Next Up: Indians vs. Reds at home

Brandon Phillips

After the Cleveland Indians’ successful seven-game road trip to Arlington and Chicago from May 15 to May 21, the Sports Cynics Club might be looking for the darker hidden meaning of it all, but let us not be tempted to turn the Tribe’s growing success against left-handed starters into a left-handed compliment. On the trip

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Ball Played: Kluber versus Sale

Cleveland Indians v Chicago White Sox May 19 2015

It is really difficult for a team to be doing as poorly as the Cleveland Indians are in the standings considering some of the individual performances they have had. For instance, the top four starters are so strong that they have masked the complete destruction that comes when Zach Chenhouse1 starts. The starting rotation ranks second in

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Next Up: Indians vs. White Sox

Cleveland Indians

Fresh off their first series win since awaaaaay back on April 9, the Cleveland Indians head to Chicago to play the White Sox in a four-game, Monday-through-Thursday series. They’ll be playing at U.S. Cellular Field on the south side of Chicago and all games have an 8:10 p.m. start time (for you eastern time zone

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C-Cap Recap: Hip to Be Kip(nis)

Cleveland Indians Jason Kipnis

The Indians took two out of three from the Texas Rangers in Arlington over the weekend; their first outright series win since the opening week of the season. That’s objectively good news. So is the resurgence of Jason Kipnis, whose offensive performance over the past week has earned him a legitimate place in the all-time

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Corey Kluber pitched the greatest eight-inning game in MLB history

Corey Kluber Cleveland Indians St. Louis Cardinals

Corey Kluber may have been searching for his first win of the season, but the reigning Cy Young winner certainly made his first one count. In striking out 18 batters in just eight innings of work. Kluber managed to not only tie Bob Feller’s longstanding record, but he lofted his name into the mix with

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Ball Played: Kluber’s 18K gem gives Indians new life

Corey Kluber Cleveland Indians St. Louis Cardinals

Sometimes, it is only from the depths of frustration that one can create an assemblage of beauty. Sometimes, it takes the threat of having everything taken away to create the proper focus required. Seven starts into the 2015 Cleveland Indians season, Corey Kluber was still searching for his first win, as well as the first win for

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Next Up: Indians vs. Cardinals

St Louis Cardinals 2006 World Series Ring

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week will see Cleveland matched up against St. Louis, the Tribe’s first National League opponent of the season. The St. Louis Cardinals. Now, there’s a Major League Baseball franchise! One of the all-time winning-est teams and also one of the best in recent years; winners of eleven World Series championships1

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Bode Plots: Analyzing Indians starters

Trevor Bauer Cleveland Indians

The 2015 Cleveland Indians season has been frustrating to follow thus far. The season began with lofty expectations propped up by the team becoming the national darlings of the now analytic-friendly media. The Indians even managed to win their opening series against the Houston Astros who have unexpectedly been one of the best teams in

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C-Cap Recap: A Malfunctioning Klubot

Corey Kluber Cleveland Indians sketch

Having just watched the Cleveland Indians’ 7-4 loss to the Kansas City Royals and Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron in back-to-back sittings, I am forced to see some uncomfortable parallels. Yes, both can leave a person feeling hollow and disappointed, like you’re wasting valuable hours of your adulthood. But even beyond that, Ultron is essentially

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Ball Played: Defense, bullpen, and score all favored Royals

Alex Gordon Cleveland Indians

Corey Kluber entered the night with 495 career strikeouts and it was largely expected that he would record number 500 on Monday night. The Kansas City Royals are the most difficult team in MLB to strike out, however, and it took Corey until the sixth inning to achieve that 500th strikeout when he froze Lorenzo

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Indians Series Summary No. 5: Oh, man, that was cold

Cleveland Indians Jason Kipnis Sad

Except for Carlos Carrasco’s happy reunion with the mound on Tuesday night, there were no warm and fuzzy feelings produced by this fifth series of the season for the Cleveland Indians. This was their second consecutive Lost-Won-Lost series and all three games were played in mid-40s temperatures with wind-chill factors that made one glad to

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Cleveland vs. Cleveland, city pride, and the first round: While We’re Waiting…

Cleveland Sports

Good morning, Blawg Pound! It’s Thursday, and the Cavaliers play Game 3 in Boston tonight. Other than that, everything else seems pretty small in the grand scheme of things. But, I’ll do my best not to just go full Cavs in this edition of the triple dub. Leading off (and hopping up on this soapbox

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Ball Played: Indians lose fourth straight Kluber start

Corey Kluber Cleveland Indians

Happy Earth Day, everyone. Wait, is that still a thing or did it die out when Captain Planet went off the air? Just to be safe put your bottles and cans in the recycle bins today1. The Chicago White Sox and Cleveland Indians were doing their part for energy conservation on Wednesday by playing a

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C-Cap Recap: Perfection to Dejection


If ever a baseball game were capable of halting and reversing an entire city’s blossoming springtime enthusiasm—sending every new leaf burrowing right back into its bud and every twittering songbird fleeing for Florida—it would be tonight’s 3-2 Indians loss to the Minnesota Twins. Hyperbole? Maybe. But it’s 12:24 on a Friday night, and much like

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WFNY Stats & Info: Kluber and Bauer among the best at missing bats

Corey Kluber Cleveland Indians

One way to remove the chance of luck being a factor on the mound: Don’t allow batters to make contact with your pitches. Though most starting pitchers in baseball have amassed just two appearances, two of the best thus far—at least when it comes to missing the bats of would-be hitters—reside in Cleveland. Indians starters

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Life Without Yan

Yan Gomes Cleveland Indians

Over the weekend, not only did the Cleveland Indians manage to lose three straight games to their division rival Detroit Tigers, but they managed to lose one of their most valuable position players in the process when center fielder Rajai Davis slid into the side of Yan Gomes’ knee. Thankfully, the MRI revealed that it

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Indians Series Summary No. 1: One loss, two wins, and three excellent starts

Patric Scheider/AP

After the first three games of the season, one can see pretty quickly why the Cleveland Indians have been picked by some as a serious contender: Pitching, and plenty of it. Three starts and three impressive performances — and the starting pitcher who was least impressive pitched a no-hitter over his six innings. This is

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What impact do these contract extensions have on the Cleveland Indians?

Cleveland Indians Chris Antonetti

As part of the Cleveland Indians 2015 season preview, WFNY’s Andrew Clayman expertly tackled the subject of the contention window and how long fans can expect it to stay open. Since that post, the Indians have signed Corey Kluber and Carlos Carrasco to extensions locking them up with the team through that contention window. The

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The Indians are smart to bet on Carlos Carrasco

Carlos Carrasco Cleveland Indians

The Cleveland Indians extended Carlos Carrasco for $22 million over four years with a couple of option years. Now the hand-wringing begins as we try to figure out if it’s a good deal or bad deal before the player even puts a dent in the playing time for which he’s to be compensated. That’s the

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Ball Played: Kluber outdueled by Keuchel as Indians lose on Opening Day

Houston Astros Cleveland Indians

One of the great things about Opening Day is that barring injury fans get to see the best pitchers from each respective team. It is arguable that the best pitching pairing of Opening Day was in Houston as Westbrookian worm-burner Dallas Keuchel took on the machine that is known as Corey Kluber. Cleveland Indians fans

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