August 26, 2014

Josh Cribbs Contract Extension Looming

cribbs-kneelingShortly after season’s end, the apocalypse was upon us as Joshua Cribbs was allegedly not a part of the Cleveland Browns plans going forward.  One month later, it appears that all is well in the world as contract negotiations between Cribbs and the Browns front office is reported to be going very smoothly, leading to very high optimism.

The OBR reports that a deal should be in place by the mid-April draft, and there is even a chance that the ink has dried on a new contract prior to the official start of the 2010 season in March.

Recall that Cribbs and his team were looking for a contract extension to be discussed approximately four days following the official end to the 2009 season.  Team president Mike Holmgren had not had the chance to unpack his bags before player representation was looking to discuss numbers.  When numbers were discussed, Cribbs’ team was put off by the alleged low-ball offer of $1.4 million per year.  The words “final offer” were attributed to then team executive Dawn Aponte while Cribbs was reportedly looking for $2.5-$3 million annually.  [Read more...]

Browns News: Dawn Aponte Officially “Traded”

While the false alarm was raging via Tony Grossi a few weeks back, the Browns have now officially traded front office capologist Dawn Aponte to the Miami Dolphins.  In exchange, the Browns received Matt Thomas.  Earlier this week, he was introduced as the VP of Football Administration – the role previously held by Aponte.

Per the team:

Thomas joins the club after spending the past 12 seasons with the Dolphins (1998-09), including 2009 as Vice President – General Counsel and Football Administration. During his tenure with the team he held numerous football administrative functions, which included assisting with the management of the salary cap, player contract negotiations, football budgeting and acting as a liaison with the NFL Management Council on salary cap compliance and other labor and legal matters. Thomas is a graduate of the University of Denver, University of South Dakota School of Law and the New York University School of Law.

In return, Aponte accepted the position of Senior Vice President of Football Operations with the Miami Dolphins.  Most fans will remember her for her role in the Joshua Cribbs contract debate.  However, there is no doubt that she is held in high regard throughout the league having spent a good chunk of her career in higher level roles, taking yet another with Bill Parcells and the Dolphins

With that said, Mike Holmgren’s presidential cabinet continues to take shape.

Cribbs Cleans Out Locker, Says Goodbyes

Josh Cribbs LockerYesterday, we reported that Josh Cribbs’ agent Peter Schaffer said that his client was going to Berea to clean out his locker. While this may have been considered one of the many idle threats that appear to be littering the media, the Pro Bowl return man and fan favorite did just that.

“I said goodbye to some people on the medical staff, some of the equipment guys and the coaches,” Cribbs said during a phone interview with Mary Kay Cabot. “I wished the coaches luck and told them I hoped they kept their jobs. But it absolutely felt like the last time I’d be setting foot inside the building. I feel like it’s over for me in Cleveland.”

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Red Dawn (Aponte)

red-dawn-1984Its all Josh Cribbs all the time today!! This will be brief. We’ve gone on and on here at WFNY about it. You have done so on sports talk radio, and in conversations with your friends and co-workers about it. Its the most obvious thing in Cleveland Browns Football these days – pay Josh Cribbs what he is worth.

We all thought that Eric Mangini’s promise to Cribbs to get him a new contract by the end of the season was just a formality. When Mike Holmgren took over, he all but said that Cribbs will be taken care of. Then the firestorm hit last night and Cribbs and his agents went public. Who could blame them? The supposed $1.4 million offer is a slap in the face. Not to mention, this is now the third regime that was supposed to take care of him and hasn’t.

Cribbs and his agents had enough. They for the most part, kept quiet all year. Cribbs certainly played hard and well (I mean, he is the greatest Special Teams Player since Steve Tasker and perhaps the greatest return man of all time), and waited for his day. The day came, and they offered him HALF the money that Roscoe Parrish and Andre Davis make. [Read more...]