It Is What It Is: A Steelers fan at a bus stop unwittingly sums up everything

Aaron Josefczyk/AP Photo

It’s the most worthless, obvious sentence that there is. But after Sunday’s loss to the Raiders, a Steelers fan at a bus stop unwittingly summed up the whole AFC North.

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Top 5 Offseason Stories: The Cincinnati Bengals

Will Gibson/WFNY

Note: A big part of the Cleveland Browns’ chances in any season is the outlook on teams they play two times each in their own division. This week, we will be going over the Top 5 stories from each of the Browns’ divisional rivals (like the Steelers and Ravens) as we head closer to training

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John Oliver takes playful dig at Cincinnati Bengals on Last Week Tonight

John Oliver

Clevelanders generally have to look to Detroit for any hope of having their hometown compared favorably to another American city. Thanks to HBO’s John Oliver, however, Cleveland has been given a moment in the limelight at Cincinnati’s expense. As part of a segment railing against public funding for pro sports stadiums, Oliver gave a sort of

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Mike Pettine says Manziel’s weekend is a “non-story,” and that’s the problem

Johnny Manziel

When Cleveland Browns head coach Mike Pettine says that Johnny Manziel’s water bottle-tossing incident from over the weekend is a non-story, I don’t really believe him. The fact that he’s being asked about it and the fact that it was all over the press means that it isn’t a “non-story.” No matter the media high

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Cleveland Browns 2015 schedule released


The NFL had their big unveiling of all 32 teams’ 2015 schedule on Tuesday. The Cleveland Browns found out that their 2015 NFL season kicks off on the road for the second straight year. The Browns will take to the road to show off their new uniforms against the New York Jets at 1 p.m. on September

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Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Orchestra poke fun at Browns

Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns changed their look of their logo this offseason with just slight changes. But, the update to the logo was built up for a week with a big reveal to show off the new logo. The big hubbub ended up being way overblown with jokes about its big flop coming from all over the place,

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The Browns off-season begins with 20-10 loss to the Ravens

Mike Pettine Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns ended their season, on the field, with a pretty ho hum 20-10 loss to the Baltimore Ravens. After a game lead-up that included a suspension of Josh Gordon and rumor of fines surrounding first rounder Johnny Manziel, it was almost peaceful to just watch the Browns lose on the field while putting

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What happened to the defense? Cleveland Browns Film Room

Cleveland Browns Cincinnati Benglas

The Cleveland Browns were blown out this week in the home finale versus in-state rival Cincinnati Bengals, 30-0. The team was completely outplayed by the Bengals in all phases of the game. The offense was shutdown, unable to score and even move the ball. But the real surprise was the fall of the Browns’ defense.

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Johnny Manziel looked unprepared for his first start

Johnny Manziel Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns were embarrassed in their second meeting with the Cincinnati Bengals. Johnny Manziel was only one component to that as the Browns defense gave up rushing yards in embarrassing bunches. The Browns failed in pretty much every phase of the game and from the very beginning. The Bengals punched first and that was

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The Saddest Walk in America

Cleveland Browns

It’s the saddest walk in America. If you’ve trod that ground yourself, you already know what I’m talking about. It’s the walk back to the City of Cleveland Municipal Parking Lot from FirstEnergy Stadium after a Cleveland Browns loss. It’s a walk of silence, of disappointment, of introspection. It’s nothing like the walk to the

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Watch this Browns fan push Jeremy Hill

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 1.57.41 PM

The Cleveland Browns are having a miserable day on the lakefront today as they trail the Bengals big in the first half, 17-0. That doesn’t mean that opposing teams can walk all over Cleveland Browns fans. After one rushing touchdown, Bengals running back Jeremy Hill attempted to jump into the stands to say hello to

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Johnny Manziel, Browns will be on FOX for second straight week

Was Manziel laughing at this bill?

Being an NFL fan today requires you to learn about television contracts. The usual setup where NFC teams are featured on FOX and AFC teams are on CBS is being thrown for a loop as FOX has started “flexing” games involving two AFC teams onto its network. They did it last week with the Browns-Colts

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Browns Tickets Up 47% After Johnny Manziel Announced As Starter

Johnny Manziel Cleveland Browns

It’s finally time for Johnny Manziel to take over as the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. Browns fans are clearly excited for the Johnny Football era in Cleveland, at least according to prices on the secondary market. After Manziel was announced as the starter just after noon eastern, the price of Browns tickets skyrocketed

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The D Shuts Down Cincy: Browns Film Room

Cleveland Browns Buster Skrine

The Cleveland Browns are in first place after beating the Cincinnati Bengals on national television last Thursday. The Browns completely dominated the Bengals, beating them 24-3. Their defense played in what may have very well been their best game of the season, forcing four Cincinnati turnovers. The unit was able to hold the Bengals’ offense

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Browns Running Game Update: Positives and Negatives

Terrance West Cleveland Browns LeBron James

In the three games prior the Cleveland Browns’ 24-3 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals, the running game, averaging 1.9 yards per carry, looked to be in shambles. The injury center Alex Mack left journeymen Paul McQuistan and, most recently, Nick McDonald to replace an All-Pro. On Thursday, before the Bengals game, I wrote about the issues

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Projecting Brian Hoyer’s next contract on Dawgs on the Run – WFNY Podcast – 2014-11-10

Podcast header Graphic

The Cleveland Browns are in first place in the AFC North!  Now that that’s out of the way, it’s time to rain on everyone’s parade with the impending free agency of quarterback Brian Hoyer. Much has been made of his contract and what the Browns should do. I break it all down with Andre Knott

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The Browns should give Andy Dalton money to Brian Hoyer


NFL insider Jason La Canfora reports today that while the Browns haven’t discussed a contract recently, Brian Hoyer will be thinking about Andy Dalton’s contract if and when talks resume. The Cleveland native would love to stay there, all things being equal, but rather than sign a deal for backup money before the season, when

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Donte Whitner’s revealing pre-game speech inspired Browns before Bengals game

Cleveland Browns Jeremy Hill Donte Whitner

At the end of the Cleveland Browns’ pre-game meeting at their Cincinnati hotel, defensive coordinator Jim O’Neil asked strong safety and Cleveland native Donte Whitner to address the team. According to Akron Beacon Journal columnist Marla Ridenour, Whitner delivered a revealing speech that struck a chord with his teammates, inspiring them prior to their Thursday night game against the Bengals.

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GIF: Cincinnati Bengals coach Marvin Lewis tackled by his own player

Marvin Lewis Ouch

Sometimes, the world is a beautiful place in which everything comes together perfectly. Sometimes, one moment captures the quintessence of a larger event. Sometimes, one play is a microcosm of a whole football game. Sometimes, that game is a 24-3 Cleveland Browns victory over the Cincinnati Bengals. This was the case last night, and poor Bengals head

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Cleveland Browns Week 10 Winners and Losers

Brian Hoyer Cleveland Browns

NFL pregame shows are the best, aren’t they? You have a handful of broadcast personalities surrounded by a bunch of former players, executives and coaches in oversized topcoats, discussing a game that’s about to take place though readily admitting that they have yet to watch a specific team play. Not long before former NFL quarterback

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