July 28, 2014

Chris Paul trade Dan Gilbert was referring to has been resubmitted for approval

According to an ESPN report, that appears to be confirmed by Yahoo!’s Adrian Wojnarowski as well, the three team trade that would send Chris Paul to play for Mike Brown’s Los Angeles Lakers has been resubmitted to the League office for approval.

One form of this “Chris Paul trade” was previously vetoed by David Stern late this week, a move that was supported by Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert in an email to the commissioner.  The terms of this trade, or more directly how and why it’s different from the last one, are not specifically known at this time.

This is what ESPN’s Chris Broussard and Marc Stein are reporting though:

The New Orleans Hornets’ three-team trade with the Los Angeles Lakers andHouston Rockets that would land Chris Paul in L.A. has been resubmitted to the league office for approval, according to sources close to the talks.

The specific changes to the original trade scenario were not immediately available, but sources told ESPN.com that a reconfigured trade has been presented by the league-owned Hornets to NBA commissioner David Stern in hopes that he’ll approve this construction after vetoing Thursday’s trade in principle.

Woj has also added that the structural changes in the deal will come between the Lakers and Hornets according to his sources, which basically means the Rockets still get Gasol and probably still deal Kevin Martin and Luis Scola primarily. [Read more...]