August 16, 2014

Steelers Depot helps break down the Browns and their coaching search – WFNY Podcast – 2014-01-15

WFNY Podcast LogoDave Bryan from Steelers Depot (@SteelersDepot) is one of the best podcast guests we have. He’s super knowledgable, and is always great at breaking down what’s happening without the rose-colored glasses.

  • Dave Bryan and not being a homer for the Steelers
  • Is there ever a justification for firing a coach after one year?
  • Brian Hoyer and whether he can get the Browns to the next franchise QB
  • The perception of the Browns head coaching job
  • Adam Gase and why is he such an attractive candidate?
  • Josh McDaniels and his taking his name out
  • Jim Caldwell and Whisenhunt
  • Jake Locker and what can become of it
  • Chris Johnson and his poison contract
  • Ray Horton ending up with Whisenhunt in Tennessee
  • Ray Horton’s defense and Dick LeBeau’s defense
  • Chud talking to other potential coaching candidates
  • The hiring of Mike Tomlin in Pittsburgh
  • T.J. Ward and Alex Mack better be brought back
  • Alex Mack and how the Browns need to bring him back
  • Moving Schwartz to guard and getting a new right tackle
  • The All-22 version of the national championship game
  • Football attendance at games
  • Making NFL stadiums smaller over time
  • Browns fan experience in the stadium is far better
  • The government attacking TV blackout policies
  • Dave would be shocked if the Browns didn’t bring back Ward and Mack
  • Did the Browns waste a year of not front-loading deals?
  • The Browns can only franchise one player between Ward and Mack
  • The Steelers and the Shamarko Thomas deal with Cleveland
  • Johnny Football and whether the Steelers would be concerned about him
  • Johnny Manziel is a guy that you root against
  • Manziel as a boom or bust guy
  • Could Brian Hoyer be that bridge to the QB of the future?
  • The Ben Roethlisberger extension

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Browns Embarrassed by Titans Heading Into Bye Week

I debated whether or not to wait for the final score to post this recap.  The game was that over that early.  Don’t let a fourth quarter of Browns offense against the prevent defense fool you.  The Browns were schooled on Sunday.  They were schooled so badly that there was a Jake Locker sighting after Tennessee had already put 31 points up on the board.  The Browns defense managed to give up plenty of those and Colt McCoy and the offense gave one away as well.  In the end, I did wait for the final score, Titans 31, Browns 13, but I really shouldn’t have bothered.

In the first half, the Browns gave up far too many big plays than they got of their own.  The defense was gashed by Matt Hasselbeck and his tight end Jared Cook who connected on an 80 yard passing touchdown.  The play was marred by bad coverage (Scott Fujita) and even worse tackling (Usama Young.)  It is the kind of play that just can’t happen.  The Browns bit hard on the draw and the completion was bad enough.  For Usama Young to take as bad an angle to the receiver is unacceptable.  He had the sideline and it should have worked to his advantage, but the big tight end evaded Young and squeezed up the sideline for the score to put the Titans up 14-6. [Read more...]

Week 4: The Browns Will Win If…

The Browns are above .500! What’s that? Their opponents to date are a combined 1-8, and that one win came against the Browns? I say it again: don’t harsh my buzz. I personally didn’t think these Browns were destined for greatness, so it’s kind of a nice surprise to see them showing that they are, in fact, NOT the worst team in the league. They’re building something for the future, and the early returns are promising. The past two years’ first- and second-round picks are all contributing. When was the last time you could honestly say that?


Likewise, not much was expected of the Titans this year, and they are surprising a lot of people with how well they’ve played, especially largely without Chris Johnson contributing like he has in years-past. Offensively, these have been the bizarro-Titans through the first three weeks: they’re seventh overall in the league with over 300 yards per game, and are literally last in the league in rushing yards per game, with just under 52 yards per game. However, it should be pointed out that the Titans are losing their biggest receiving threat with Kenny Britt down to a knee injury. Defensively, they’re as good as ever thus far, limiting opposing offenses to 261 total yards per game (172 passing, 89 rushing). That does not bode well for the Browns’ offense. Without further ado…

The Browns Will Win If…

Fans Shouldn’t Replace Jerome Harrison Just Yet

Admit it Browns fans.  We sometimes get in our own way.  Our passion and devotion to the team are unquestioned, but when it comes to personnel management, we don’t always know what we are talking about.  Sure, when it comes to Ted Washington and Willie McGinest we might know a thing or two.  Still, can anyone say that our involvement in the Derek Anderson vs. Brady Quinn battle helped the team at all?  How about Charlie Frye, Tim Couch, Kelly Holcomb, Trent Dilfer, or Jeff Garcia?  My point isn’t that we shouldn’t have opinions, but maybe we should be careful how seriously we take them.  Remember that passion is no substitute for expertise.  Then again, Phil Savage will tell you that foul emails are no substitute for leadership either.

I was just thinking over the weekend as Jerome Harrison put the ball on the ground and the Lions scored that running back is the new quarterback in Cleveland.  The comments online immediately jumped to Montario Hardesty and how he would do better.  Meanwhile, unless you are counting mileage on the Berea stationary bikes, what basis is there to say anything like that? [Read more...]

Dayton Flyers Win NIT Championship; Tragedy Strikes UD Volleyball Team

The Dayton Flyers were crowned NIT Champions last night hours after tragic news hit the UD campus. Despite their convincing 79-68 victory over North Carolina, all the attention of the Dayton community was focused on the tragic death of volleyball player Kacie Hausfeld and her father Tom.

Watching the game against the defending NCAA Champions, I was enjoying the festivities as it looked like the Flyers had finally reached their peak. Using explosive athleticism, rebounding tenacity and some efficient long-distance shooting, this was the Dayton team we were supposed to see all season long. The Flyers then held on down the stretch, something they failed to do away from UD Arena throughout the regular season.

In the final minutes, with the margin looking insurmountable, I received a University e-mail announcing Kacie’s tragic death. It was a shocking blow to what had been a triumphant victory as I recalled working alongside her all year long. My sincere condolences go out to her family, the volleyball team and the entire Dayton community.
[Read more...]

Dayton Flyers vs North Carolina Tar Heels in NIT Finals Tonight

North Carolina playing in early April is not a shock for college basketball fans. The only change this season is that they are in the championship game of the National Invitational Tournament, playing against the Dayton Flyers tonight at Madison Square Garden (7:00 pm, ESPN).

After a prolonged season of disappointments for both teams, they will match up in New York City tonight with something to prove to the entire nation. The NCAA Tournament resumes again on Saturday, meaning that for one night in NYC, the attention of the college basketball world is on UNC and UD.

As the resident UD follower here at WFNY, I’m here to break down the match up between the two teams and provide some insight as a viewer’s guide. I’ve been fortunate enough all year long to serve as the chief sports staff writer for the Flyer News on campus and it should be a fun game to watch tonight as it is a clash of the ACC vs. A-10.
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Browns vs Titans- What We Want To See

Chris Johnson

You know the drill. Third preseason game. This one is supposed to resemble an actual football game for at least a half, possibly longer. Obviously we don’t want to see any injuries, (a win would be nice as well!) but aside from that there are a few things that we (WFNY staff) would like to see happen Saturday night.   Here they are- [Read more...]