August 16, 2014

For Your Morning Coffee…


Good morning, folks.  While we all gear up for another day of Cleveland-based fun, I just wanted to point you in the direction of a few blog posts worth reading.  Rick typically has a Friday post in similar fashion, so I’ll do my best to keep his work rolling. 

Without further adu:

- In honor of the 80th running of the Scripps National Spelling Bee, The Ball Don’t Liehas a pop quiz of sorts regarding some NBA players of yesterday and today.  It shouldn’t surprise you that three of the eight ballers are currently playing in Cleveland.  If anything, the hair on “Number Six” is worth the visit alone.

- The answer to this problem?  A one-way ticket to Cleveland, and a pair of season tickets to Progressive Field.  We’re just more accepting of things like that.  Hence “Progressive.”

- Doug Collins is back in Chicago.  Now who’s going to come in down the road to win the championship?  Even more important, will Eric Snow be asked to join the staff?

- To splash in a little Cleveland football, former Browns tight end Aaron Shea has hung up the cleats.  He was a solid option in what was a slew of un-solid seasons.  He’ll be missed.

- And finally, if the Padres decide to start selling in the near future, would any of you consider bringing Brian Giles back?  Some statistical work done by Dugout Central shows that there may be some pop left in that old bat.