlier this year, they made the decision to go more local at the expense of the first hour of the Jim Rome show.  By extending Rizzo’s show an hour, WKNR gave themselves a significant revenue opportunity.  To say that the decision went smoothly would be a lie.  Jim Rome himself has complained vocally about it, not to mention his fans.   [Read more...]

Browns Reportedly Reach Agreement with Safety Usama Young

Chris Fedor of WKNR said it was imminent and Tony Grossi has apparently confirmed that the Cleveland Browns have signed 26-year old Usama Young.  Young comes to the Browns by way of the New Orleans Saints and the third round of the 2007 NFL draft.  Grossi also reports that the Browns expect Young to be their starting free safety this season, spelling out Abe Elam’s future (or lack thereof) pretty definitively.

I know this isn’t the big splash that a lot of Browns fans were looking for, but it seems like a decent gamble.  Young is a Kent State grad and hasn’t played a ton.  He served as a backup and utility type player on special teams for the Saints.  There is really no shame in being a backup to Darren Sharper in your mid-twenties.  You can consider this a real opportunity to judge the Browns’ scouting department. [Read more...]

Rumor: Mangini Done According to WKNR Sources

I have been saying for a while that any talk of Mangini and the proverbial “hot seat” is silly. I still feel that way, but it is complex.

Sabrina Parr from WKNR reported this morning that regardless of what Mangini does in his last three games, he is out as head coach. Co-host Chris Fedor then added that the Browns are having difficulty finding a new offensive coordinator because there is a lack of willingness in candidates to work with Mangini.

Now, we have no idea whether this is true or not; I have no idea what confidence level to place on this rumor. But let’s just pretend that it is true for the sake of discussion. It is important to finally get this out there because I haven’t talked a lot about the raging “Mangini debate.” The reason is that the debate has been mostly flawed up to this point. Nobody can seem to figure out what they are really talking about and stay focused. Here are the various camps in the debate. [Read more...]