Are the Cavs following the Browns with a uniform change of their own?

Cleveland Cavaliers

If you follow Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert (@cavsdan) on Twitter, you might have seen a curious tweet on Sunday afternoon during the Cavs’ win over the Chicago Bulls. Gilbert often responds to fans, but did he give us a hint at a new set of Cavalier uniforms for next season? Here’s the tweet that raised

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Gilbert, Haslam indicted on dogfighting charges

Jimmy Haslam Dan Gilbert

Dan Gilbert and Jimmy Haslam have never shied away from making big moves and the resulting controversy. This time, however, the duo may have gone too far. According to’s Adarn Shefter and Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnaroski, working together in an unprecedented cross-platform co-investigation, the Cleveland sports owners have been holding mascot fights between Cavaliers mascot

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Cavs front office ranked No. 16 in NBA by ESPN

Joshua Gunter/Plain Dealer

Another day, another NBA list put together by ESPN. And just as we’d expect given the Cavs’ sterling performance over the past several months, they come in at…sixteenth!? Yep, No. 16 it is. The latest ranking evaluates each NBA franchise’s front office, with ownership, team presidents/GMs, and coaches all factoring into the process. For what

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Summer trade of Brendan Haywood could carry 300% tax rate for Cavs

Joe Murphy/NBAE/GettyImages

Last Thursday’s trade deadline was a fairly quiet affair for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Sure, you can discuss the merits of Kendrick Perkins and his presence as a fourth big for this streaking team. But largely, the most impactful Cavs news from last week was a non-transaction. After some recent speculation from the blogosphere, the Cavs

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Everything you need to know about the NBA All-Star game, Kyrie Irving’s contract, and the future

Dan Gilbert Cleveland Cavaliers Salary Cap

NBA fans voted in LeBron James as an Eastern Conference All-Star starter, but did not vote in Kyrie Irving despite his start last season and his reigning All-Star Game MVP honor. That snub will likely cost Irving – and by definition, save the Cleveland Cavaliers – around $9-10 million over the course of the point

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NBPA firing warning shots in advance of 2017 labor discussions

NBA Players Association NBPA

A few weeks back, we linked to a profile of Michele Roberts, the NBA players’ union executive director, which painted her as a no-bullshit firecracker who was ready to put the union on her back and lead them to greener pastures than they could ever imagine—the kind with commas and zeros and all kinds of

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Dan Gilbert: Luxury Tax Will Never Be an Issue

Dan Gilbert Getty Images

Winning an NBA Championship: Priceless

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Flying United: On Location for the 2014 #WGUMeeting

Cleveland Cavaliers Wine and Gold United Meeting

The Cleveland Cavaliers held their annual Wine and Gold United members meeting Thursday night at the still super new Cleveland Convention Center. Quicken Loans Arena PA announcer Olivier Sedra presided over the show, celebrating Cavs fandom and ginning up even more enthusiasm for the coming season. The meeting included a lot of cheap heat—fans beckoned to stand and

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In the Navy: Cleveland Cavaliers continue shift to reincorporate blue

Cleveland Cavaliers

Last week, Dan Gilbert tweeted it. And later that same week, the Cleveland Cavaliers officially announced that they have added a second alternate jersey to their arsenal for the upcoming season. Yes, the wine and gold will have a navy alternate as well their gold to pair with the primary white home and wine road. It would seem

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Cavs hint toward “potential” new uniform

Cleveland Cavaliers

A new throwback?

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Dan Gilbert ranked No. 117 in Forbes’ Richest People in America

Dan Gilbert Cleveland Cavaliers

Two out of three is pretty bad.

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Cleveland Cavaliers declare war on ticket brokers


The Cleveland Cavaliers are in the unique position of having 100% knowledge of ticket demand. And it’s large.

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Is there a difference between lucky and good? While We’re Waiting

WFNYBanner www

Happy Tuesday WFNY! I have to be honest, for sports fans like myself, the period from MLB post-All Star break to the start of the NFL season can be a bit of a drag. It’s not that I dislike watching the Indians. In fact, I have them on right now as I am writing this

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Details of Kyrie Irving’s contract extension emerge

Kyrie Irving

Lost in all of the news surrounding LeBron James’ return to Cleveland was official word that the team inked All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving to his contract extension. While the deal is set to conceivably keep Irving in Wine and Gold through 2020, the former No. 1 pick can opt out after his fourth season.

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A monarchy restored, but the subjects never left

LeBron's back

I spent nearly four years holding onto a lot of hard feelings when it came to LeBron James. A lot of us did. The first year could only be described as raw and open wound hatred. The second year, culminating with LeBron’s first championship, was acceptance. What Cleveland had been resisting had happened, and even

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With LeBron James, Cavs franchise value could eclipse billion-dollar mark

Dan Gilbert

There’s no doubt the Cleveland Cavaliers instantly became a more valuable franchise yesterday. The only question would be how much more valuable LeBron James makes the team. According to an article by Bloomberg News’ Scott Soshnick, we could be talking about a billion-dollar franchise. Soshnick spoke with a few experts in the field, including Peter

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He Selected Us

As little as one month ago, the Cavaliers, as a representation of Cleveland, were a mess. They missed the playoffs. They were without a head coach and a general manager, and didn’t know if their two-time All-Star point guard would be re-signing for the long run. Their No. 1 pick a season ago, was frequently

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Dan Gilbert talks about making peace with LeBron


The one rumor that scared all Cleveland fans to death this morning was that LeBron wasn’t over Dan Gilbert’s infamous letter. Chris Broussard and ESPN were talking about it and it felt so very real and scary that everything could still be hanging in the balance. As it turned out, that problem had already been

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The Cleveland Cavaliers and the free agency free-for-all


The Cleveland Cavaliers have become adept at turning in-season failures into offseason optimism over the last four years thanks to Dan Gilbert’s virtual monopoly on top-five picks. So it’s not surprising that the selection of Andrew Wiggins June 26 stirred up all the familiar front-office talk about fresh starts and brighter futures that comes standard

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LeBron, Zydrunas, and Dan Gilbert’s plane dominate Cavs Twitter plus Johnny Manziel… again


I don’t even know quite how to say all this because it’s so weird, strange, fun and (sports) scary. The LeBron James to Cleveland rumor mill absolutely exploded on Twitter today. Let me take you through it all. Joe Lull started it off saying Dan Gilbert was heading to Florida. Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert is

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