Dion Waiters opens up about death of his brother, Zique

Michael J. Le Brecht II / The Players' Tribune

In a story published on The Player’s Tribune, former Cavs guard Dion Waiters opens up about the tragic passing of his brother, Zique.

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Who Needs Guards? Cavs-Thunder, Behind the Box Score

Kevin Love Cavs Thunder

29 points from Kevin Love and 25 from LeBron James led the shorthanded Cavs to a dominant win over the Thunder in Oklahoma City.

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LeBron’s rest and two January trades reinvigorate the Cavs — WFNY Top 10 Cleveland Sports Stories: No. 10

LeBron James Timofey Mozgov JR Smith Iman Shumpert

It seems like forever ago, but Dion Waiters was a Cavalier in 2015.

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Kevin Love, J.R. Smith into top-24 in Cavs threes: WFNY Stats & Info

USA Today Sports

The Cavs’ assault on the record books continues.

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On Love and the Cavaliers

Cavs Heart

This is sort of about basketball, but mostly about not basketball. Dion Waiters and the Oklahoma City Thunder played against the Cavaliers in Cleveland on Sunday. Waiters was unsurprisingly and unwarrantedly booed, which feels approximately appropriate given his Philadelphia upbringing. Dion has talked some mess since being traded and ruffled some feathers long before that,

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Six Down and Six Up. Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Cleveland Cavaliers: Behind the Box Score

Cleveland Cavaliers Behind the Box Score.

Oklahoma City Thunder (22-22) 98 Cleveland Cavaliers (25-20) 108 Box Score After ending their six-game losing streak last Thursday night against the Los Angeles Lakers, the Cleveland Cavaliers entered Sunday afternoon’s game on a five-game winning streak following their best performance of the year against the Charlotte Hornets on Friday night. Before Sunday’s contest against

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Dion Waiters “a little bitter” about timing of his trade

Kelley L Cox/USA TODAY Sports

The great thing about professional sports at the highest level in this country is that people will pay you outrageous sums of money to play a game for a living. One of the bummers is that you seldom have a chance to play in front of your hometown friends and family, unless you’re drafted by

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The Timofey Mozgov trade helps the Cavs and that’s a good thing: While We’re Waiting…

Cleveland Sports

It’s been a wild few weeks to be a Cavaliers fan. Right about the time I arrived home for winter break, things were going well. Four weeks later, there have been two big trades, several injuries and a splattering of gut-wrenching losses. Suddenly, these Cleveland Cavaliers — the ones many thought would win 55, 60

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Everything you need to know about J.R. Smith

J.R. Smith New York Knicks Boston Celtics

So the Cleveland Cavaliers traded Dion Waiters for Iman Shumpert, J.R. Smith, and a first-round draft pick. Shumpert is a good two weeks away from participating in team activities and that first-round pick is protected to a point where the team may not get to take advantage of it come this July. But Smith—the mercurial and

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Farewell Dion: An Ode to Knuckleheads

JR Smith, Dion Waiters

In a town on Lake Erie, in the year twenty twelve, Came a man into whose praise I must delve. His name was Di-on, for the Cavs he would play. For my Cavs were his team, until just Monday. Drafted from ‘Cuse, from Philly he came, He thought all the world ought know his name.

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Kyrie Irving hasn’t spoken to Dion Waiters since trade

Kyrie Irving

Our own Scott was on the scene Wednesday morning with the Cavaliers and we found out a couple things. First, Kyrie Irving will be back playing tonight after missing the loss to the Philadelphia 76ers with a back injury. Second, we found out that he hasn’t spoken with Dion Waiters since the trade went down.

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J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert were “hurt” by trade news

JR Smith

I’m sure in some circumstances it can be really exciting, fun, a relief or some other emotion when you get the news that you’ve been traded in the world of professional athletics. According to Andrew Keh of the New York Times who covers the NBA, or “N.B.A.” as the Times insists on calling it, Carmelo

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Dion Waiters says goodbye to Cleveland

Dion Waiters Instagram Cleveland Cavaliers

Former Cleveland Cavaliers shooting guard Dion Waiters bid his farewell to Cleveland in a recent Instagram upload which thanked the organization, majority owner Dan Gilbert and all of the fans who stuck with him throughout his tenure with the team.

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Video: Tim Legler says Cavs upgraded with Waiters trade

Legler ESPN

It’s obviously hard to figure out how it’s all going to work out in the end, but you could have said the same thing with any lineup featuring Dion Waiters. Tim Legler of ESPN talks about the dynamics of the Cavaliers now that the trade has been made. He says that Iman Shumpert should take

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Durant on Waiters: “We’re going to make him feel wanted”

Cleveland Cavaliers guards Dion Waiters

Dion Waiters had plenty of chances to shine in Cleveland, but apparently the perception is that he was persona non grata in the Cavaliers locker room. When asked about how he plans to integrate Waiters in to the Oklahoma City Thunder offense following Monday night’s trade, reigning NBA MVP Kevin Durant had the following to

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Waiters trade reaction: Cavs couldn’t afford to wait, deal their biggest chip

Dion Waiters Cleveland Cavaliers

I‘ll always have a soft spot for Dion Waiters. He’s a high-usage, inefficient, inconsistent combo guard, but he was our high-usage, inefficient, inconsistent combo guard! He will be remembered as the player that could bring you out of your seat and to your knees multiple times within the same minute of game action. But, as of

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Buckeye Pride, Cavs Trade, and Good Music, While We’re Waiting


Happy Tuesday WFNY! Now that the holiday season is behind us, things are returning to normal for most of us. Back to regular five day work weeks, most schools are back in session, and now we settle in for winter. In sports, this means two things. One, football playoffs. And two, the NBA regular season

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Reports: Dion Waiters to be Traded; J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert involved

Dion Waiters

UPDATE: The Cavaliers will receive a heavily protected first-round pick from Oklahoma City and send their 2019 second round pick to the Knicks as part of the deal. The Knicks will also waive Samuel Dalembert rather than trading him to save $2 million. Dion Waiters was supposed to fill-in for the injured Kyrie Irving in

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No Varejao Presenting Its Challenges: Cavs vs Florida Teams Behind The Box Score

Cleveland Cavaliers Behind the Box Score.

In their first two games without center Anderson Varejao, lost for the season, the Cleveland Cavaliers have looked very lost for stretches. They disappointed on Christmas Day as the Heat rode the hot shooting of Dwyane Wade and Luol Deng to the 101-91 win without Chris Bosh. On Friday night, they bounced back to win

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Andrew Wiggins, underappreciated Cleveland stars and Cavs Vines: While We’re Waiting…

Cleveland Sports

Last week, I shared five different top-five lists as a way to ring out 2014. I wrote that post not knowing if I’d do another While We’re Waiting this year since I usually take Thursdays and Christmas Day and New Year’s Day are Thursdays this year. But looky here, I’m back! I’m subbing for TD

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