August 26, 2014

Colt McCoy signs with the Washington Redskins


Colt McCoy wasn’t out of work long. The former Browns quarterback has never been able to find tons of success in the NFL, but the backup QB game isn’t so bad. Brandon Weeden, Jason Campbell, Derek Anderson, Colt McCoy? All of them have been able to find rosters at least for this year’s training camp.

I’ll never get used to NFL teams reporting their own news with “BREAKING” as a descriptor. Anyway…

The financial details haven’t come out yet, and McCoy will certainly have his work cut out for him on a roster featuring RG3 and Kirk Cousins already. Even if he doesn’t make it to the roster for the regular season, I wouldn’t bet against Colt McCoy getting a job as a backup somewhere.

For all the warts on his résumé, I will always consider Colt McCoy a player of value. No, he’s apparently not starter quality in the NFL, but for whatever reason, I’ll always look back on his tenure more fondly than that of Brandon Weeden’s or even Derek Anderson’s. That’s not much of a contest to win, of course, but congrats to him for winning it just the same.

It must be the snake-wrangling photo.

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Is Derek Anderson joining the Browns to teach or start?

Derek Anderson Pro Bowl“Are you kidding me?” my wife said to me as we were driving to my parents’ house on Saturday afternoon when I informed her of the Derek Anderson back to Cleveland rumors.

My wife (as many of you already know) isn’t a Browns fan. Sometimes I run Browns things by her just to take the pulse of a non-Cleveland sports fan to see if I’m nuts. Yes, my wife is biased in a way where she wishes the Browns were a better team because it would make her life easier without so many miserable Sundays per year, but that’s where it begins and ends. She has no affinity for any of the players, really, even if she did fall in love with Ben Watson and his adorable family as they were featured on “Road Tested.” Trust me, even that was a tough sell because there’s so much harbored sports hatred for current and former Patriots even as Indianapolis’ rivalry with them kinda left town when they released Peyton Manning. Even all that said, my wife’s response to the Derek Anderson rumors just about sums it all up.

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Derek Anderson claims he is heading back to Browns per report

What most of Cleveland had hoped was a cruel speculation-based rumor appears to be true: Derek Anderson says that he will be returning to Cleveland to rejoin the man who got him to the Pro Bowl in 2007, Rob Chudzinski.

Per Jeff Schudel of the News-Herald, Anderson was a back-up to Carolina’s Cam Newton and will be facing an expiring contract this coming offseason — he fired off this update on his Facebook page shortly after the Browns announced the hiring of Chudzinski:

“Looks like it is time to make a return to a familiar place for some unfinished business,” Anderson posted on his Facebook page one day after Chudzinski was named Browns coach. “I’d be honored to return to Cleveland to play football if the fans would have me.”

The man they call Chud was the Browns offensive coordinator and Anderson the starting quarterback for 15 games in 2007 when the quarterback threw 29 touchdown passes and passed for 3,787 yards. Chudzinski reportedly influenced the Panthers to sign Anderson as a “tutor” for Newton, last season’s Rookie of the Year.

Upon Anderson’s release in 2009, he went on record to call Cleveland fans “ruthless” and undeserving of a winning football team. Once his comments made national headlines, Anderson would apologize.

Late last week, rumors began swirling surrounding the potential return of Anderson. Neither Chudzinski nor anyone else can comment on Anderson or any potential free agent, however, as the new league year doesn’t begin until March 12.

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Rumor: Browns could bring back Derek Anderson

Browns fans, you might have to un-burn your Derek Anderson jerseys, WEWS Mike Cairns reporting that new head coach Rod Chudzinski may bring Derek Anderson back to Cleveland. From late Friday:

and from Saturday afternoon:

But it’s not just Cairns. ESPN Cleveland’s Tony Grossi tweeted:

Anderson, 29 (the same age as Brandon Weeden. YAY), played for Chudzinki in Carolina last season, appearing in two games and completing all four of his pass attempts. Anderson’s last season as a starter was in 2010, when he threw for 2,065 yards with seven TDs and ten interceptions for the Arizona Cardinals.

