Cinematic NFL Playoffs, Kanye and Kendrick, and streaming Future’s new mixtape: While We’re Waiting…

Cleveland Sports

Come for the NFL Playoffs, stay for a stream of Future’s new mixtape.

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Could Duke Johnson be the Browns version of Giovani Bernard?

Denis Poroy/Associated Press

Duke Johnson showed flashes in his rookie season with the Browns. Could he fill a Giovani Bernard-type role in Hue Jackson’s offense?

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Everything you need to know about Hue Jackson: WFNY FAQs

Hue Jackson

Who is Hue Jackson? Where’s he been? What’s he done? What’s he about? Are there red flags? Could he be the guy? We dive into the newest Browns coach.

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Cleveland Browns Week 13 Winners and Losers

Cleveland Browns Cincinnati Bengals

Hey, three points is progress compared to last season’s game.

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Cleveland Browns bullet points after a boring loss to the Bengals

Browns fan sad

If you’re hoping for a traditional recap, I suggest you go elsewhere. This team doesn’t earn that level of attention during the game anymore. They’re injured, but they are completely without pride at this point in the season. I watched the whole thing, but if they’re not going to bother playing for a full game

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WFNY Roundtable: Browns attempt to recover from Kick-Six

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Hey, so have you enjoyed the short week? What better way to take advantage of a national spotlight than to demonstrate an absence of basic competence with an embarrassing potential game-winning field goal getting blocked and returned for the loss-clinching touchdown. All while having the fan favorite (and fan reviled) Johnny Manziel suit up, but

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Terrelle Pryor made the most of his time away from football

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 9.37.24 PM

Terrelle Pryor spent a lot of time hanging out with his young son and feels that it was a blessing to have that chance away from football.

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Browns ABC’s (and D’s): About the Browns Composure and Discipline, Week 9

Bengals vs Browns Thurs night

After the Cleveland Browns’ 31-10 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals last Thursday night, Jimmy Haslam’s team has participated in nine games and 1,291 plays.  Six other teams have played nine games and 24 teams have played only eight games. On Monday night, the Bears played their eighth game and the Chargers played their ninth. At any rate, I’m passing

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Pettine, Schwartz, and Greco discuss Manziel’s performance

Johnny Manziel Cleveland Browns Tennessee Titans

The final score of the Cleveland Browns Thursday night contest against the Cincinnati Bengals might not have appeared to show much offense, but Johnny Manziel had Browns fans buzzing over an impressive first half performance which included a 92 yard touchdown drive to pull the Browns within a mere four points as both teams rested

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Cleveland Browns make it four in a row, lose to Bengals, 31-10

Getty Images

The Browns didn’t play awful in the first half, but that final score was ugly, 31-10.

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WFNY Roundtable: Browns as tiger tamers in national spotlight

Jason Miller/Getty Images

The WFNY staff gets you ready on the short week as the Cleveland Browns travel to the Southern Ohio border to take on the Cincinnati Bengals.

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Should we fear Andy Dalton?

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Andy Dalton has been a source of comedy for years, but he’s playing the best ball of his life right now.

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Johnny Manziel expected to start Thursday in Cincy

Johnny Manziel Cleveland Browns Tennessee Titans

Johnny Manziel is looking like the starting quarterback as the Browns head down I-71. Can he get some retribution following last season’s debacle?

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Dating for Next Year: The AFC North


Football season is about more than looking for a champion team to follow. For many out there, it’s about looking for love. You’re just as likely to discover your future soul mate grilling brats over a charcoal fire pit and arguing about the elite-ness of Joe Flacco as you are trading sibling counts and hometowns

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It Is What It Is: A Steelers fan at a bus stop unwittingly sums up everything

Aaron Josefczyk/AP Photo

It’s the most worthless, obvious sentence that there is. But after Sunday’s loss to the Raiders, a Steelers fan at a bus stop unwittingly summed up the whole AFC North.

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Top 5 Offseason Stories: The Cincinnati Bengals

Will Gibson/WFNY

Note: A big part of the Cleveland Browns’ chances in any season is the outlook on teams they play two times each in their own division. This week, we will be going over the Top 5 stories from each of the Browns’ divisional rivals (like the Steelers and Ravens) as we head closer to training

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John Oliver takes playful dig at Cincinnati Bengals on Last Week Tonight

John Oliver

Clevelanders generally have to look to Detroit for any hope of having their hometown compared favorably to another American city. Thanks to HBO’s John Oliver, however, Cleveland has been given a moment in the limelight at Cincinnati’s expense. As part of a segment railing against public funding for pro sports stadiums, Oliver gave a sort of

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Mike Pettine says Manziel’s weekend is a “non-story,” and that’s the problem

Johnny Manziel

When Cleveland Browns head coach Mike Pettine says that Johnny Manziel’s water bottle-tossing incident from over the weekend is a non-story, I don’t really believe him. The fact that he’s being asked about it and the fact that it was all over the press means that it isn’t a “non-story.” No matter the media high

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Cleveland Browns 2015 schedule released


The NFL had their big unveiling of all 32 teams’ 2015 schedule on Tuesday. The Cleveland Browns found out that their 2015 NFL season kicks off on the road for the second straight year. The Browns will take to the road to show off their new uniforms against the New York Jets at 1 p.m. on September

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Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Orchestra poke fun at Browns

Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns changed their look of their logo this offseason with just slight changes. But, the update to the logo was built up for a week with a big reveal to show off the new logo. The big hubbub ended up being way overblown with jokes about its big flop coming from all over the place,

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