Dennis Manoloff on the Indians front office and being intimidated by Reggie Jackson – WFNY Podcast – 2015-10-07


Dennis Manoloff pulls no punches with the Cleveland Indians and also discusses what it was like to interview Reggie Jackson.

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Maybe I’m wrong about the Indians

Cleveland Indians v St Louis Cardinals

“Maybe I’m wrong” is a phrase I repeat multiple times a day. It is not only a song with a great riff from the Blues Traveler1 , but the phrase serves a balancing purpose for anyone with enough hubris to make predictions and projections in the wildly varying sport that is baseball. I had such

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Indians’ local viewership drops 35 percent in 2015

Cleveland Indians Progressive Field Attendance

Apparently, 81 wins isn’t going to cut it.

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Songs of the (Indians, Browns, and Cavs) Season: While We’re Waiting…

Cleveland Sports

Featuring Jimi Hendrix, The Clash, and Fontella Bass.

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Indians promote stability, Antonetti, Chernoff, and Falvey

Terry Francona Chris Antonetti

Three execs get a bump up the organizational chart

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Grantland’s Jonah Keri votes Lindor for AL ROY; Kluber fifth in Cy Young

Ken Blaze/USA TODAY Sports

The Indians have a chance at some hardware yet.

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Lets talk about fair weather fans: While We’re Waiting…


Happy Tuesday, WFNY! Blah, blah, blah. I say “Happy Tuesday” every week, but during football season, it’s rarely actually a happy day. The hangover of Browns disappointment still lingers, we’re stuck in the doldrums of midweek blues, and now we don’t even have new music released on Tuesdays to make things better. Thanks, Obama! My

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Jason Kipnis to front office: “Go out and get it”

Cleveland Indians Jason Kipnis Sad

Who will be this year’s Brandon Moss?

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Why being a Cleveland sports fan is a lot like dating in your 30s

Cleveland Sports Wine Justin Zeeber

Single and in your 30s? Just like being a Cleveland fan.

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C-Cap Recap: High Water Marks

End of 2015 Cleveland Indians season

The Tribe finishes above .500 for the year, which is pretty good! (If you forget about those pesky preseason predictions.)

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Yay! Another “winning season,” and selfie “controversies”: While We’re Waiting…

Arizona Diamondbacks Selfie

Getcha duck face ready.

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Do you like the movie Major League? – Anything to Add Monty?


Major League is one of the most connecting pieces of art for Cleveland sports fans.

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C-Cap Recap: October Baseball!

Trevor Bauer Cleveland Indians October

On that “four-day march to the slaughterhouse.”

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Cleveland’s October Sports Calendar


All of the Browns, Cavs, Indians, and Buckeyes games in one place, along with some MACtion and Monsters hockey.

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The Bat Flip Heard ‘Round Baseball


People are getting this upset about a bat flip?? That’s something worth ranting about.

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Ball Played: I’m gonna miss you Tribe, and I don’t wanna miss a thing

AP Photo/Tony Dejak

Baseball Armageddon: A doubleheader, a love ballad, defending J-Ram’s bat flip, and giving insight into Cody Anderson’s emergence. The Indians took one of two from the Twins, but their playoff hopes are officially done.

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An Un-Heavy Cavs Season and Keith Richards: While We’re Waiting…

Cleveland Sports

Looking forward to some Cavs-related levity and being in awe of Keith Richards longevity.

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The Great Les Levine Talks Cleveland Sports Deja Vu – WFNY Podcast – 2015-09-30

Les Levine

How else do you cap off your biggest month of podcasting? You have great guest like Les Levine.

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The Doctor is out: Michael Brantley shut down for the season due to shoulder injury

CBS Cleveland

Tito: “I appreciate how much he tried to play. But you also have a responsibility to take care of your guys.”

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Lindor: Top 10 Plays of September

Cleveland Indians' Francisco Lindor

This kid is incredible.

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