August 26, 2014

Anthony Bennett has one big need

Anthony Bennett

Anthony Bennett has one big need. Minutes. Not just some minutes, but a double-stuffed crust, extra large helping of minutes.  This past Tuesday night, the first-overall pick knocked down open jumpers and corralled in rebounds in route to a 15-and-8 night in what was a career-high 31 minutes. This was the first game all season where Cavs head coach  Mike Brown left the harshly criticized and often booed Bennett on the floor for more than 20 minutes, a number that the last 10 first-overall picks have all at least averaged per night.  

The last month has seen screams for Bennett to be sent down to Canton where he would presumably get regular minutes—a place where he could spread his wings, and where he could (hopefully) grow into at least a shell of the player general manager Chris Grant envisioned last June. However, as the Cavs are clearly not the playoff-caliber team1 everyone had hoped of, there is no need to send Bennett to Canton when he should be seeing plenty of action up in Cleveland.

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  1. Regardless of whether they make it or not []

Cavaliers Summer League Schedule Announced

The Cleveland Cavaliers, one of the 6 charter teams of the NBA Summer League will once again be participating in the NBA’s summer exhibition league in Las Vegas. This year, the Summer League is up to a record 24 teams participating (23 NBA teams and 1 D-League Select All-Star team).

For those unfamiliar with the D-League, it is a summer showcase for new and recent draft picks as well as undrafted free agents and D-League hopefuls. It’s a beautiful mix of hope, potential, and restrained expectation. Paul Silas once sent LeBron James to the D-League. JJ Hickson played his first game as a Cavalier in the D-League. So did Christian Eyenga. Samardo Samuels played for the Bulls in the Summer League, but destroyed the Cavaliers’ bigs so severely the Cavaliers signed him when the Bulls passed on him.

Indeed, the Summer League offers a little bit of everything for everyone, be it coaches, scouts, GMs, fans, etc. Last year, due to the NBA Lockout, the Summer League was cancelled denying the Cavaliers a chance to test drive Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson. This year, Irving and Thompson have said they intend to play, and they will be joined by whomever the Cavaliers select in the draft, giving Cavs fans a chance at an early glimpse of the future.

The NBA announced the full schedule Thursday afternoon. The Cavaliers’ 5 games are as follows:

July 15
vs Charlotte Bobcats
8:30 PM EST

July 16
vs D-League Select Team
8:00 PM EST

July 17
vs Phoenix Suns
8:30 PM EST

July 19
vs Minnesota Timberwolves
8:00 PM EST

July 20
vs New York Knicks
4:00 PM EST

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Cavaliers Recall Luke Harangody to Cleveland

The Cleveland Cavaliers announced Wednesday afternoon that they have brought Luke Harangody back up to the big club from the D-League’s Canton Charge. Harangody, who had a huge game filling in for Antawn Jamison in Washington last weekend, was in the middle of helping the Charge in the D-League Playoffs, but will now finish out the season with the Cavaliers. The  6’7″ forward is officially out of options and can’t return to the Charge.

Harangody will be available for the Cavaliers tonight against the Philadelphia 76ers.

Luke Harangody goes legend against Wizards, then back to D-League

I’m fairly certain that no player has ever led his team in both points and rebounds during an NBA game one night, and then been sent immediately down to the NBA’s Developmental League that following morning.

That is until Luke Harangody did as much for the Cleveland Cavaliers this weekend.

Harangody played for the Canton Charge on Friday. He was called up Saturday to start in place of Antawn Jamison, who was ruled out of last night’s game so he could take a break or something, and now Luke is on a plane back to Springfield to help push the  Charge further towards D-League playoff glory.

No matter what happens from here though, there’s no undoing the chapter he wrote last night in the legendary tale of Gody.

I set the over/under for total points scored by Luke Harangody at 13.5 last night just prior to tip-off. I had a feeling that Gody was about to get 14, and after I put that out on Twitter I received ten over picks and nine unders. Needless to say, Luke proved at least nine people wrong last night.

He scored an efficient 16 points on 6 of 11 shooting in 37 minutes of work, going way over that line of 13.5. He also grabbed 10 rebounds, had 2 steals, and his big league team go the 98-89 road win. Pretty solid work for the first start of your NBA career. [Read more...]