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While We’re Waiting… Cavs Bench Jokes

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Yeah, it’s gotten so bad that we’re resorting to high school-esque jokes: “The Cavaliers bench is bad. How bad are they you ask? Well, let’s break it down, Yo Momma style:

– The Cavs bench is so bad, I’m jealous of the Charlotte Bobcats’ depth.
– The Cavs bench is so bad, Byron Scott doesn’t sub them in, the bench physically rejects them every 10 minutes.
– The Cavs bench is so bad, I’d rather stick a hanger on the stove, let it sit there for like a half hour, take it off and stab it in my tongue slow like ssssssssss than watch the second quarter of a Cavs game.” [Angelo Benedetti/Fear The Sword] [Read more...]

Brady Quinn replaces “booed,” injured QB in KC

Derek Anderson was once booed in a game against the Colts. Brady Quinn was already hurt in a previous game so D.A. was replaced by Ken Dorsey, but the QB battle with Brady Quinn had an awful lot to do with the reaction to Derek Anderson.

Now, the former Notre Dame QB (with the boyish good looks) is in the mix again with an unpopular starter, Matt Cassell, in Kansas City. During a 9-6 loss to the Baltimore Ravens, Cassell lay motionless on the turf. The Chiefs’ free agent offensive tackle Eric Winston was none-too-pleased and let KC fans have it after the game.

“We are athletes,” Winston said. “We are not gladiators. This isn’t the Roman Coliseum. People pay their hard-earned money to come in here, and I believe they can boo. They can cheer. They can do whatever they want. We’re lucky to play this game. A game. It’s hard economic times, and they still pay the money to do this, but when somebody gets hurt there are long-lasting ramifications to the game we play — long-lasting ramifications.

Just for the record, in nine plays, Brady Quinn was 3/3 for 32 yards and a 111.1 QB rating in leading a field goal drive.

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Colt McCoy Through the Lens of Brady Quinn

Browns fans are understandably terrified of a QB controversy. The days of Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn (not to mention Charlie Frye) will do that to you. I’ve already been on record that I think it is a possibility that Colt McCoy might beat out Brandon Weeden, at least initially, because of his experience in the Browns’ offense. Still, despite all the moving parts and an ultimate desire to win ASAP, some Browns fans are so bitten by the Brady Quinn past that they think the only option is for Colt McCoy to be gone.

They might be right. I might be missing the boat completely on this thinking that this mix of quarterbacks can coexist. It does seem similar to Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn in some ways. On the one hand you have the somewhat smaller guy with questionable arm strength with Colt McCoy and Brady Quinn. On the other you have a guy who fits the stereotypical QB mold in terms of height and ability to hurl the ball like Derek Anderson and Brandon Weeden. And other than that, there just isn’t much similarity between the controversies of the past and potential conflict now.

One of the biggest problems with the D.A. vs. B.Q. situation was that Browns fans kept echoing the sentiment that “we need to see what we have in Brady Quinn.” That phrase became so common at one point that it made me want to scream just because everyone was using the same exact phrase. Is there anything worse than a localized cliché that peppers sports talk radio and website comment sections? I digress. The current situation with Colt McCoy is totally different than when we had to see “what we have in” Brady Quinn. [Read more...]

The Best Browns Since 1999 – Quarterbacks

As Browns fans debate trading up to try and take Robert Griffin III, sign Matt Flynn in free agency, or keep Colt McCoy as the starter, I bring you the best Browns QBs since 1999. It was no secret that this wasn’t going to be a particularly fun exercise trying to come up with the best QB. Randy Lerner can’t stop talking about the importance of finding the right QB lately and it is indicative of just how futile the searches have been up to this point for the Browns. I mean who could ever forget “Charlie’s Fryes” as much as we might desperately desire to do so? [Read more...]

Isn’t It Nice Not To Be Talking About a QB “Controversy”?

Couch or Holcomb. Anderson or Quinn. Frye or Dilfer. Delhomme or McCoy. Such was the life of the Browns fan during pre-seasons past. Who would step  up and be the quarterback? Which of the crappy options would be “best”? Who was keeping the seat warm for whom?

I’m not here to say Colt McCoy is on his way to the Pro Bowl. What I am here to say, however, is that McCoy clearly is the starting quarterback for this team, for 2011. He’s the leader. He’s the guy with the best handle on the new offense. He’s the guy the other guys follow.

And man, is it nice not to be talking about the quarterback this year. [Read more...]

