Who Should Sponsor the Cavs’ Uniforms in 2017-18?

Via FunnyorDie.com

Galley Boys and Banana shakes? Uh, yeah, I think we have a sponsor for the Cavs.

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Cavs coverage on Snapchat, Tickets on ReplyBuy, and Kobe’s Farewell: While We’re Waiting…

Matthew Dellavedova Cavs Pistons Playoffs

WFNY’s Cavs coverage made its way to Snapchat while the Cavs’ ticket deals made their way to ReplyBuy. It’s a whole new world out there, you guys.

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Dan Gilbert launches the first sneaker stock exchange

Stock X Dan Gilbert

Sneaker reselling has long been an unregulated environment. With Dan Gilbert’s investment in Campless, we get StockX, a stock market of “things.”

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The Indians are the only professional sports organization in Cleveland


An argument that the Cleveland Indians are the only well-run sports organization in town.

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Woj: Cavs’ 2014 offer to John Calipari still setting the bar for NBA bids


Want Coach Cal? You gotta beat Dan Gilbert’s offer — by a lot.

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“We have something we need to deliver on”

LeBron James Kyrie Irving Kevin Love Media Day 2015

The present, future, and goal for the 2015-16 Cleveland Cavaliers season.

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All In: The Cavaliers’ spending ways aren’t over just yet

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Cavs have plenty of talent signed long-term, but Dan Gilbert and co. have plenty more contract decisions (and luxury tax payments) looming.

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Tristan Thompson is in and Matt Moore talks about it – WFNY Podcast – 2015-10-22

Thomas Ondrey/Plain Dealer

The Cavaliers paid Tristan Thompson and Matt Moore of CBS discussed that plus a lot more.

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Just pay Tristan Thompson already: While We’re Waiting…


Stop the charade of leverage and just pay Tristan Thompson whatever.

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GIF: Why Tristan Thompson could be Dan Gilbert’s worst nightmare

Drew Barrymore in Wes Craven's "Scream"

Tristan Thompson is providing the scary for Dan Gilbert just in time for Halloween!

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Tristan Thompson’s free agency power play might work – WFNY Podcast – 2015-08-11

Tristan Thompson Cleveland Cavaliers

After starting the week with some Indians and Browns talk, I went back at it for some Cavs talk. This time, the topic at hand was Rich Paul and his big client Tristan Thompson in their quest for a 2015 max contract. Are you subscribed to iTunes yet? WHY NOT? Click here for a direct

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Cavaliers on verge of shattering NBA's luxury tax record

With Wednesday’s flurry of long-term contracts, fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers now have a clearer picture of what the team will look like during the 2015-16 season. As many hoped, it will look very much like the team that finished last regular season on a 33-3 tear, thanks in no small part to Dan Gilbert’s

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Dan Gilbert walking the walk after talking the talk

Dan Gilbert Cleveland Cavaliers Salary Cap

Two hundred thirty million dollars. That is the approximate amount of money Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert shelled out in player contracts just on day one of NBA free agency. The Cavs reportedly agreed with forward Kevin Love on a five-year, $110 million deal and guard Iman Shumpert on a four-year, $40 million contract, are near agreement with

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LeBron James, the NBA and why “power” is driving everyone insane: While We’re Waiting…

Cleveland Sports

Happy Monday, you guys. Are you feeling empowered? Are you feeling as if you have the ability to flip the script on the standard, widely accepted flow chart of life? So much has been made as of late regarding the Cavaliers, LeBron James and the allocation of power. All season long, we heard that James was

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The Good Kind of Chaos

Cleveland Cavaliers

It could only be described as chaos. The playing floor of Quicken Loans Arena was covered in notecard-size wine and gold-colored confetti. Cavalier players were slowly filing off, having taken countless photographs with teammates, friends, and family, every one of them with an NBA Finals hat perched atop their head. General manager David Griffin weaved

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NBA to Cavs: The Q needs upgrades

Quicken Loans Arena The Q Humongotron

Dan Gilbert would love to have an NBA All-Star weekend in Cleveland, but the NBA says that the Humongotron is not enough when it comes to upgrading Quicken Loans Arena. According to Chris Haynes of NEOMG, the only thing that would prevent the city from hosting an NBA All-Star game is failing to make required

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Are the Cavs following the Browns with a uniform change of their own?

Cleveland Cavaliers

If you follow Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert (@cavsdan) on Twitter, you might have seen a curious tweet on Sunday afternoon during the Cavs’ win over the Chicago Bulls. Gilbert often responds to fans, but did he give us a hint at a new set of Cavalier uniforms for next season? Here’s the tweet that raised

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Gilbert, Haslam indicted on dogfighting charges

Jimmy Haslam Dan Gilbert

Dan Gilbert and Jimmy Haslam have never shied away from making big moves and the resulting controversy. This time, however, the duo may have gone too far. According to ESPN.com’s Adarn Shefter and Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnaroski, working together in an unprecedented cross-platform co-investigation, the Cleveland sports owners have been holding mascot fights between Cavaliers mascot

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Cavs front office ranked No. 16 in NBA by ESPN

Joshua Gunter/Plain Dealer

Another day, another NBA list put together by ESPN. And just as we’d expect given the Cavs’ sterling performance over the past several months, they come in at…sixteenth!? Yep, No. 16 it is. The latest ranking evaluates each NBA franchise’s front office, with ownership, team presidents/GMs, and coaches all factoring into the process. For what

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Summer trade of Brendan Haywood could carry 300% tax rate for Cavs

Joe Murphy/NBAE/GettyImages

Last Thursday’s trade deadline was a fairly quiet affair for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Sure, you can discuss the merits of Kendrick Perkins and his presence as a fourth big for this streaking team. But largely, the most impactful Cavs news from last week was a non-transaction. After some recent speculation from the blogosphere, the Cavs

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