Cavs Send Christian Eyenga to D-League

With the Erie Bayhawks set to start their season this Friday, the Cavaliers have assigned 2009 first-round draft selection Christian Eyenga to their NBA Development League affiliate.

Last season, Eyenga - who his teamamtes refer to as “No English” - signed with DKV Joventut (more notoriously known for point guard Ricky Rubio), where he played very limited minutes, showing the ocassional flash of brilliance.  This summer, Eyenga played for the Cavaliers Summer League team in Las Vegas where he averaged 11.4 points and 4.2 rebounds while turning a few heads with highlight reel dunks and blocked shots.

Recording 11.3 minutes per game this past preseason, Eyenga averaged 4.3 points per game on .625 shooting, pulling down 0.8 rebounds.

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Here’s Your Chance To Tryout For the NBA D-League

When a team loses its star player, it can often be difficult to project how big of an impact the loss will be on the team as a whole. When said star player is LeBron James, you would certainly expect the impact to be catastrophic to the team who lost him.

While some who have closely followed the Cavaliers over the past several seasons  believe that the players who have been left behind can still form a competitive team and be fighting for a playoff spot come April, that optimism is not shared by the general public.

Several national pundits have been forecasting nothing but gloom for the Cavaliers this season. I’ve read more than one person write that the Cavaliers will be among the 2-3 worst teams in the East this season. Betting sites such as have the Cavaliers listed dead last with the Pacers, Wizards, Raptors, and Nets at +10,000 to win the Eastern Conference next season. [Read more...]

Think You’ve Got What It Takes?

“So if any of you has any fantasies about running out of that tunnel with your helmet shining in the sun …you best leave them right here.”- RUDY

Have you dreamed of making the final shot at the buzzer? In your backyard do you set up at the three point line and imagine LeBron driving the lane drawing the triple team and passing to you with :02 left on the clock? Have you ever thought that you could do a better job defending the 2 than Sasha Pavlovic? Feel like you could have made it to the NBA if only you had gotten the breaks? Then listen up. There is a chance for you to get your foot in the door. What happens after that is up to you. [Read more...]

Cavaliers Building a Farm System?

Sure, we all know that the Cavs have their very own (okay, shared) team within the D-League.   But typically, this has been a place for the Billy Thomas’ of the world to hang out and chuck up threes.  Now, it appears that Danny Ferry is using this teamto his advantage; placing players on the Bayhawks that will allow for development (so that’s what the “D” stands for).

Cleveland general manager Danny Ferry said when the Cavaliers work out players in preparing for the draft, they ask them how they’d handle numerous situations.

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The Return of Tractor?

Robert Tractor TraylorNow that the NBA Draft is in the rear view mirror and the free agent frenzy continues to unfold, the summer league is just getting underway. Typically a common ground for false hopes and overachieving, the summer league allows fans and scouts alike to (hopefully) find that Josh Cribbs like player; but obviously a basketball version. While recent draft selection J.J. Hickson will definitely don the summer wine and gold, there is a name that has caught many of fans off guard: Robert “Tractor” Traylor.

Traylor had two stints with the Cavaliers; one back in 2000, and the second in 2004. He was a fan favorite thanks to his energy off of the bench. And let’s face it. It is a lot of fun watching someone of his size running coast to coast and finishing strong. If he were 6’2″ and 190 lbs, he would be an everyday, run-of-the-mill player. But not Traylor. He’s the “Tractor.”

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D-League Affiliation: A “Unique” Situation

Erie BayhawksI have to be honest.  Scouring the NBA D-League for news and notes is not exactly at the top of my day-to-day blogging list.  But thanks to the fellas at Ridiculous Upside, I no longer have to. 

Yesterday, the D-League – the same league that brought us Billy Thomas and Lance Allred - announced the affiliation system for the 2008-09 season.  And while most teams have their “affiliations” split between two NBA franchises, it just so happens that our partner is none other than the Philadelphia 76ers.  The same city that has shared in our losing for the majority of this century, and the same host city to the team that provided one of the bigger controversies at the end of the regular season.

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