April 23, 2014

Brian Shaw Close To Becoming Next Coach of the Cavaliers?

It hasn’t been easy.

There was some belief that the Cavaliers might have made a mistake by not having a replacement ready when they fired Mike Brown. Well, in many ways, they did have their replacement lined up. It was supposed to be Tom Izzo. However, once Izzo turned the job down, the Cavaliers were stuck back at square one.

It appeared for a while that Byron Scott was the front runner and would likely be the next guy offered the Cavs job. When rumors of Phil Jackson pondering retirement began to spring up, though, things were once again brought to a halt as two of the Cavs’ candidates, Byron Scott and Brian Shaw, were also candidates to be Phil’s replacement.

This is pretty much the story of how the Cavs’ offseason has gone. The whole thing has been one massive tangled web. [Read more...]

Izzo To Cleveland Doesn’t Have To Be Just About LeBron James

By now, it’s well established that Tom Izzo is Dan Gilbert’s prime target to be the next coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers. When most people heard this, present company included, the natural first reaction was to think that there’s no way Izzo would take this job without LeBron James already being locked up.

It’s a unique conundrum, because there’s a popular belief that LeBron won’t play for just any coach. If true, there’s a peculiar “chicken v egg” dance going on in Cleveland. It’s not unlike the famous Bill and Ted circular logic of needing Eddie Van Halen in the band to make a triumphant video, but not being able to make a triumphant video unless Eddie Van Halen is in the band. To quote the supreme brilliance of MTV’s Jersey Shore, “It’s a situation”.

Rather than worrying about the details of who would blink first, Izzo or LeBron, it’s probably more worthwhile to consider the reasons why maybe, just maybe, Tom Izzo would consider taking this job without a guarantee from LeBron. [Read more...]

Mike Brown Getting A Bit Of A Bad Rap Perhaps

Mike BrownI’m not sure there are many more thankless jobs in American popular culture than NBA Head Coach. Yeah, sure, in society there are plenty of jobs where people are overworked, underpaid, and taken for granted. But in terms of sports culture specifically, being an NBA coach can be a brutal task. Coaches are forced to meld a virtual cornucopia of eccentric personalities into one collective and functioning unit for any chance of success. The very nature of the sport where any individual player can have a greater impact on his teams’ success than other team sport makes such coherence indispensable.

And yet for taking on this task, NBA coaches are expected to deliver immediate results and are quickly cast aside when such immediacy is not met. The turnover rate of the NBA coach is staggering. The average tenure for NBA coaches as of last season was 2.64 season, but the median tenure was 1.3 seasons (you can thank Jerry Sloan for that difference).

Which brings us to current Cavaliers coach Mike Brown. [Read more...]

For Your Morning Coffee…


Good morning, folks.  While we all gear up for another day of Cleveland-based fun, I just wanted to point you in the direction of a few blog posts worth reading.  Rick typically has a Friday post in similar fashion, so I’ll do my best to keep his work rolling. 

Without further adu:

- In honor of the 80th running of the Scripps National Spelling Bee, The Ball Don’t Liehas a pop quiz of sorts regarding some NBA players of yesterday and today.  It shouldn’t surprise you that three of the eight ballers are currently playing in Cleveland.  If anything, the hair on “Number Six” is worth the visit alone.

- The answer to this problem?  A one-way ticket to Cleveland, and a pair of season tickets to Progressive Field.  We’re just more accepting of things like that.  Hence “Progressive.”

- Doug Collins is back in Chicago.  Now who’s going to come in down the road to win the championship?  Even more important, will Eric Snow be asked to join the staff?

- To splash in a little Cleveland football, former Browns tight end Aaron Shea has hung up the cleats.  He was a solid option in what was a slew of un-solid seasons.  He’ll be missed.

- And finally, if the Padres decide to start selling in the near future, would any of you consider bringing Brian Giles back?  Some statistical work done by Dugout Central shows that there may be some pop left in that old bat.