Derek Anderson Still Doesn’t Think It’s Funny on Twitter

Derek Anderson’s rant is forever captured in the Internet consciousness.  If you forgot what Derek Anderson’s meltdown was all about, well here it is… again…

Apparently, DA is ready to move on and doesn’t think anything is as funny as what he was laughing about on the sidelines on Monday Night Football.  And of course, seemingly the thinner the skin you have, the more likely it is that you are willing to engage people on Twitter.  This time, his protagonist was Jerod Morris from Midwest Sports Fans. [Read more...]

Colt McCoy Sits Alone Atop Depth Chart

Well, if there was ever a question in Browns minds, there isn’t anymore.  As of yesterday, Colt McCoy has been named the starter for the Browns in the first opportunity since all quarterbacks regained their health.

Eric Mangini (much to the chagrin of many of you) chose Jake Delhomme consistently over Seneca Wallace in the last few weeks.  The reason for that remains unclear.  We aren’t sure, and might never be.  Does Eric Mangini consider Seneca Wallace a backup no matter what?  Did he not appreciate even the modest statements that Seneca Wallace made just prior to getting healthy about the team needing to choose one quarterback?  Was it simply a professional courtesy to Jake Delhomme because Mangini (and Holmgren and Heckert) are keenly aware that Delhomme won’t be back here next season?  There are a lot more questions than answers here. [Read more...]

Not the Best Afternoon for Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn

While the Cleveland Browns won their first game of the season via the shoulders (and triceps) of one Peyton Hillis and the arm of Seneca Wallace, things were not quite as good for two guys that would have been factoring into this equation one year ago.

Former Browns quarterbacks Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn had an afternoon that both would like to forget, yet one that should provide quite a feeling of deja vu.

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Revisiting Phil Dawson’s Miraculous Kick

This week as the 0-2 Browns head to Baltimore, I thought it might be time for some good karma.  Granted, karma has little to do with the Browns’ 0-2 start as we have pretty easily been able to figure out exactly where the Browns have gone wrong with their self-inflicted wounds in second halves.  It is time to go down memory lane and remember a game where our typical Browns found a way to overcome their own tendencies to win one.

The Browns took a 13-7 lead into halftime against the Ravens on November 18th 2007.  Romeo Crennel was the Browns’ coach.  Derek Anderson was the quarterback.  Jamal Lewis was still in the midst of his late-career resurgence.  The Browns were in Baltimore on the turf and they were playing just like the Browns we know and love.  They were threatening to give up second half leads at every opportunity.

We’ll start in the third quarter with Baltimore receiving and starting their first drive from their own 25 yard line.  The Browns, holding a lead of fewer than seven points, allowed plays of 16, 7, 21, and 24 yards in over four minutes to give up a touchdown to Willis McGahee with just under 11 minutes to go in the third quarter.  The Browns allowed Kyle Boller, Derrick Mason and Willis McGahee to chew them up and spit them out on the first drive of the second half. [Read more...]

Browns Can Use Both Quarterbacks Without Controversy

The relationship between the Browns and their quarterbacks is so well-documented that I can hear people groan even before I think about typing the name Brady Quinn.  Be that as it may, I can’t help but wonder why, exactly, we didn’t see Seneca Wallace play quarterback yesterday for the Browns yesterday.  I am not even referring to Jake Delhomme’s two interceptions.  Yes, the first interception was really bad.  That in and of itself is not a good enough reason to abandon your starter in the first game of a long NFL season.  More troubling was watching Jake Delhomme hobbling around on an injured foot for two series.

The foot was obviously doing bad things for Delhomme’s mobility.  More importantly, it seemed to be affecting his ability to throw the ball.  Yet, through the struggles and with the game hanging in the balance Delhomme kept limping onto the field.  His foot did seem to get better and by the fourth quarter he even pulled the ball down to attempt to scramble for a few yards.  I sincerely hope that Delhomme wasn’t kept on the field because the Browns’ recent struggles with the QB position had the head coach gun-shy about trying something different. [Read more...]

Cardinals cut Leinart, clear way for Derek Anderson to start

Coming off a season with the Browns where he threw for three touchdowns, was picked off ten times, and tallied a year-end passer rating of 42.1, why shouldn’t Derek Anderson be the week one starter for the Cards?  He has a cannon for an arm you know. 

But more than any physical things Derek Anderson brings to the field, it appears he will be Arizona’s starter when they open up next week in St. Louis because he is not as awful as the other guy. [Read more...]

While We’re Waiting… Cribbs’ Leap, Trading for Jiri, and Starting D.A?

