Farewell Dion: An Ode to Knuckleheads

JR Smith, Dion Waiters

In a town on Lake Erie, in the year twenty twelve, Came a man into whose praise I must delve. His name was Di-on, for the Cavs he would play. For my Cavs were his team, until just Monday. Drafted from ‘Cuse, from Philly he came, He thought all the world ought know his name.

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Through the Looking-Glass, and What the Cavaliers Found There


There’s a degree of order in life. Certain things fit together in ways that make sense. There are laws of math, and physics, and biology. Unbreakable truths. Anyone who has been watching the recent reincarnation of the show Cosmos on FOX has been able to look on with awe at the sheer depth of scale

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Some Thoughts on Dion Waiters’ Improvement


Everyone has different opinions when it comes to basketball. It’s funny, because it seems like basketball should be the easiest sport to objectively breakdown due to a lot of built-in factors with the sport1. But there are still massive disagreements all the time on whether players are good or not. Of course, words like “good”

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On the Cavaliers and the Prospects of a Failed Rebuilding Process

Chris Grant Dan Gilbert

Sometimes you think you know something. And then someone really smart says something that challenges what you think you know, and it makes you look at the subject from an entirely different point of view. And when the context changes, you can sometimes be surprised at what you learn. I love the WFNY Podcasts that

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Cavaliers Road Trip Takes Them to Golden State

David Lee Tristan Thompson

The Cleveland Cavaliers have played 4 games this season, and sit at 2-2. In 3 of the 4 games, the Cavaliers were able to feel good about the way they played. Only in the Chicago game last week could their effort and desire really be challenged. This is a good sign for the early season.

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