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Third times a charm: “There’s a growing statistical trend in the NFL that wide receivers have their breakout season in Year 3 because that is when they adjust to the speed of the game and fully understand how to read defenses and run routes. In recent years, Greg Jennings (2008), Braylon Edwards (2007) and Roddy White (2007) all had statistical leaps in their third season. Carolina’s Steve Smith (2003), Chad Ochocinco (2003) and Terrell Owens (1998) are also solid examples.

If that trend holds true this season, it could be very good news for the Cleveland Browns because Josh Cribbs is entering what we can call his third season as a wide receiver.” [Red Right 88]

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Derek Anderson Causes Cleveland Twitter Explosion

Last night with the Indians idle and the Arizona Cardinals on Monday Night Football, a strange thing happened.  People started looking forward to seeing Matt Leinart’s backup Derek Anderson in pre-season action.  Obviously, you can guess how that went for Browns fans.  There wasn’t necessarily any cheering against DA, but there was a lot of, “Yup.  That’s the guy we know.”  Derek Anderson came in and threw some impressive passes in his first drive.  He got the Cards all the way to the Titans’ three yard line.  Then he fired a bullet to a crossing receiver at the back of the end zone.  Fired the bullet so hard that it went right through the receiver’s arms at mach 11.  Then on a slant, his receiver did well to gain inside position.  DA fired another bullet… three feet behind him.  It glanced off the receiver’s hands.  The Cards eventually settled for a field goal.

On Twitter the Cleveland fans were getting after it.  As I said, they weren’t necessarily rooting against him, but there was almost relief that what we saw DA do in Cleveland is what DA is doing now in Arizona.  As paranoid fans, we constantly worry that a guy will be able to do something somewhere else that he wasn’t able to do here.  We fear that there could be something in the water.  We fear that statement of, “Well, now that he is out of Cleveland he can finally get to work.” [Read more...]

Be Patient With Browns Passing Attack

The Browns pretty well ran their way to victory in the last four weeks of the previous season.  Out of those last four games, the Browns only managed to complete passes for over 100 yards as a team against the Raiders.  Derek Anderson went 8-17 that day in the meaningless grudge match against Charlie Frye.  From that perspective, last year provides a very favorable comparison for this year’s crew responsible for piling up the passing yards.  That doesn’t mean that out of the gate this season, we can expect to see the Browns looking like the Pats with Brady, Moss and Welker.

The Browns should be improved.  Believe it or not, the “shell-of-his-former-self” version of Jake Delhomme is still probably better than either Derek Anderson or Brady Quinn of a year ago.  DA and BQ might be productive again in their NFL careers, but they were so beaten down and psychologically broken by the time last season finished that it couldn’t happen.  Additionally, the Browns wide receivers should also be improved with another year under their belts.  That has been the mantra throughout all the media so far. [Read more...]

While We’re Waiting… QBs and Wideouts, Watson’s Emergence, and LeBron’s Return

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Cart or horse? “Some are calling the Browns receivers the worst in the league. It’s hard to tell, though, just how good the receivers are, or can be, because they were paired last year with Derek Anderson (a big-armed QB who can’t hit the broad side of a barn, according to ESPN) and Brady Quinn (he of the tentative pocket presence and unwillingness to stretch the field, according to ESPN).

And therein lies the rub: were the receivers bad last year because the quarterbacks were horrid, or did the QBs suffer because Mohamed Massaquoi (34 catches), Brian Robiskie (seven catches) and company are just not that good?” [Red Right 88]

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While We’re Waiting…Browns QBs, Delonte to Lakers, Jhonny’s Big Debut

While We’re Waiting serves as the early morning gathering of WFNY-esque information for your viewing pleasure. Have something you think we should see? Send it to our tips email at

Delhomme and DA both make the list of worst offseason signings: “The Browns will pay Jake Delhomme $7 million in 2010, a stunning reward for one of the most dramatic falls from grace any quarterback has experienced. Making the move even more puzzling is that, with the exercise of patience and the application of a poker face, the Browns eventually could have gotten Donovan McNabb for the same deal that the Redskins cobbled together in early April — a second-round pick now, and either a third-round or a fourth-round selection next year.  Some Browns fan may defend the move by explaining McNabb is 33, and he could soon enter a decline. Meanwhile, Delhomme is 35, and he’s already skydiving without a parachute.” [Sporting News/Mike Florio]

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